Chapter 36 – The Surrender of the Female Cat Thief Group



One sunny afternoon, I was called to the volunteer corps base camp in Ona village.

Commander Louise called for me and not the others.

Though only I should have come, for some reason, the slave girls who claim to be my personal guard corps, came in great number. Ria and Princess Silhouette with her knight escort Jill also come.



When Louise did a glance for an instant, Jill lowered her head.

No salute, no greeting after a long time, just a glimpse and something is transmitted.

The former knight and lady of a distinguished family, and the daughter of their retainer.

They’re curt, but this might be their manners.

「It is not the others that had have Takeru come….」

There is a phrase “it is not the other” but I do not understand a this unreasonable meaning.

TN:Louise is probably saying that Takeru wouldn’t go to the camp if the “others” are not with him

「….Actually, the number of thieves is increasing in Ambazak territory.」

「Again? Why?」

It is so unpleasant, Sharon also said that the caravan of Sawatari Commercial Firm was attacked.

Because the slave girls are armed with a arquebus, it doesn’t cause great damage, but this is a troubling situation.

「It is the influence of “rakuichi rakuza” that Takeru started. Thanks to that, the way to Ox, which was the back doorway to the capital, came to be crowded with a merchant’s carriage, but the number of thieves that aimed at it increased accordingly.」

TN: らくいちらくざ(rakuichi rakuza) – free markets and open guilds (policy enacted by daimyo in the Azuchimomoyama Period (1573-1598) that weakened the strict regulations surrounding business establishment in market places and important cities, allowing new businesses to open in Joka-machi market places)

「I see, I did not think that far.」

Nobles in this world do not leak out to the example of middle age fantasy. There are tax upon entering and exiting highway or town.

I’ve got quite a lot of profit thanks to the monopoly of public works of the Kingdom’s Capital. Also, because I am a merchant who manages a commercial firm, the toll was abolished in my territory.

It is good that the merchant’s caravan enters and goes out, and the rebuilding of Ambazak territories villages and town is good, but it was not supposed to increase thieves as a side effect.

「Fortunately, soldiers who received training at the Volunteer Army participated quite a bit in the rebuilding of Ambazak villages.」

「Do you think it’s okay if the village is attacked?」

「A village has a minimum of self-defense. I think we’re going to have enough patrols on the road, but thieves are a nasty opponent.」


According to Louise, the thieves know everything about the mountain path and escape if the enemies are too many. They will repeat the pattern of attacking if the enemies are small enough to beat by themselves.

Regardless of the highway, thieves are the ones who knows the forest in which the development of Ambazak has still not advanced yet.

If you fight from the front, even if you’ll win at the initial battle, they will be a troublesome opponent since they will repeat guerilla tactics.

「Can Louise’s scouts not be able to complement the enemy’s position?」

「I’m doing my best, but Ambazac has a lot of mountains and deep forests. It’s not compatible with the Cavalry Scouts.」

「Indeed, the cavalry party is unsuitable for the bandits which are protected by mountainous terrain.」

「That’s why I thought that Takeru should make a business trip. The Ambazak barony is Takeru’s territory and exterminating thieves is a work of the feudal lord.」

Mmm, that’s true.

No, I know what she’s talking about, but Louise’s already dealing with it. What do I say to get out?

「Thief extermination……」

Looking at my complexion, Louise seems to want to say something.

「Takeru, are you reluctant in thief extermination?」

「No, there are no such things」

「Really? Because you’re one who’s fond of battling, I thought your blood boils and are happy about such a thing.」


She knows everything about me.

「All right everyone, we’re all done for today. Takeru will stay with me for a moment.」


To be left behind is not a good thing.

—Scene Change—

I stayed with Louise. Just two people.

I wonder what we’re going to do.Suddenly, I got on the back of the horse and ended up going down the endless mountain path.

「Louise, where the hell are we going?」

「Fufu, Takeru. You are still hesitant to kill people.」

「That’s correct.」

It would be strange if I do not hesitate.

「Were you that choro? But I do not dislike that sweet part of you. I know you’re more sane than that.  But for a knight, that sweetness can be fatal.」

「Choro is even learned by Louise. I’m shocked….」

You said you didn’t know the meaning of choro. Have you heard it?

Well, I wonder if I should retort to Louise-ojousama. I will definitely be killed so I better don’t.

「Our destination is the hideout of the female cat thief group. It is the hiding place of the thieves with playful name.」

「Female cat is truly screwing around.」

But the sense of the thieves is unexpected, right?

