Saintess Felicia and Princess Sheila Latter Part

Chapter 4-6


To begin with, why would Sheila be eager with Felicia’s issue? She’s just a shrine maiden of oracle.

Those two had established a relationship that can be called true friendship within the royal palace which is a place where diamond cuts diamond.

In the royal palace, there are not many careless people. Someone like Felicia who has a pure and innocent personality is rare. For Sheila, who was tired of political strife, she was the only oasis of repose.

For Felicia too, she’s surrounded by people with malicious tongue. She’s attached to the gentle and caring Sheila who protected her many times.

That’s why Sheila is thinking of means to save Felicia and suffers mental anguish in her room. She was informed that Alice von Beautor, a member of the kingdom’s knight order, is seeking for her audience. She accepted it hastily.

She was acquainted with Alice through Felicia for a long time.

「Sheila-sama, this time, I’m extremely delighted to be granted of your audience.」

「I don’t need a formal greeting, Alice. The reason for your visit is Felicia, right?」

Sheila intercepts Alice, which begins greeting as courtesy, urging her to go ahead.

「Yes, princess, actually…」

Alice tells Sheila what happened so far.

「Oh, my God. So you’re saying that Felicia is protecting a boy named Takeru who’s the owner of the tower? Why on earth she would do that for someone she never met? And how did Bishop Kunze knows about that?」

Questions are springing one after another but Alice can’t answer.

「Okay, Alice. You’re the only one who meet this person called Takeru, how was he? Can he be trusted?」

「That is … I think it’s all right. He seems to be yearned by the residents of the tower.」

When Alice speaks about how she feels about Takeru’s personality,

「I’ve decided. Please guide me to the person called Takeru. I want to speak with him directly.」

「Er, Princess, that’s…」

Alice tried to stop her but Sheila seems determined and will not change her mind.

Meanwhile, Takeru’s group returned to Okumatei after finishing their meal. They gathered in one room and discussed their future plan.

There is a knocking sound at the door of the room.

When Feene opens the door, Alice and a woman who hid her face with a hood is standing there.

「Alice, did you find anything about the saintess? And who’s that woman?」

「I am the first princess of the Coltberg kingdom, Sheila von Coltberg. Takeru-san, I have something to discuss with you.」

Sheila first reveals her identity.

Everyone is equally surprised at the sudden appearance of the princess.

「Is it okay for the princess to be here?」


Eclair was okay but Feene’s unable to stand up.

「The first Princess…」

「For the princess to personally come here.」

I wonder if Leiria, a former princess, is thinking about the past.

After finishing each other’s self-introduction, Takeru asks Shiela.

「So, what does the princess wants to discuss to personally come here?」

「Takeru-san, I must apologize but I’d like you to cancel tomorrow’s audience ceremony. I also want you to take Felicia out of the capital and shelter her in the tower for a while.」

Sheila suddenly says ridiculous things.

「If we refuse the audience, we will be arrested.」

「I’ll talk to my father. I will not do any harm to you. I already finished the guide to the room where Felicia is detained.」

This princess seems to be a considerable actionist.

「And this is the reward money that was supposed to be given to you, these are all the money I can afford to freely give for now.」

Alice puts the cloth bag on the table with a thud. In addition to the 100 gold coins reward, Sheila adds 50 gold coins she had in hand making it 150 gold coins.

「I’m sorry for causing you trouble. However, I can’t afford to lose Felicia. Takeru-san, please.」

Desperately pleading, the princess of the country lowers her head.

「Takeru, I also ask of you. Please help Felicia.」

Alice also lowers her head.

Takeru tries to hear everyone’s opinion,

「Takeru, our hearts have already decided.」

「Feene will help Takeru-oniichan nodesu.」

「Takeru’s judgement is fine.」

「It is impossible to decline the wish of a country’s’ princess, Takeru-dono.」

Takeru decided to rescue Felicia.


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