Feene was Attacked

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower, Chapter 41

Arc 6 chapter 1

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「Takeru-oniichan, do you mind if I go back to Grandma’s place for a while?」

Feene suddenly said such a thing.

Feene’s grandmother is the elder of the Phone village. It is said that she was lonely since her grandchild Feene lived in the tower.

「That’s right. It has been a long time since the village was attacked so it would be alright. Okay, go ahead.」

Takeru also repelled the beastkin hunter who attacked Feene before. He thought that it was alright and sent out Feene carelessly.

Feene is happy to spend time in her grandmother’s place.

Three days after returning to the village, that morning, Feene was helping her grandmother with her field work.

「Feene, are you also helping at Takeru-sama’s place?」

「Yes, grandma. I also entered the dungeon in the woods the other day.」

「Dungeon!? Isn’t that dangerous?」

The village elder never thought that her cute granddaughter challenged a dungeon.

「I’m fine. I have Takeru-oniichan and Eclair-oneesan too.」

「Oh yeah, well, don’t go on dangerous places.」

Fon’s worry of her grandchild is off the mark since she’s already a registered adventurer.

She’s thinking of having the four-tailed Feene to succeed her in the future as the village elder. Although it was Fon that suggested  her to live in the tower with the excuse of training, she was still anxious about her grandchild facing danger.

The two of them, grandmother and grandchild, are enjoying a conversation after a long time.

Suddenly,as if lurking nearby, strange men appeared and surrounded the two of them.

「Hey, isn’t this the fox kin girl that Nicolo-san mentioned? 」

An evil looking, rough, big guy points to Feene.

「Hehehe, this will give us a lot of income. Hey beast girl, if you don’t want to experience pain, come here quietly. 」

Three men step forward and surround Feene.

「Don’t move and be silent. 」

When a man approaches one step further, Feene moved.

「Ei 」The man who tried to catch Feene was poured with Flame Barrett.

The man who ate it all disappointingly fell down.

The two other got angry and tried to grab her but Feene lightly dodged them.「korokoro, nanodesu 」and roll a flame bomb at the feet of the men.

***TN: korokoro is a sound effect for a rolling small round object***

The two also fainted as the result of the shock from the bursting bomb.

「What is this girl? This is not what I heard.」

The thieves were disturbed as three of them were killed instantaneously.

「What! … Feene」

On the other hand, Fon sees her granddaughter ‘s phenomenal growth.

That’s not what she used to be. As an adventurer, Feene acquired experience from fighting monsters that are more terrible than thieves.

When Feene tried to destroy the remaining thieves,

「Hey, what do you think will happen to this granny?」

One of the thieves shouts with a knife pointing at Fon’s neck.

「I’ll stop. Let the grandma go.」

「Feene, run away.」

Feene, who is not sure what to do, was beaten with a club at the back of her head.


Feene’s vision black out.


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