Grim Reaper

Chapter 4-8


At the night when Takeru and the others helped Felicia escape, they didn’t notice but some eyes are watching them from the darkness.

「Kukuku, after all the betting it seems like the captain is the winner.」

While licking the blade of the dagger in his hand, a poor-looking man raises a faint voice.

「Ah, going to the capital seems to have worth it. 」

The man called the captain is a man with a robust body and carnivorous beast-like face, leans on a tree trunk while showing a callous smile.

The man called captain, Gaine, observes Takeru. He is a battle axe user warrior.

He is the leader of the party called “Grim Reaper”.

The man who uses dagger is a thief. Assassin Erukki has many assassination skills.

Furthermore, from their back

「She seems to have employed some adventurers as bodyguards. 」

Dark magician Vikbart speaks lightly without expressing any emotion.

「An elf and a brown-skinned warrior, the others are just childrens, they won’t get in the way.」

The man dressed with clothes made of knitted skin of beast, Bowmia, judges Takeru’s party by looking at them.

His expression has finished distorting while patting the back of the black wolf laying on its stomach beside him.

「It looks like a sassy elf is with them, that fellow is my prey.」

Chantal, a dark elf with long ears and brown skin, abnormally flares up hostility towards Eclair.

The Grim Reaper is a national-ranked party made up of silver-class adventurers.

They are gathering of empire’s natives and are wandering across nations to do many quests.

That is their front but they have an unknown back side.

They are an assassination unit called “Sterben” under the direct control of the Imperial Foreign Affairs Minister. That is another role of theirs.

Taking advantage of the adventurers who can move freely between countries, they carry out assassination as they receive orders from the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Their targets are not limited to government dignitaries but also a variety of skilled and powerful skilled merchants and skills makers who opposes the empire’s interest.

Their party name “Grim Reaper” is not a word that is directed at the demon alone.

The order given to them this time was the assassination of the shrine maiden of oracle.

The sanctuary of shrine maiden is a place that cannot be approached normally, but if Felicia is taken out, they can execute the order.

Gaine who sets up his net around the royal palace is watching how things fall out.

They saw Takeru and the others as they leave the capital but did not start the fight immediately.

They kept waiting for the prey to go far enough to be isolated to be unable to call for help.

And the evening of the second day Takeru’s party left the capital

「Alright, I guess I have kept you waiting, it’s time to hunt.」

At the same time as the signal of Gaine, they attacked simultaneously.


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