The People of Istria Dukedom (1st Part)

Chapter 2-4


As soon as they returned to the tower, Takeru, who beat the serpent, headed to the central room where Leiria was laid.

Upon entering the room, Leiria was chatting with Tifa while sipping the tea.

「Ah, Oldega. Welcome back.」

Leiria says after seeing that everyone has returned.

(…. seems to be alright.)

「Leiria, hime-sama, was the cursed removed?」

「Yes, it’s okay now. It suddenly disappeared a little while ago.」

「Good. Very good. Princesssss.」

Ordega weeps bitterly without minding the public eye near the feet of Leiria.

Leiria watches him with warm eyes and gives his head a pat.

(That situation and the title he said cannot be hidden in various ways.)

Takeru wanted some explanations but kept it in though.

「Thank you for your help Takeru, Eclair, and Feene.」

When Ordega settles down, Leiria bowed and thanked the three. She must have heard what happened to Tifa.

「Yeah, well, I’m glad that Leiria is safe.」

When Takeru said so, Leiria blooms with a smile.

It has a relaxing atmosphere, so it looks more impressive.

(Ah, how pretty. Is this what they call gap moe?)

After that, Eclair, Ordega, and Takeru headed to the hunter’s village with the herb and the antidote grass that the villager who lived in the tower had gathered again.

***TN: Is it alright to call those who lives in the tower villager? The tower is not a village right?***

I told the villagers that the payment will be delayed.

Leiria is recuperating and Feene is tired so they are house sitting.

When we arrived at the village, I gave medicinal herbs to people who were injured by the Serpent. Although it was not as effective as the potion, we manage to give everyone without anyone dying.

It seems that after putting a curse on Leiria, the large snake left after rampaging.

The three who finished the treatment returned to the tower.

In a room in the center of the tower, they were talking about today’s battle.

At the same time they defeated the serpent, Leiria’s curse was lifted.

However, Takeru somehow thinks that the snakes seemed to have targeted Leiria from the beginning.

When the story was finished,

「Takeru, we also want to live in this tower.」

Leiria says it while staring at Takeru.

「Leiria, that is…」

Ordega is surprised but Leiria ignores him.

「We can’t?」

「That’s not it. I hardly know a thing about Leiria.」

When Takeru answers,

「That’s right. Leiria, I am also thankful that they helped us but to tell them about us….」

「Oldega, listen, we need a place to stay. You know why were attacked by the serpent. We’re incapable of living in this forest with just us.」

「That is」

Ordega is at loss for words.

「Can you tell me the circumstances?」

When Takeru asks, Leiria nods.

「My name is Leiria von Istria, second princess of Istria Dukedom.」

「Istria Dukedom was defeated at the war against the empire a few years ago and disappeared…」

Eclair is surprised and butts in.

「It has not disappeared.」

Leiria glared strongly at Eclair and continued.

「We certainly lost the war but that’s because the empire used a dirty hand.」

The Istria dukedom is a small country where people were living in peace under the benevolent rule of a famous princess.

However, when the neighboring empire changes to a new emperor, various unreasonable demands are demanded and declares war one-sidedly  seeing that their demand won’t be answered by the dukedom.

The soldiers of the dukedom were known for being vaRiant but were defeated by an overwhelming war potential difference and having been caught off guard.

「I have been entrusted as the princess’ exclusive escort. Only the second soldier corps assigned with the job to guard and protect the princess was able to escape. And in order to hide the princess, we were hiding in this forest.」

When Oldega talked about the situation at that time, everyone was silent.

「Takeru, please. This tower is far away from the empire. I swear not to trouble you.」

「Leiria, promise me one thing. The counterattack to the empire …」

It is something that Takeru must hear by all means.

「It is impossible now but I will tell Takeru properly if time comes.」

Leiria’s eyes are serious.

「I understand. The villagers from Phone is using the floor of the tower. If it’s only Leiria and Ordega, we still have enough space but not for all people from the hunter’s village.」

First of all, Takeru thinks that he needs to collect more magic cores.

「Master, there’s no problem with that. This time, we can collect adequate mana for the tower growth with the single magic core from the caste serpent you collected.」

Tifa gave me an answer.

Since the serpent is a class B monster, the energy contained in that magic core is incomparable with low class monsters.

It seems that we can get enough capacity for the people of the hunter’s village to live.



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