There were thieves who had built a huge fort called the Golden Eagle Bandit Group.

「There is also a rumor that the Golden Eagle Bandit Group has come to the Ambazak barony because their original headquarters has been taken over by the third corps.」
「That’s troublesome.」

「The female cat thief group seems to be a small thief group that is under the umbrella of the golden eagle bandit group. Generally speaking, about 15 people are stuffing into the hideout. The number that I can keep company with at a stretch is to 13 people, you should understand it now.」

「I’m going to get rid of the rest.」

Is it possible to keep company a total of 13 people alone? Are you Miyamoto Musashi?

Somewhere in this world there are different people, I’m not going to spread the “Book of the Olympics” as it is translated.

By the way, Louise is said to be a million swords (Banken), but her sword technique is an extremely orthodox type.

***TN: 番犬 (Banken) – watchdog***

It is an orthodox western fencing style that the Carlson House teaches to the kingdom’s knight.

However, since Louise uses knife throws and small bows, she seems to be learning from various places flexibly.

Knights should not use bow and crossbow. Knife throwing is the technique of thieves.

At the Miasma Hole of Doom event, it is an open secret that Louise is the only one that survived.

「We have arrived, it’s there.」

「Ua, it is really a thief group only for women.」

Although it can be said that the entrance of the hide is well camouflaged so that it can not be seen from the road along the highway, if you observe it well, you can see the smoke from cooking.

If you go around the back and look at the scenes from a hill, you will know that only women are hanging out.

「Takeru is generous with women in particular. In order not to destroy yourself, you have to tighten up here. Despite being a woman, a thief is a criminal. Don’t think that they are human beings when you kill them.」

「Indeed, it’s a good time to get used to killing in that sense.」

Louise thinks really carefully.

I am thankful but my ears hurt since I’m a little too kind.

But can I put out such outright good intentions?

I am a perverse person so I want to do it idly.

「I entrust the strategy to Takeru. I will move as you command.」

For some reason, Louise is really happy.

Does she hate being a commander?

I wonder if Louise, who is strong and powerful in all aspect, find it unusually interesting to be ordered.

「Then I will make contact with the thieves and have a discussion with them.」


Louise looks surprised.

「What’s wrong? Are you not going to obey my order?」

「Fufu, you think so? All right. I can crush any kind of situation. It’s okay to be surrounded by that number.」

Okay, I got the permission of Louise. I’ll say “Hello”! I decided to set foot in the hideout of the female cat thief group.

—Scene Change—

「Kyahaha. You? The hero came to negotiate.」

Upon entering the thieves hideout in front, I was immediately surrounded in all direction by armed, dangerous onesama.

Dark purple curly hair hangs down up to her feet, an onesan with a strange hairstyle responded.

My “Who is the most important person in this place?” scouter says this person looks like the leader.

「Neneka-san. This guy is the hero. He is also the feudal lord here.」

「Even if this is swindling, he have a dauntless spirit. Did you ever think that we would be fooled by a boy just by wearing a little flashy outfit? Neneka-san of the female cat thief group already tasted this.」

Neneka with purple hair is amorous. Her breast almost burst in her leather armor. I can also smell a scent of perfume indignantly.

Were all of this can be considered as threatening action?

「It’s a strange greeting.」

「Ho. You’re surrounded by this number, right? False hero bozu. You may lick it if you like back.」

TN:Bozu is some sort of endearment for addressing little boys

Do you want to be licked back?

TN:Not sure what do they mean by licking. The thieves are probably provoking Takeru so they will have a just cause to exterminate him?

「I’m just here to negotiate. I’ll forgive you now if you just leave the territory.」

「What did you say!」

She is a woman, and barks at a pretty good voice.

As for me, I’m gradually becoming calm with such opponent.

Lethal weapon Louise is backing me.

I won’t say whom but rather than the other woman who suddenly rubs her breasts, this is very comfortable.

「My territory is not a place to commit your illegal act. I will use force if you ignore my warning. At that time, it will not be settled anymore only by leaving. 」

「Ha, let’s do it. Your equipment seems good but what can two people can do to this number of opponents? Hey guys, fold them up like clothes including their bodies!」

Should I leave quietly?

While thinking so, even I understood that it could never happen.

It is a group of people who work in the sense of smell as thieves. I notice the blood thirst that Louise releases on aside from me is dangerous even though I’m already at a distance.

