Chapter 40 – Let’s Collect Materials


When I went to the city of Ox, Lyle-sensei was waiting in front of the town.

I wonder if the work in the capital was already good.

「Sensei! I wanted to see you.」

「Ne, I’m grateful for your enthusiastic welcome … …」

I embraced Lyle-sensei tightly.

Uwa, soft.

「Takeru, you’re hugging too much.」

「Why are you stopping me, Ria?」

No, I knew that someone would tear me off but why is it Ria?

「I felt something impure. As a sister, I will not allow it by all means.」

「Impure? That mouth says……」

Because Lyle-sensei is a boy, it is not impure at all.

And I understood it when I hugged him even from the top of the vest.

Sensei, you have a normal breast…….

Ahem. I confer that I was neglecting to write so (this practice) is enough. Would you like a report, Takeru?」

TN: This practice means the action of hugging


「For the time being, I organized a group of officials, aristocrats, and knights that we can call regent party of the kingdom. Because I was able to make reformist bureaucrats on my side, I also left the capital reconstruction project and came back under Takeru.」

TN: Regent party, a group of individual that supports the regent

「So you’re the regent?」

「That’s impossible. You are the regent of Silesie kingdom. I’m sure you didn’t forget it.」

「No, never.」

I remember about it so much.

「That’s right. You won’t forget since you brought the princess along.」

「Sensei, how long will I have to accompany the princess? At any rate, Marquis Est territory is peaceful.」

「Ugh. As expected, this concubine is an obstacle to hero-sama’s travel after all….」

「No no. It’s not like that, it’s different.」

Handling of the negative princess is difficult.

「No. Rather than being in the royal palace that haven’t been fully restored yet, isn’t it safer for her to stay with Takeru?」

With a glance, sensei look at the carriage and the army accompanying us.

I know what he wants to say. It is like a feudal lord’s procession.

Even so, this is efficient because I can inspect villages, facilitate highway maintenance, and do some peddling at the same time.

I got a lively feeling while peddling at the villages along the highway because the former refugees all returned and settled down.

「Well, Jill is escorting the princess so it’s okay.」

Jill-san, who’s beside the princess, proudly rings the sword on her waist.

I have never seen the ability of this person, but since she was Louise’s right hand, I think she’s good.

「In addition, I will go to the old Margrave Lauren territory from now on. Isn’t it better for the princess to draw in the local aristocrat on her side?」

「Indeed. So you are busy, sensei?」

There is always a meaning behind Lyle-sensei’s movement.

It is surely have nothing to do with my dungeon exploration.

「You know, I don’t want to say bad things about my father but he is a scholar, so he doesn’t know diplomacy and politics.」

「The new lords of the old Margrave Lauren territory, you want to draw them on our side.」

Mr. Lyle is fighting for power with his father, who is a former royal family guardian, who became the prime minister of the kingdom’s government.

TN: Marquis Donovan is the prime minister of the provisional government. How and when did Nicolas became the prime minister? There is no detail for that yet. Let’s look forward in the upcoming chapters.

Although it is not a talk that I should get involved with, it might feel good to be able to get revenge to the father who deserted sensei.

「Legendary hero, conquer the unprecedented dungeon! It’ll be also a good demonstration for foreign countries. Anyway,on the other side of the vast margrave territory is the enemy nation Transylvania Dukedom and the friendly nation Roland Kingdom.」

「Do you anticipate diplomacy with other countries?」

Well, it is said that I didn’t have much trouble liberating the “Miasma Hole of Doom”. If the border dispute with the Transylvania Dukedom resumed, I’ll be troubled.

I would like human countries to get along.

—Scene Change—

The material collection of the Devil’s Mountain began.

Under the direction of Commander Louise, the defence soldier of the city of Ox, that are already expert, and the 300 recruits, who just got out of the base camp, are sweeping the mountain in full force.

As for me, I don’t wanna be sentenced to spectator general and watch in the carriage again so I came to check the state of the “Miasma Hole of Doom”.

That square building reinforced with concrete, majestically endure the wind and rain today.

Knowing that there are human beings that can unlock the seal with malice like Gale, the church cope with it by stationing a saint class so it can be re-sealed if something happened. The kingdom soldier also established a tight defense system.

Originally, it’s a building like a mass of lost technology that has a corrosion-resistant iron plate on the concrete, so it is easy to protect.

Perhaps, when the great hero Renz built it 240 years ago, soldiers would always defend it originally.

That defense consciousness faded away unexpectedly because it was safe for many years. Permanently stationed soldier ceased to reside.

「Thanks for your hard work.」

I take Ria with me and we received the most respectful bow from the soldiers protecting the the gate while we enter inside.

Dokuromaku, I look at the markings between the seal which mimics a nuclear reactor clearly.

As usual, it is the worst sense.

TN:For those who didn’t get the last 2 lines. Chapter 27

The founding king Renz Albert story is drawn on the relief. He’s a caucasian with blond hair and blue eyes. It is not a thing which I understand because it is a story from 240 years ago.

I can say almost certainly that Renz is an otherworld person from the same era as me.

Lyle-sensei said that he was a lost person. A hero came from a different world existed.

It is not limited to Japan but Renz came here from modern day earth.

He built Kingdom of Silesie in this area, was surrounded by many descendants, and died peacefully. Though he might have been lonely.

