Prologue 2

Chapter 2 of Isekai Cheat Magician.

AN:I was vexed.

There are a bit of regrets and reflections. . .

I am alone in the station square that is dyed with the color of sunset.

My two friends who are always going home together with me are now walking away.

I was deliberately strayed while strolling in the shopping district. I have been informed by the two with “Let’s meet at the the station square at 17:00.” via email.

Now. How should I spend my free time? Taichi left a convenience store with a manga for reading. It is full of shoppers, office workers on their way home, and students.

I jolted from the noise and wanders aimlessly without the purpose. Speaking of which, the stock of toilet paper should have been reduced. It is cruel to expect his parents, who are busy with work and are coming home late, and his older sister, who is with her boyfriend, to be concerned about such a thing.

The housework is inevitably Taichi’s job. He is really unwilling and he thinks of it as troublesome but there is no choice because there will be no pants tomorrow if he does not do it. It is difficult to ask his very busy parents as previously described, and he is not close enough to his older sister to ask for help…. or rather, they are mutually shy with each other. Taichin and his older sister can’t explain what they came to be.

Anyway, he’s free. That’s right, Taichi turned and sets foot on the nearby drugstore.

Why did he walks in such a place alone? Of course, there is no purpose. He’s just away from his best friends.

A certain ikemen is trying to put an end to the hetare road from junior high school days. He made up his mind to tell his feelings to his first love. He have consulted me, with a serious face that is unusual, this noon.

TN: Hetare – Loser, Good-for-Nothing, Coward, or weak-willed

Taichi, who is not used to see such, face didn’t try to make fun of him. Is it so? He was convinced with words and decided to set it up this way.

It was Taichi who decided to do it after school, 「Today!? The preparation of my heart…」and hit the shouting hetare Takeshi to silence. He forced the two of them to be alone.

Because it is that hetare Takashi, they will probably be at the important place. While thinking, my cheeks unintentionally loosen.

This is the birth of a beautiful couple.

Takashi does not have to say, but he is good-looking. Moreover, his head is not bad and he won’t be defeated in a fight because he practice karate. He is tall, strong, generous and very attentive. He is a man who possesses all the advantages Taichi wants.

If only he’s not hetare, one could say that he is a perfect superman.

「However, it is limited to ikemen.」The man goes to the ground.

And Kanade.

She is also the top level girl in the school year. ……No, although she is a first-year high school student, it may be said that she is a beautiful woman.

The number of times she was scouted to be a magazine model while walking in the city can’t be counted with just one finger. She has a good personality and, without saying, she’s also considerate of the other party.

It can be said the she’s also a perfect superman like Takashi. However, when it comes to tennis, she’ll beat out her enemy as it heats up but that itself has a charm.

Two people are walking side by side and they are obviously a man and a woman. Taichi has seen it many times.

And, he wonders if he is a foil… He’s been seen as such with distant eyes a lot to the point that it is troublesome to count.

By the way, he wonders when will the hands of the clock will be at 17:000. He must be prepared to show off.

Of course, he have prepared words to tease and ridicule them.

….Although he is not prepared to the piercing fact that is a an unpopular man, her realized it now.

A  handsome man and  beautiful woman are walking in the shopping district.

They are very conspicuous because they boast their idol-like appearance. To the extent that high school girls and office workers thinks twice and looks back.

The two people in the whirlpool are silent. They are both attractive. Even if they appear to be unhappy, beauty is gained.

「….Hey, Kanade.」


As they are now in a remote place where there is neither pedestrian traffic nor noise, Takashi faced Kanade.

Even without Takashi asking, Kanade somehow already understood as he appeared different than usual.

「Do I have a chance?」

The words of the confession were spun in by Takashi like a curve ball.

His face looks so refreshed as if he is not affected by the tension of what he says as he waits for a reply.

More than that, he was able to say what he wanted. He was able to feel the sense of fulfillment.

As she carefully digested Takashi’s word, Kanade’s neck slowly swung to the left and right before long. Didn’t he understood her reaction? Takashi doesn’t seem to be particularly disappointed.

「After all, is he better?」

He has a tone of confirming rather than asking.

In Takeshi’s word, Kanade was a little empty as she nodded. Her cheeks looks slightly red as the sunset hits it but it is likely not the only reason.

「Taku, wrap it up in oblate.」

「…… Sorry」

To Takashi who’s laughing blankly, Kanade grimaces apologetically. Takashi turned his smile into a wry grin and poked her forehead with his finger. From a third party who does not know anything, it only seems to be flirting between lovers.