In the end, they prioritized to attack.

When I take out the sword of light, Neneka is in front of me. I slashed her strange sword.

If I want to, I can cut an iron sword easily.

「Hii! Sword of light!」

「The female cat chose the wrong opponent!」

Behind me, Louise sent three people flying with a sweep.

I guess it’s a lie that she can only face thirteen people.

「He is really the hero! Please forgive us!」


The female thieves in front of me all dropped their weapons and lay down on the ground.

Surrendering immediately is disappointing as if it was a trap.

It is the most predictable pattern that everyone is slaughtered by Louise if they tried to escape. The female cat thief corps may be unexpectedly smart at this last moment.

Let alone me who’s a choro, Louise is ready but it is hard to cut an opponent who threw their weapon and surrendered.

Louise had the face which seems somewhat bored.

Still, swinging a straight sword around buzzingly is so intimidating for them to not escape. Louise says to me.

「What are you doing Takeru? Kill them quickly.」

「Er, they already surrendered.」

「Sorry, please forgive me! Do not kill me, I will do anything!」

Look, the thieves are saying this.

And I heard that Neneka will do anything now, right? Don’t forget it.

「If you won’t kill them, how would Takeru bring them back with only a single horse?」

「However, you promised to move with my instructions, right?」

Louise who rebelliously glances.

It is not suitable as a plausible reason for this unreasonable onesan. It may be a weak point of disciplined Louise.

TN: Basically, using Japanese values/logic to Louise will just frustrate her but since she’s a knight who follows her higher-ups with absolute vigor, Takeru decided to use it against her

「Takeru, then that means you’re overlooking a thief committing an illegal act as a feudal lord!」

「I’m not saying that I’ll overlook it. If they surrendered, I will just turn them into an army and have them work on this place. 」

「Are you insane?!! You’ll use thieves to hunt thieves? Then it wouldn’t be different from the thing Gale and the others were doing!」

So, did Gale do such a thing and succeed?

Apart from his behavior, his head is flexible and was excellent to some degree.

It is an effective theory to use former thieves to control thieves.

Better leave it to a specialist. To catch thieves and to prevent damage in advance, it is best to use thieves.

「Anyway, I can not agree with such a method. They are criminals who killed people, if you won’t kill them, I will.」

If Louise is unsheathing her sword and says she’ll kill them, this is no longer a joke.

There are already four or five heads rolling. I can already picture it.

For a start, the body of Neneka who lay down on the ground trembles.

That’s scary, I’m not confident that I can stop Louise who came earnest too.

「Wait a moment, Louise. You said that if you were more flexible in your thinking, you might not have failed.」

「It’s different from this!」

To get used to killing thieves, I was happy for Louise’s good intention.

However, if I think that you are wrong, I will refute properly.

「It is not different. It may be similar to Gale’s method, but by defeating thieves with thieves will result to decrease in damages on innocent people. It is my judgment as my lord to take over from a pretense of justice.」

It’s because I’m a merchant that I utilize.

Well, it is also to pull the neck of a woman who is already surrendering. There are some resistance.

「I do not understand, I can not accept it….」

Louise handed me her favorite straight sword.

「Appoint me as your knight here, right now. If Takeru becomes my lord, I will close my eyes even if I somewhat do not understand it.」

「Er … …., Louise. What on earth did you say?」

「Make it fast and don’t hear anymore than this! I think it’s shameful that oneself says to make her your knight.」

With red face, Louise knelt.

It’s bad to make her humiRiate herself. I’ll really be killed.

「Then, I appoint Louise Carlson as my knight」

I held the ceremony that let the naked sword touch her shoulder.

Louise kissed to the blade of the straight sword which I held out quickly.

Oh, there are such manners, too.

Just a moment ago, is it not the sword that butchered the thieves? I will not say anything uncanny.

「I swear to my lord, Takeru Ambazak Sawatari! I’ll never forget to be the knight of my master, I will be a shield to protect the people, I will be a sword that shoots down the enemy of my lord, and I will continue to fight until the day this body collapses.」


Returning the straight sword to Louise, she received it with an ecstatic expression. She said [then my master do as my master would like] in satisfactory nature.

The female cat thief corps who watched it while kneeling on the ground have dumbfounded faces.

I understand how they feel, I was surprised too.

Even if you hand over a hundred steps and becomes a knight, you should do it during the audience in the castle.

Instead, the bestowal ceremony was held in a thief’s hideout. That’s my changing knight.




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