Chapter 24 – Ren-Ren ‘s Active Day (Earl ‘s Passive Day)

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


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Ren Ren’s morning is late.

The probability of being squeezed until midnight is as high as 66%.

Still, Ren Ren drinks a high potion as a substitute for a nutrition supplement drink and frowns his face.

「Unappetizing, one more bottle.」

Ren Ren said so and made a refreshing smile…

「What are you doing?」

I was suddenly taken by such words and was brought back to reality.

When I turned my face, Proudia stood looking at me with frosty eyes.

Proudia and me are at the only Japanese-style rooms in G.I.Jou, located in the back of the throne room.

While Eleanor was temporarily gathering all the guild members, I escaped from reality and evacuated to the Japanese-style room.

Proudia, who stared as if she despises me, raised her face and opened her mouth as if a good idea flashes on her.

「Master, you seem to be tired. This evening, while we were presumptuous, all the maids will take care of your body…」

「Let me decline!」

I rejected Proudia’s suggestion without hearing her explanation and returned in the throne room.

「Ah, master. All the members are gathered.」

When I came back to the throne room, Eleanor reported that to me with a bouncy voice.

Upon looking at it at the throne, all the guild members are standing in line.

When I stand in front of the throne, I overlooked everyone.

In some way, it looks like a legion of evil.

While thinking of such an improper thing, I open my mouth.

「Do you know that a little problem happened yesterday?」

When I said that and looked at everyone, the majority of those who did not know the previous decision made a puzzled look.

I look around and keep on with my words again.

「It is unavoidable that some of you don’t know about that but I, Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny went to Ramblas.」

The voice of surprise rises when I say so. No, I think it is natural from their point of view.

「Well, the four of use went to Ramblas. We registered as adventurers and our background are former mercenaries from a disbanded mercenary corps with unknown origin. From a noble’s point of view, we are nothing but low class people with weapons.」

I said it as a joke, but as far as I can see, the flames of wrath were in everyone’s eyes.

To that atmosphere, I will sweep one’s throat and switch to a serious expression.

「We are newcomer adventurers but since we are excellent adventurers, the nobles treat us as a citizen of the country. Because they thought that we are living in the earl’s territory, from their point of view, they judged that they are above us. In other words, if we can be of use, they think as much as holding us to not go to another place.」

「They’re going to employ master?」

I could hear a small mutter from Eleanor standing diagonally behind me. She probably felt something in my lines.

Oh I see? Because she said that I am synonymous to god, is it such a disgraceful thing for me to become the earl’s subordinate?

Though I just understood them within me, bloodlust filled the throne room in a blink of an eye.

I should go ahead and talk in a hurry before they go wild.

「He is the margrave of the border territory of the Rembrandt kingdom which is a large country. Such a senior noble is someone who doesn’t look at someone with a lower rank… unless it is someone who is equal or above him. But, will he be able to ignore royal from other country?」

When I say so, the bloodlust which spreads before the throne room fits in a little.

Somehow, they were able to understand the punchline of my dialogue.

I decided to go with that flow and announce it to everyone.

「In other words, the solution is founding a country. Is that right?」

When I told them, voice of admiration came up one after another in the throne room.

Eleanor quietly advanced next to me and knelt one knee towards me.

「Ren Ren-sama created the guild, created various weapons and items, and even this castle.Finally, our master decided to found a nation, our emotions are flooding.」

Eleanor prostrate and said so.

I bent my knee, lowered my stance, and tapped Eleanor’s shoulder lightly.

「We’ll be busy from now on so I ask of you.」

「Ye, yes! Leave it to me!」

After hearing Eleanor’s reply, I stand up and turn my face to my subordinates who are lined up.

「First, we head to Grado village. The earl is heading there from Ramblas. It is easy to annihilate the earl and his knights but that would only undoubtedly lead to confusion. I will invite the earl, the nobles, and the knights to G.I.Jou. We’ll invite them to the fake throne room in the basement.」

When I said so, my subordinates nodded deeply as to knowingly accepted the order.


—Earl Villiers POV—

「Are you still gathering?」

I murmured at Zackson, my senior knight. Zackson replied briefly with frustration.

「Ha! Our Ramblas resident knight order has finished gathering but the knights of Baron Bowarei, who were scheduled to arrive in the morning, have not arrived yet!」

「It is already before noon… That foolish thing, he’s probably digging something for the capital.」

I said so and threw a sigh.

In the scenery that can be seen from the window, I saw the bored knight team who had finished the preparation.

Baron Bowarei is from a branch family of a great noble family from our history. He is an excellent feudal lord having very valuable territory.

The only baron with territory in our kingdom is Bowarei. We can understand the influence of the head family from that.

Then, why is Bowarei still a baron?

Because he’s useless. He’s insufficient in the head department to raise credit.

However, due to ambition alone, he looked at various places and showed off his power. Finally, he was shunned from the royal capital.

Normally, a useless noble is abandoned. However, this man has still his uses.

As of now, there is a matter that I’m pushing forward secretly. I’m currently in an important position where failure is not an option.

However, I feel that the value of his use is not worth the excessive work.

「Really…Is it good to leave him… no, dividing our number is impractical…」

When I was talking about the strategy’s revision with a small voice that it could not be heard, slapstick footsteps sounded.

「Mou, I’m sorry! Really, I appointed a useless knight commander with great pains…」

Bowarei came in front of me while taking an attitude that it was not his responsibility.

This fellow, should I have him beheaded?

However, it will likely cause a big delay even if I make his death seems like an accident.

「… Well, good. Gather on the west side of the city. Take action immediately.」

「Ye, ye ye, yes! Immediately!」

Bowarei was able to guess my mood from my low voice and left the room to escape.

I was looking at the back of the clumsily running Bowarei and thought of cutting him down had piled up.


The 540-resident knights were assembled on the west side of the city.

Bowarei himself was able to prepare 1820 knights.

I sighed deeply  watching the one army that will unbelievably subjugate a mercenary group who did not even reach 100.

「That genuine fool of a man.」

「That’s right. Ah, I’m sorry.」

To my amazed voice, Zackson agreed and apologized. Usually, disrespecting a noble is a crime but in this case, can you even call him a noble?

When I laugh to  Zackson’s reply, I saw the knights that were prepared by Bowarei that will probably unable to say such.

To be able to follow a despicable master, the knight commander of Bowarei’s knight corps can possibly do it.

Well trained soldier are confident in straining their feelings. They are beautifully lined up and did not raised a sound.

Even if Bowarei dies accidentally, I want his knights unharmed.

When I was thinking about such a thing, a noise started suddenly.


When I heard so, Zackson who was looking behind me, has his mouth wide open and was dumbfounded.

The incredible spectacle was projected in my eyes upon looking at the direction of Zackson’s gaze.

A myriad of people came down from the sky.


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It’s frightening.


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