「Don’t make such a face. I knew it. Even if I know it, I won’t be satisfied if I didn’t tell you.」

You know what? As Takashi says that, Kanade smiled this time and nodded.

「Taku. You’re acting like you know everything. The best blockhead is definitely that guy.」


The reply is short but he seems to be very much in favor as he nods strongly.

Takashi realized that Kanade was not looking at him. It was back in second year of junior high school when he noticed that Kanade can only see Taichi. Takashi even knew the reason she fell in love because she is the person he likes.

Taichi, who should have understands Takashi and Kanade the most, is actually the one who understands them the least.

For nearly two years, he chose to move aside his feelings. Because he did not notice at all, it is natural to receive a disgraceful evaluation.

「Kanade has also fallen in love with a troublesome one.」

「Absolutely. It’s a stormy road.」

Kanade criticized severely the one she desires for being a dullard. No matter how many times she takes a thoughtful attitude, no matter what words she uses, there is no sign of being noticed at all. Kanade thinks that for her to confess is like being defeated and is regrettable. She has a strange pride. Though she’s trying hard everyday for Taichi to confess, this Taichi couldn’t notice at all.

Even if she forcibly kiss him, he probably still won’t get it… Her face is saying that it is stained with anger. The way of making a blockhead stop being a blockhead, which is wrecking her brain, makes her boil with anger.

Still, Kanade seems to be very happy to talk about the proof of her feelings for Taichi are real.

He was convinced again after seeing her appearance. Takashi looks forward in a settled look.

「Shall we go? It’s almost 5.」

「That’s right. He’s probably acting like a fool this time and standing straight at the station square.」

….Do you really like him? One would probably think that her tone is suspicious but Takashi knows that it is probably her way of expressing her love. 「That’s why I came to like you.」Takashi was smiling the the pretty girl who had the face of a maiden in love next to him.

Two eye-catching silhouettes from afar are approaching here.


The space between the two of them is more than what he thought so Taichi wondered.

He wonders if it did not go well.


He thought Takashi and Kanade were well-matched.

He has no idea why it did not go well. Without an answer, the two came to Taichi.

「Did we keep you waiting?」

「No, I just got here.」

To the fact that the exchange is quite solid, Kanade and Taichi gives a bitter smile at each other.

He took a glanced at Takashi but he doesn’t seem to be too depressed.

Is he pretending to be calm now? Their relationship is enough to see though an act. In fact, Taichi who has seen it through. He doubt the unnatural behaviour of Takashi.

However, there is also the possibility that Takashi raised his acting skill enough to deceive Taichi’s eyes. If so, he should be in grief now. He was afraid to spread the wound by poking poorly.

「Well, let’s go home.」

「That’s right.」

The one who breaks the ice is Takashi. There was no objection to it, Taichi also nodded.

As they try to walk towards the ticket gate …. a middle-aged man who’s in a hurry pushed Kanade from behind.



Taichi, who was bumped away, hugs the staggering Kanade.

「Are you okay?」

「Ah, yes….Thanks.」

Kanade’s face was red as she looks down. If you look like this, your heart will be stamped! Takashi desperately puts his poker face. He’ll hate it if Taichi see through his poker face.

The woman she fells in love with is making that face but not to him.

Even though the other party is a close friend, there are things that is inevitable for a human being.

He was jealous of the boy who supported his love although it is finished.

The girl who was helped by her favorite boy was satisfied with the happy, shameful event.

His best friend was pushed and he was irritated to the violent criminal who disappeared from sight.

The floor Taichi and Kanade is stepping on is wrapped in a strange glow.


Who raised the voice?

Takashi looks at Taichi with a surprise expression.

People who are walking around the crowd also stop their attention to the event with rounded eyes.

「What’s this!?」

Kanade who’s attacked by an out of common sense event strongly grasps Taichi’s uniform without realizing that it would greatly change her fate.

The brightness of the floor looks like a shining circle.

The non-decrypted string of geometric patterns rotates at high speed and is even in the air.

「Taichi! Kanade! Get away!!」

The world suddenly distorted. He saw his best friend’s face looked awfully distorted.

From the beginning to the end, without even raising a voice due to surprise,  Taichi’s view blackout.

AN: Next time I’ll describe a few of the people who called.

TN: This literally gave me a headache. I think this novel is beyond my capability. I would at least try to complete the prologue.

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