Chapter 46 – Battle of Moke Valley



The army of enemy country Transylvania Dukedom suddenly crosses the border and invaded the Lauren territory.

When he heard the report, the face of Oracle’s Viscount, Ortholet, surpassed blue and becomes earthlike color.

A knight corps of Transylvania of nearly 1000 knights ignored other towns in Lauren territory and is aiming straight for the City of Spike of Viscount Oracle territory.

According to the report of the scouts, the marching force is considerable.

「1000 knights….」

That being said, I still don’t get it.

I guess it’s a big unit but I haven’t seen a thousand knights marching in line even at the time of Gale’s coup d’etat.

「It’s almost all of Transylvania’s force. The enemy is a drastic one.」

「Sensei, are knights so strong?」

「It is the strongest branch in both the mobility and assault power. If the battle is in a plain, our 300 gunman corps will receive the knight’s charge and will collapse in an instant. If we shut ourselves inside the City of Spike’s stone wall, we’d only last half a day.」

Is the Legion of Knights on horseback so strong?

Well, when I look at Louise and Jill, I can’t say it’s not.

「Sensei, this sudden enemy attacks…」

「Ofcourse, it must be the work of that hateful advance magician demonkin Kaara.」

The genius demonkin Kaara who disguises as a human. The one who studied the highest magic of the human domain.

Over the years, she established networks in the kingdom of Silesie. She’s also the one who instigated Gale to stage a coup d’etat.

She might be doing the same thing to Silesie’s enemy, the Transylvania Dukedom.

It is not impossible for her to go to the upper echelon of the dukedom and turn an army here.

「I’m sure that the hero is in Oracle’s Great Cave to capture it. If you invade now, you might be able to kill the hero, convict, or persuade him.」

「Indeed, it will be a huge blow to the Kingdom of Silesie. They think highly of me.」

Lyle-sensei smiles and laughs lightly with his nose.

「What are you saying? If Takeru-dono dies, this kingdom is over.」

「No, that’s an exaggeration.」

「Either way, we have Princess Silhouette here.」

「Ah, that’s right. It will certainly be the end…」

In shogi, it is over if you take the king.

The princess is in a place where there is an invasion.

During this time, a thousand cavalry knights force is drawing near.

I have to do something.

My soldiers at hand; a four-gate bronze cannon, 300 gun man, and 15 spy troops(scout).

It’s painful that Wake left when the dungeon capture ends.

No, it is unreasonable to ask the king of thieves to intervene in the fight between countries.

Speaking of clever scheme, I thought of one on the spur of the moment. How about taking everyone in this City of Spike to “Oracle’s Great Cave” to hide?

I told that to sensei and he burst into laughter.

「Hahaha, that’s good. Barricading oneself in the dungeon is a first ever strategy. Let’s do so if we ran out of strategy at hand.」

「It might be better to have only the princess to enter the large cave. It’s ironic that the dungeon is the safest place.」

It is not a funny story at all.

Fortunately, the magic items we got from the dungeon will add additional war potential.

Wait, this is the best moment for Oracle’s Great Cave’s immortal girl Oracle to be of use.

「Hey, Oracle. There was an infinite Mami spawning room in the fourth floor. Is it possible to use it outside the dungeon?」

Oracle-chan nitted her good shape eyebrows.

「Umm, it can be used, but it’s not going to be like in the dungeon. Straining the remaining miasma will spawn 1000 Mami the most.」

「Oh, that’s good!」

「What’s good? I know the strength of the knight’s. Even if they have the same number, the most thing the Mami can do is to buy time.」

「That’s not the case.」

The most important thing on the battlefield is morale.

When that falls, no powerful army can fight.

「Sensei, Oracle, just the two of you, come here.」

「What’s wrong? Takeru-dono, please, don’t blow my ear.」

Sensei who shuddered is lovely.

It’s a light joke, I have to relieve the tension.

「That, do that to me too.」

「Okay, I’ll do it because I’m going to have Oracle do her best.」

When I blew my breath to Oracle’s ear, her white twin tail shakes.

With that, I consulted them about a top secret surprise strategy.

—Scene Change—

「Sensei, where is the most suitable place for surprise attack?」

In addition, sensei’s homemade strategy map appeared.

Sensei did not create it with magic but it is an accurate strategy map of the old margrave Lauren territory.

「Takeru-dono, if its surprise attack, the only place is here.The enemy force is marching but a knight’s horse cannot run without rest. If we are lucky, the enemy may replenish here.」

Lyle-sensei points out a place in the map.

Before going to the City of Spike, there is a valley. If they are advancing to the city of spike from the northern part of the Lauren territory, there is no choice but to go through there.

