Chapter 36 – Special Collaboration of Fire and Ice

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


I was looking at the cyclops and the earth wall that were shining brightly in red as 15 tornado flames that are even reaching the heavens were blazing.

Cyclops have round eyes, their burning skin also smells like human’s. Their gigantic body is also quite fearful.

While I was thinking such things about the tornado flame and the cyclops, I saw lumps of ice pouring down from the sky.

No, those lumps of ice are huge chunks that can’t be expressed in words. As if a house had fallen, the lump rings a roar as it hits the ground and sank.

「My liege! Shouldn’t we also make our move!?」

***TN: I will change now how Sainos refer Ren. He calls Ren tono and he’s like a samurai so I guess it is more appropriate. By the way, Soarer calls Ren as wagakimi which will stay as my lord.***

No, we’ll crush those who will run outside. Didn’t you hear the strategy? This Sainos!

「For now, except for the mages, we will be on stand by. If the enemy pulls out the cyclops and comes to this side, kill them without fail, got it? The vanguards don’t have magic barrier so let the spirit mages to summon a spirit and put them in front.」

When I said that, the mages gathered.

「I want to see the whole from the sky once. Five people will remain on the ground, ask for the support of other members. The rest will come with me.」

I said so and chanted flying magic.

I flew up in the sky with a feeling that I’m being drawn out from the top.

The scenery from the sky was as if it was not real.

Dozens of tornado flames raging, the cyclops standing inside the earth wall surrounding the area from all sides, and the soldiers that are being thrown up at the center.

There are also huge lumps of ice that are pouring down on places where there is no tornado flame.


I said so with no emotion as I looked at the soldiers who escaped from the walls in all directions.

Though I’m looking at them at a distance where the view is similar to an ant’s nest, I can see soldiers crossing the earth wall.

The soldiers who were able to crawl out became food for the summoned spirit as soon as they got across the earth wall.

Burned by the fire spirits, blown off by the water stream by the water spirit, torn up by the wind spirit, and crushed by the earth spirit.

Because there is a great number of soldiers, they were able to escape from the cyclops. Beyond the earth wall, there are some soldiers that have also escaped even from the spirits. Those are being reaped by melee combatants such as swordsman, knights, samurais, and ninjas.

「Hmm, I thought that some people could escape but…. I can’t find any.」

When I said that, I moved on to the last step to end this war.


—Third Person POV—

「Got him!」

「Not again! Sedeia!」

Sainos stopped the sword that he’s holding in one hand. He yelled at Sedeia’s back who just slashed a Galland empire’s soldier’s neck.

Sedeia looked back at Sainos, loosened her mouth, and snuffled.

「Did you bear a grudge against the Galland Empire’s small fries? I mean, you’re acting violently since the war has began.」

Sedeia said so as she shrugged her shoulders then disappeared from the place without a sound.

「Gunununu… Using perception interference skill and movement speed increase skill is cheating, Sedeia!」

Sainos looked at the surroundings when he shouted.

Because the area is considerably wide, Sainos was not able to fight that much because he needs to chase enemy one by one.

「Sometimes, there are some people who make some good moves…. that neck cutting woman.」

Sainos said that in a sulky manner as he saw Sedeia again cut down the neck of an enemy soldier in a place about a dozen of meters left of Sainos.

Sedeia stared at Sainos silently for a few seconds then disappears again.

「Ki, did she hear me…? No, I’m not the bad one.」

Sainos looked around again, muttering so to persuade himself.


Then, in Sainos’ view, there appeared to be someone with some moves that were quite different from other people.

It is a man in armor which climbs the earth wall with enough margin and chooses a place where there are few spirits by checking the surroundings.

It is a man with short black hair and red armor. He saw Sainos walking towards him.

The gazes of the two of them interlace. Sainos sets his sword and drops his waist.

The next moment, Sedeia appeared from behind the red armored man and cut off his neck.


On that sight, Sainos screamed.

「Hnn? Ah, sorry.」

Looking at Sainos’ crying face, Sedeia disappeared again without a sound after apologizing in a light tone.

「…. perception interference skill, movement speed increase, and even assassination skill. That’s a foul.」

Sainos muttered with a look full of resignation.


—Eleanor’s POV—

When I sensed the presence of master who was flying brilRiantly in the sky, I looked up at the sky, which was flushed red, in a hurry.

「I felt master’s presence. Archers, if someone is available, please go here.」

When I said that, Milenia, the high human which was the last one that master created, came out before me.

When she came in front of me, she looked up at the sky with an amazed face.

「What kind of sensors do you have, Commander Eleanor? Even if you possess the highest level of perception, it is impossible with this distance. Even I, who has hawk’s eye skill, can’t confirm if it was master at first.」

Milenia followed master’s figure that was moving around and says such insane things.

If you are master’s faithful servant, you will be able to sense master’s aura the moment he entered your view.

Apparently, it seems that Milenia is still lacking loyalty and love for master.

I watched Milenia while getting displeased.

「Even if it is 5 kilometers away or 10 kilometers away, my heart will always catch and will never let go of master’s glow. Rather than that, what is he doing? Wasn’t it an annihilation strategy?」

As I asked, Milenia put one hand on her cheek that slides over her skin.

「… … Apparently, he seems to chase further. Master is probably worried because everything went easy as expected but it is probably alright.」

She smiled while saying such an incomprehensible thing.

Master is always the best. What stupid things are you saying?

「As for that, it is wind magic. It is a good choice. Depending on the power and scale, it is compatible with fire magic.」

Milenia said such a thing when I was about to open my mouth to complain.

At the same time, I heard a converging sound of wind mixed with the treble and bass from the direction I felt master’s presence.

As I looked at it, there were black and white spheres spinning and floating around master.

He began shooting the sphere on the ground at a high speed. A roaring sound and blast had wrapped the immediate vicinity just before it fells to the ground.

The wind even reaches the place where I stand.

「…Isn’t that the highest level wind magic? Did we need to shorten the war than planned?」

As Milenia says such a thing, I looked at master who is floating in the sky with an uneasy feeling.

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