Liberation War 1

A Different World Scenery View From the Tower

Chapter 68 / Arc 9 Chapter 4



Takeru’s party diverted from the crowd of the parade and moved towards the central street.

Most of the citizens that are participating in the parade were not informed that the liberation army will carry out their counter offensive campaign today.

The people are enjoying the founding festival without minding that their country is occupied by the empire.

「It’s almost time.」

When Takeru looked at the time on the clock tower, the hands of the clock were just before pointing at noon.

Soon, the church bells will ring to inform that its noon.


「Unn, everyone, let’s go.」

They took out their equipments from their big clothes. Ordega and Leiria are at the front followed by Takeru.

The people who left the parade and the people who were hiding in the nearby buildings came out one after another.

Everyone was armed and begins walking towards the castle.

An army was formed at once in the central street.

They are about 500 people. Leiria and Ordega also joined the front group.

Of course, Takeru and the others are consolidating the surroundings.

Though there are some imperial soldiers that were watching the festival, they were not able to do anything and were dumbfounded because they are too outnumbered.

There was someone who charged but was knocked down immediately.

The liberation army walked forward and reached the front gate of the castle.

The gate is already closed.

There is a group of soldier in the guard house in front and they are looking at them.


This war is not only for Istria Dukedom but also for the second princess, Leiria.

If so, Leiria should do an incredible feat.

Takeru calls Leiria’s name.


Leiria sensed Takeru’s intention. She nodded and casted a spell.

「Aqua Serpent!」

The unleashed giant water serpent is galloping towards the guard house.

It swallowed the soldiers with its huge jaw that is about the height of a person and smashed the guard house.


Cheers of astonishment rises from the allied soldiers.

「How, Leiria-sama … No way」

Dalman is speechless as Leiria’s magical power is far beyond his expectation.

Leiria’s power that already surpassed silver class was burning up to reclaim her homeland.

「I’m not going to lose. Air Hurricane!」

Eclair unleashed a tornado. That is her new sixth tier skill.

The giant tornado growled and advanced. The large front gate that is made of wood fly.

The soldiers who were running away were also thrown out into the sky.


The allied soldiers raised a cheer again.

Eclair’s magic is definitely stronger that Leiria’s. Her gold class power definitely crushed the enemy’s fighting spirit.

Leiria and Eclair, with just a spell from each of them, the battle was decided.

Takeru’s Babel members are incomparable to normal soldiers.

(This is….We need to think if we have to fight. It will be serious if we participate in a war by mistake.)

On the other hand, Takeru had a complicated view of things having seen that they have the power to change the war situation themselves.

「Continue using magic, Leiria-sama!」

The Istria Liberation Army rode the momentum with the command of Dalman. They penetrated the castle through the destroyed front gate.

500 soldiers of the Liberation Army versus 500 Imperial soldiers. Their numbers are the same but the result is already visible.

The liberation army are willing to sacrifice their lives to free their homeland and  the stationed imperial troops are just there in the castle to monitor the citizen. The difference in morale is extraordinary.

In the castle corridor and in the courtyard, the battle between the Istria and the Imperial soldiers began.

The second corps who were also inhabitants of the tower also confront Imperial soldiers.

Their leader Caspar is moving ahead and seems to have defeated some soldiers already.

「It’s okay, you can leave this place to them. Let’s knock on the core of the enemy.」

For Leiria, who was born and raised in that castle, the inside of the castle is like her playground.

「Everyone, this way.」

With her guidance, the party move towards the throne room.


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