To the Depth of the Forest First Part

Chapter 5-1


Takeru’s party, who was with Felicia, returned to the tower.

「Master, welcome home.」

As usual, Tifa welcomes them warmly but mumbles when she saw Felicia.

「Women again… Moreover, this time it’s a saintess…」

She seem to be in a bad mood.

「Takeru-sama, everyone, I’m sorry for troubling you.」

Felicia lowers her head repeatedly.

「That’s enough.  Also, Takeru doesn’t want to be addressed like that.」

「Yes, then how should I call you?」

「Takeru is enough.」

「Such, I cannot call a man with just first name. Can I at least address you as Takeru-san?」

Well, considering she’s a boxed lady, I guess it can’t be helped until she get used to it.

Takeru told Tifa about the events in the capital.

「As a result, I think it was good to see the award ceremony was called off. I don’t think that master being publicly known will produce a good result for now.」

「It seems so. If they knew about the tower, it will be difficult to keep Felicia.」

Eclair agrees with Tifa’s opinion.

「I received something in return so I have no complaints.」

Takeru comfortably takes out the gold coins he received from Princess Sheila.

「Takeru… cheapskate?」

Leiria makes an outrageous remark.

「Takeru-oniichan becomes rich nanodesu.」

Feene looks happy as usual.

「Well, at least we have a lot of war funds.」

Ordega is calm as usual.

「So, what are you going to do now Takeru?」

Eclair inquires about our future activity.

「Oh yeah, we cannot go to town for a while so should we explore the depths of the forest? We can get monster core and our party will level up.」

「Master, I agree. With master’s current power, you should be able to advance considerably deep into the forest.」

The dark woods is large and has a scale of more than several times that of the Kingdom of Coltberg. The place where the tower is located is in the place which can be said to be at the outer edge part of the whole forest.

It is said that the closer you are to the center of the forest, the stronger the monster inhabits it.

「Why are the strong monster in the center of the forest?」

「Master, the center of the dark woods is also the center of the Eurasia continent that we are in. The riches and freshes astral line runs there. Monsters are gathering for that energy.」

Monsters in astral line are absorbing energy from the dragon vein, in short mana.

A strong monster requires more mana so it’s inevitable for strong monsters to gather in the center of the forest.

「People don’t even go to the depths of the forest.」

「Certainly,even the people of Hunter’s village don’t enter depths of the forest.」

「Then I’ve decided. We will hunt for a while in the forest and collect monster core. The collected material will be handled by the residents of the tower.」

When Takeru made a decision, everyone nodded.

「The future plan has been decided, let’s finish the status appraisal. But before that.」

Tifa speaks to Felicia, something like a private talk…. 「If you become master’s family you can stay here.」and 「When I say family it is similar to a wife.」I can hear you.

「Master, Felicia-san has become a member of the tower too.」

Tifa conveys it with a smile. After all, it seems that she had fallen for her immediately.

「Takeru-san, I’m inexperienced but please take care of me.」

Felicia’s cheeks are dyed red, it’s pretty. She didn’t misunderstand, right?

Anyway it was decided so I have Tifa to appraised status.

○ Felicia Artian

Level:  19

Race: Human

Job:     Shrine maiden

Skill:    Middle Heal (Level 4)

Low Cure (Level 2)

Common Talent: Shrine Maiden of Oracle

Shrine Maiden of Healing

Like shinto priest and priest, shrine maidens perform the role of a healer.

Healer’s qualities are valuable, so they are always popular.

Level 19 is high for someone who has no actual combat experience.

This is due to the experience gained by ascetic practices and receiving oracles.

In this world, not only from battle, but it is also possible to obtain experience from variety of activities that matched the type of job.

The skill “Middle Heal” is literally intermediate heal. Even a considerable injury can be restored.

As expected from a fourth tier magic, it consumes a lot of magical power. Although it is called middle, there are very few users.

Low cure restores abnormal status such as poison. Even with the same poison, depending on the level of the monster, low cure might not able to cure it.

Common talent Shrine Maiden of Oracle is one of the two name of Felicia. She can directly use “Oracle” like a normal skill.

Thanks to this talent, she was able to demonstrate power comparable to a Fourth tier oracle without training.

In Coltberg Kingdom, a fourth tier oracle is virtually the top of the country.

Shrine Maiden of Healing gives bonus to recovery skill, this is also a very rare talent.

The addition of the long awaited healer to the party will also expand the range of activities.

There was no major changes to the other members, but Takeru speaks to Tifa.

「Master, then …」

「Ah, I intend to be sword centered for a while.」

「I understand. I will investigate the skills that are in line with my master’s will.」

「I beg you, Tifa.」

Takeru asks about his skill composition and made a request to Tifa.


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