「There’s a village symbol here.」

「It is already annihilated due to monster attack, but it seems there was a big village called Moke village. Shall we call it Moke Valley?」

「Then let’s call it Moke valley. If we’re going to do a surprise attack, it can only be there.」

「It’s a good name. Then, let’s wait in the Moke valley and set up a surprise attack to the knight corps of Transylvania.」

「I’m so excited to have an active part.」

Even if we’re going to face 1000 knights, Lyle-sensei and Oracle are strong and didn’t even flinch.

I also thought that my arms are quivering with excitement in anticipation while thinking if it will work out or not.

After all, fights between human being is still scary.

「It’s alright Takeru. Even if our surprise attack fails, we can bring it to guerilla warfare and make a pincer attack with the city of Spike. If it still fails, we can escape to Oracle’s Great Cave, the enemy will surely not follow.」

Needless to say, sensei may be thinking of measures if we are to fail.

Well, I hope that it will work.

—Scene Change—

The Moke Valley was blessed with fine weather that day.

If it will rain down, I can imagine this will be like the “Battle of Okahazama”. It will be easy to successfully go on a surprise attack.

TN: The Battle of Okehazama took place in June 1560. In this battle, Nobunaga Oda defeated Yoshimoto Imagawa and established himself as one of the front-running warlords in the Sengoku period. Nobunaga and his troops were cloaked with torrential rain as they made a surprise attack.

But if it will rain, we can no longer use the cannon and the arquebus so I was rather happy.

The enemy entered the abandoned village of Moke. The knight corps seem to be replenishing while the horses are resting.

This is how knights attack a village in a hostile territory and make it a supply point. Because it is like an appointment in this age, it is so predictable that it’s funny.

However, Lyle-sensei was even able to point out the exact time the enemy force will stop marching and make the horses rest. The precision of that prediction feels something closes to ESP(cheat), I shudder.

I do not know if heaven is on my side or not but Lyle-sensei’s senjutsu cheat is taking my side here.

***TN: Senjutsu, ask a Naruto fan if you’re not familiar with it. 😀 ***

「All right, Oracle!」

This fight, if everything goes according to sensei’s strategy, it is impossible to be defeated.

「Mammies, spawn out.」

Mammies infinite spawn gem, it is an item that Immortal King Oracle created for the dungeon is now spouting fire.

A large amount of bandage man monster started walking to the knight corps who’s taking a break in the valley.

While the horses were resting in the hedge of the village, the knights had fallen into pandemonium.

However, as expected of fully armed knights, even if they are not riding a horse, they’re not a foe for the mammies.

My spy unit gets mixed in there and raises a scream.

「A miasma hole has opened!」

「Monsters will attack again!」

Spreading such rumor.

Voices rises in the army but the sources can’t be found.

After screaming around for a while, the spies escapes from the camp quietly.

The dubious rumor spreads extensively within the knight corps of Transylvania.

「Hero-dono, why are those fellow suddenly begins to get confused during an emergency? 」

「Though this is secondhand information from sensei, knights are nobles who have their own retainers and territory.」

「What do you mean? I do not understand.」

「They are here to attack me but if there is a monster outbreak, monsters will flow to Transylvania Dukedom making severe damage. They are more anxious about their territory rather than the war.」

「Hmm, just with that kind of rumor … …. human beings are sad creatures」

「Well, actually, if monsters abnormally spawn out in front of you, it would be impossible to not be confused. 」

After the rumor that spreads plummets, the four gate bronze artillery cannon will spout fire from the top of the mountain.

The gun man corps will also shoot down from the mountain as they lie down to ambush.

A gun is ineffective against a knight in full plate armor but it has a dramatic effect on soldiers and horses who took off its protective gear.

A pincer attack from the large Mammi army and the gunman corps shooting.

I hope that they will withdraw quietly with this.

While we’re watching the war situation, we heard a voice saying “Oracle!”.

A magician in black robe shows her figure from the mountain sand comes over here angrily.

Even if the face is not seen, an aura of rage has risen from the back.

「Naa, it’s Kaara! I am…」

「You betrayed me! You basssttttaaaaarrrrddddddd!」

TN: While Oracle refers to herself as “washi”, Kaara refers to herself as “atashi” which is generally used by younger girls or women trying to sound more feminine or cute.

She shouted in a loud voice that echoed on the mountain.

Maa, though I cannot hear the knights below going this way, this is a bold tactic for a hiding magician.

This is good, should I say a word too?

I still had a grudge to Kaara for ruining my gunpowder many times with water.

「Oi Kaara, what do you mean by betrayal?!」

「Ah, why is it a demonkin supports the hero as an ally?!」

I am angry so as to go down a little but I understand how she feels.

