Chapter 37 – Annihilation of the Galland Empire’s Army

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


When I got down on the ground, the tornado flames, the lumps of ice that pours down, and the wind blades that chopped people around perished entirely.

Countless of corpses of soldiers of Galland Empire remains on the desolate land.

The devastation was unimaginable. One would say that this isn’t real.

「Excellent, master. I never thought that we would really annihilate a large army of 80,000… I included in my calculations that the opponent has the ability to breakthrough.」

When Milenia said that to me, I tilted my neck and laughed ambiguously.

「Your assumptions were based on guild match, right? It can’t be helped. It is not bad to assume the worst scenario. Well, they are certainly weak beyond my imagination…」

I returned an answer to Milenia and saw the other guild members gathering.

The members with enhanced perception skills are on the lookout for survivors.

「Everyone, you’ve work hard. For the time being, go back to G.I.Jou except for Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny. Eleanor, I asked you to take care of G.I.Jou while I’m away.」


When I said that, Eleanor gave me a very strong reply.

I looked at Eleanor’s face with a dubious expression instinctively. Lagreat raised his hand.

「My lord, it might be convenient to take a dragonkin with you.」

「Hmm, yeah… The earl was also sensitive to dragons. Shall I take you with me?」

When I adopted his opinion, Lagreat shooks his blond hair and pumped his fist into the air.

「My lord, how about a healing mage?」

「Hnn? Sunny can use up to advanced level…but we’re at war. All right, Soarer will come too.」

Soarer shooks  here fox ears while requesting to come with us like Lagreat, I agreed after considering it.

「Okay, then let’s go there with Lagreat’s dragon form. It’s an image strategy.」

「Image? Are you going to use me as a billboard? Then, should I be wrapped in flames or thunder?」

「Don’t, everyone will run away.」


—Dennis Hoover’s POV—

Far away, on the other side of the unpaved highway, a roar that shakes the earth is ringing. Many people stopped their feet and looked back behind and saw many people in a disrupted battle line.

「Don’t break the pace! Look ahead and advance!」

Even if I threaten them, the confusion of the soldiers will not settle.

「Then, General! Ano, wh, what was that battle!? It’s almost like a god’s struggle!」

「Senricho! Anyone who’ll give a selfish remark will be severely punished! Shut up and advance!」

***TN: Senricho(千人長) is a thousand man commander. Correct me if I’m wrong.***

While yelling at my subordinates, I peeked behind me from my horse.

Until a while ago, the sky was dyed red and tornadoes of fire were winding up. After that, big rumbling sounds were heard. After the senricho’s remark, nothing can be heard now.

That battle is not something a human, elf, beastkin, dwarf, or all other beings can touch.

Even if it’s that large army of Galland Empire, they’ll only be annihilated immediately.

Who on earth are they?

Such terrific magic does not exist in Rembrandt Kingdom, no, it surely does not exist anywhere in this world.

Then, the one who have done that were those adventurer-like group with unusual equipments.

While I was embracing such emotion with a kind of awe like there was something intertwined in my chest, a roar came from the soldiers at the back.

「What the hell!? What’s the matter!?」

When I shouted and looked back at the rear, the soldiers were really distracted and are saying something incomprehensible from their mouths.

「Arrange your formation! You, calm down …! What?」

At the time when I tried to shout again at my men, a huge shadow covered my surroundings.

Everyone, including me, looked up at the figure at the sky.

「Do, doragon…」

A black dragon that reflected the light of the sun was flying gracefully over the sky.

This is also my first time seeing the being that is said to be the pinnacle of living things.

As the dragon roamed around on top of us, it came down towards us.

「Jo, join the ranks! Phalanx! No, divide to left and right! Don’t stand in front of the dragon! The breath is coming!」

I was stunned, but as soon as I confirmed that the dragon was approaching, I promptly give instructions.

My first encounter with dragons, I praise myself for my calm deposition.

I splendidly give instructions.

If it was me, we could even survive a fight with dragons!

No, we might even be able to subdue it!

What should I do? Even though I already have a wife, if I were to be called a dragon slayer, the women in the kingdom will not leave me alone. No choice, I’ll have a fifth…. no, an eighth wife.

It can not be helped because I am a hero. The women of the world might commit suicide if the great me only has one wife.

But my wife is scarier than the dragon….

「….ral! General! There are people in the dragon! General! Are you listening!?」

Senricho is noisy. Should I demote him?

Though I was worried about the future of this country, this old senricho didn’t read the atmosphere and shouted. My ears are keen you know.

「Dragons eat people. Don’t you know that?」

「It’s different, you idiot! It’s a Dragon Knight! There is a man riding on its back and is controlling it to go to the ground!」

「What? Dragon Knight?」

This is troublesome. I can’t exterminate the dragon.

When I looked at the dragon that flew down to the ground, there certainly was five people.

What? Dragon Knight?

「Fool! You should have said it earlier senricho!」

When I yelled at senricho who did not make an accurate report, he looked at me with a terribly disgusted face.

What is this disrespectful guy? I’m going to demote you.

I thought about such a thing for a moment, but it is far from now.

「If it is a dragon knight, it is necessary to receive them with the greatest hospitality! Since the ancient times, the dragon knights were always apostles of god! Don’t you know that senricho!」

「Of course I know that!」

「What’s with that language!?」

I rode the horse in a hurry to the bottom of the dragon while complaining to the former senricho.

***TN: Yup, he’s demoted already.***

It is easy to run through because the soldiers are divided to the right and left, but why are they confused?

It can’t be helped, not everyone has a calm deposition like me.

After arriving in the front of the dragon, a man with beautiful black hair and eyebrow on the back of the dragon is…

「Mu, you guys….no, you’re the guys from a while ago.」

When I said so and went down from the horse, the handsome men and beautiful women from beastkin race, elves, and human descended on the ground from the back of the dragon.

「We have annihilated the Galland Empire’s army.」


The line of the man is too abrupt so I instinctively asked back.

Then the man opened his mouth again with his arms folded.

「The Galland Empire’s army has been annihilated. Well, we let one person to escape. You can confirm it for the time being.」

When he said that, he jumped on the back of the dragon again.

「Ah, you are…」

The new 100-man commander who’s standing next to me issued words again without permission.

Idiot. He is certainly a dragon knight!

When I was inwardly indignant, the man on the dragon laughed pleasantly and opened his mouth.

「I am Ren. The one who’ll found a new country and will be its king. Earl Villiers margrave territory will be under my country. Perhaps you will also be my subjects. I will ask you well at that time.」

「How! When did dragon knight-sama built your country!?」

The man was smiling happily upon seeing our surprised face.

As the dragon fluttered its wings and emerged, we never got out of confusion.

This is why I do not want to work in remote areas.

I’m always left behind with the latest information.


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