Feene and the Children

Chapter 49  of A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Arc 6 Chapter 9


Felicia heals them like always as the battle ends.

「Takeru-san, Ordega-san, I’ll treat you right away.」

When Felicia is healing Takeru, he looks at the defeated six people.

The door of the tower automatically close while making a sound.

Eclair hurriedly approached the door and repeatedly push and pull it but the door doesn’t move.

「No, it won’t budge.」

「How about using magic?」

Leiria started chanting a spell.

「No, wait. I’ll try.」

Takeru grips the knob of the door and waited quietly. After that, light wrapped the door.

Then, it opened automatically just like the time when it had closed.

「It was amazing, the door opened without permission.」

「A tower owner seems to be able to forcibly enter other towers. There seems to be a lot of conditions, but Tifa says it’s OK this time.」

Takeru stepped in from the open door into the tower.

Inside of the tower is quite narrow, there is an elevator in the center, spiral staircases are placed around it, and there are no rooms etc. to the top floor at all.

Takeru board the elevator and went up to the top of the tower.

When the door of the elevator opened, a knife was thrown in.


Takeru easily catches the knife that is thrown by Nicolo who’s not even an adventurer.

「How did you get in?」

Nicolo who thought that he’s safe if he stayed in the tower was furious.

「I opened the door without permission.」

「Uu… lie… that’s impossible.」

Takeru feign his ignorance. He has no obligation to tell him the truth.

「It seems that you have done what you like Nicolo but I’ll have you return Feene.」


As Nicolo seems to glare Feene, Takeru protects her from his sight.

「Wa, understood, it’s my defeat. You can take that girl.」

Without his companions, Nicolo has no chance of winning so he raised the white flag quickly.

「Of course I’m going to do that, but before that… there it is.」

Takeru arbitrarily opens the door of the furnace in the center of the room and takes out the orbs inside.

It is much smaller than the one in Takeru’s tower, but it certainly looks alike.

「Wait, wait, do not touch it. Wha, why, how can you remove the sacred gem?」

The surprise of Nicolo reached its climax when he saw the orb of the tower was taken out.

「Too bad but I’ll take this too. I’m not going to let you exploit the tower any more.」

「Ki, you, who the hell are you guys?」

「We also came from a tower. He’s the lord there.」

Eclair reveals the secret but it looks like she’s having fun.

「Na, even, such a thing….」

It seems that Nicolo can’t believe that Takeru is a tower owner.

「Uooooooooohhhh, I won’t let you take iiiittttt」

Nicolo desperately jump at Takeru to get the orb.

「Don’t touch Takeru-oniichannn.」

At that time, the anger of Feene who had kept it until now explodes.

Feene was kidnapped, been put through something terrible, and most of all, the children she’s been with were treated awfully. Feene’s wrath had reached its limit.

With her improved physical ability, she thrust her head into Nicolo’s belly with all her might.

Nicolo received it directly, was blown off to the wall and fainted.

When Takeru’s party who got rid of Nicolo came down from the tower, the children who were kidnapped were waiting.

Lead by the cat eared girl Niña,

「Feene-oneechan」「Feene」all of them comes to Feene. She seems to be adored fairly.

「Takeru-oniichan, I have a request for you.」

Feene talks to Takeru with a serious expression unprecedentedly.

「Hmm, say it Feene.」

「I want you to take these children to the tower.」

Certainly it will not be possible to leave them here as it is.

(I wonder if I can toil such a number of children in the tower.)

「Please Takeru-oniichan, Feene will take care of them.」

Feene begs to Takeru who was lost in thought.

「「Please!」」the children also say in chorus.

「I understand Feene. Anyway, let’s go back to the tower together.」

I originally didn’t plan to forsake them but I was happy because Feene said something selfish for the first time.

「Thank you Takeru-onii-chan!」

I pat Feene’s head as she embraces me. The children are also cheering as this case is closed.


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