However, Kaara…

「You are making human nations fight war against each other, instigating civil war, aren’t you a traitor yourself?! Isn’t it strange for you to get angry when you betray while you have a habit of betraying others?!」

「Shut up! You’re noisy!」

The noisy one is you, Kaara.

If you think calmly, my logic may also be strange.

「You’ve betrayed people but you don’t want to go through the experience of being betrayed!」

「Aaaahh, foolish humans and excellent demonkins are different!」

They’re the same, idiot.

「Kaara, I surrendered to the hero. Takeru is kind to me!」

「Haaaaa? Is a demonkin supposed to say that? Idioooooottttttt!」

「Kaara, the hero is much more respectable than you!」

「Traitor! Traitor! You have betrayed the entire demonkin!」

I cannot forgive something like this.

It is already an exhausting emotional argument but you are shameless, Kaara!

「A person who’s only making dirty scheme is now challenging the faith of another person, aren’t you ashamed?!」

「Noisy! Die! Hero, Oracle and everyone here should die!」

Kaara did not mind her hidden shape anymore and raises both her hands.

She collected magical power of her whole body on both hands.

A blue light is visible as the result of gathering.

I instinctively embraced Oracle.

「Oh, great, Oooh, Great blue water! Take the traitor, the scum, the crap from this world in the great waterfall!」

「In this situation, to use the magic of deluge….」

…… Kaara, you are not really a genius demonkin, you are just a fool.

A tsunami suddenly generated in the mountain, Oracle and I were swallowed as it was.

It is not a case where I go bukubuku.

TN: bukubuku is a japanese SFX for something boiling, buble buble, or blub blub.

Because we were swept in the mountain, it hurts all over as I hit against trees.

I swallowed a lot of water.

It is painful enough to die but it’s strange that I did not die.

Oh, is it because of the goddess’s divine protection(magic vs. Physics) or my mithril whole body armor?

Even though I hit various things, it’s painful but I survived somehow.

The deluge suddenly generated flows like angry waves, the knight corps in the valley of the mountain is…

They are wearing heavy plate mail, if they are washed by a deluge, it will be a death trap for a normal human.

—Scene Change—

The knights corps of 1000 cavalrymen of Transylvania Dukedom was partially destroyed by the hand of the hero  in Moke valley near the City of Spike ran away for their life.

This is the “War of Moke Valley” which was heard around the world.

Earl Gottorop, Viscount Frederick, Baron Hendrick, Baron Feltmeijer, General Meno, and General Yang who commanded the knight corps of the dukedom were killed.

The others who were killed in action and were injured were not counted. When they fled to the border of the dukedom, they were cut to two hundred cavalrymen.

After dropping the city of Spike as their supply line was cut off, the Transylvania infantry and mercenary corps who surrounded the City of Lauren was forced to withdraw.

This overwhelming victory was also first in history of warfare of Silesie.

「We’ve won a little too much.」

Oh my, Lyle-sensei says something with a distressed face.

As expected, sensei says something different.

I, somehow, is very pleased with picking up a large amount of plate mail that remained in the battlefield.

There were also things that I could not use, but those are stuff that can be profited with as these are high quality steel.

By the way, the wild child(survivor) Louise of Silesie ate horse meat.

Even though the guilt of killing people on the battlefield has already faded, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

「After winning this far against the Transylvania Dukedom invasion, the hard-liners are going to fuss.」

「It is serious indeed.」

Because it is Lyle-sensei who’s doing something for internal politics, he has a face of distressed.

The war is difficult though it is troublesome even if you win too much.

「The dukedom’s army is certainly weak but the real enemy of the Kingdom of Silesie is Germania. They are the largest power in Eura continent.」

「Ah, that German-style empire.」

Speaking of Germania, there is no other German-type state.

Or perhaps it may be around Holy Roman Empire, but it will be similar.

I have neither seen nor gone, but I have knowledge (Cheat) on reading lanobe, so I guess that’s about it.

TN: Lanobe, short for Light Novel

It is an empire that seems to have a powerful army.

「Even if we drop the Dukedom, if Silesie with reduced war potential will be attacked by Germania Empire, it will be devoured. Especially now with the case of the miasma hole of doom and Gale’s coup d’etat weakens the national power.」

「Still, are there people who are willing to attack the dukedom?」

「Yes, there are still people who do not understand reasons at this age of time. They are those who think if you attack, you’ll have more territory even without permission.」

「I’m against the attack and perhaps the princess too.」

「It’s a good statement, isn’t it? “The hero will not participate in the invasion war”」

「That’s good, please.」

If you can stop the war, anything is good.

Even the knights of the Transylvania dukedom is the same human being.

No matter what kind of war it is, it doesn’t feel good to kill.




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