It is the same as me now, even if I’m surrounded by many companions, there is no one who I can talk about my hometown.

「Takeru, making that face…. You’re unusually serious.」

「I don’t want to hear that from you, Ria.」

What is a nuclear reactor? It’s probably a tool to destroy the world by using miasma. I’d like to say that it can be utilized as an energy source.

It is made to this shape that only a man who came from the same world as me understand it.

「So, this is an area where he did not even leave a convenient item. He seems to have a bad personality. 」

「Are you bad-mouthing the founding king? 」

「Ria, how much do you know about founding king Renz? 」

「There are a lot of ancient documents left in the church. I know a story that he is like Takeru, an other world person.」

「Ria, why did you keep quiet about such an important thing?!!」

She has a habit of saying unnecessary things.

Moreover, when did she notice that I was an other world person?

「The hero king, Silesie’s founding king Renz. He came from a different world with an unknown character…. It will be bad if a rumor that someone like him exist. The ancient document I read is a prohibited book that should not be taken outside.」

「Indeed, there is that too. 」

So far, my thought did not reach there.

There are perks of being an other world hero but depending on the location, is it possible for an other world person negatively taken?

I have not heard of such a case, so I did not notice it.

Anyway, Silesie kingdom’s general public despises nymph. The aristocrats does not approve the princess’ throne inheritance and also despises her just because she’s a half-elf.

「Takeru should not talk much about other worlds.」

「I understand.」

It is unusual for Ria to give a decent advice.

When I was made into a hero, Ria once talked about the other world. So she was deliberately doing it.

「If the two of us are alone, I don’t mind you talking about it.」


Ria takes my hand, this atmosphere.

She tangled up our fingers. Stop it. I’m anxious about hand sweat.

「While caught in a dusty smelly library in the church and reading out the forbidden books, I have always believed that my hero from another world will come.」

「That’s a delusion.」

Was it the influence of founding king Renz that Ria was slightly strange?

It is interesting to see what is written on the prohibited books. What is considered bad that time.

「I know. The saint and the sister are subjects to be defiled by an other world person.」

「No, what a biased knowledge. A true sister will get angry!」

Ria takes off her hood, her burning sigh begun to spout in my ear.

Again, stop it, really.

「When I became a saint, my body will be of service for the hero. Erotic manga were created for it Takeru, so it isn’t wrong.」

「Does erotic manga included in prohibited books?!!!」

What kind of guy is founding king Renz?

I don’t want to know much about it.

「Takeru, I’m a girl so I’ll be on top, boys prefer it that way.」

「Oi, Ria. The talk becomes gradually strange. What are you talking about?」

TN: Translation was delayed because I was rushed in the hospital when I facepalmed myself so hard after reading that line

Don’t open your robe in a place like this!

Are you really a sister?

Did you read prohibited books without permission that you grow up to be a pervert instead of a pious one?

What has become of the education of sisters in Asama church?

「The Asama church is filled with free spirit and equality philosophy. We will definitely accept the culture of other world person.」

「You must not introduce a culture that conflicts with the religious precepts of the church!」

It was then.

A soldier holding a metallic debris entered the seal which is imitating a nuclear reactor.

「Hero-sama is looking for materials. Only wreckage from the outer wall are left at the time of repair.」

「Oh, thank you.」

Until a little while ago, Ria was sticking and twines around my body. Now, she quietly returns to the sister who is covered with robe and hood that hides her eyes deeply.

She’s vivid enough to think that she used some kind of magic.

You…. that agile movement. Please use it in battle.

「This is truly a building made by founding king Renz. With the current technology it is difficult to restore and repair of a collapsed place … …」

「Yes, it’s an erosion-resistant metal. It’ll be helpful.」

There is nothing else that can be used.

Haaa, none at all.

Founding King Renz, if you’re an other world person, you have to leave the arms of the legendary hero properly.

I’ll follow that “theory” in this place. Don’t only leave erotic manga as prohibited books.

TN: Theory is probably, if there was a hero, he should have left his equipment behind

—Scene Change—

When we came down from the “Miasma Hole of Doom”, the mountain hunt of the large force of the volunteer corps was also over.

「How is it, sensei? Louise, was there anything we could use?」

「Well, I can say there is. Did you feel that there is nothing?」

Monster hunting went well.

If you exterminate the monster in the mountain, even if the seal broke, we can solved it without a sudden outbreak.

Even if a low-level monster receives miasma, it won’t affect the body to the point of being increase abnormally.

Some of the Lord level senior monsters have some blackening effect, their hard skin can be used to repair the “black dragon wyvern scale armor”.

「In addition, the medicinal herbs that grow here are totally high quality. If Ria-san cooperates, let alone high quality recovery portion, we can make large quantity of miraculous medicine(Elixir).」

「It seems to be useful for the dungeon capture. Ah, this is a wreckage of the hole. It is a metal with a strange characteristic….」

Louise interrupted my conversation with sensei and call me out.

「Hey, I’m just wondering. If you can use the medical herb, can’t this be used?」

Louise who strikes the black cedar growing there with pom-pong.

「Commander Louise, I considered that, too. Black cedars are too hard, so no blades of any axes or saws can stand it. It is difficult to process.」

「Takeru’s sword of light can cut it.」

Lyle-sensei has a very surprised face.

Louise is awesome to notice what sensei did not notice.

「I’ll try, Star King Sword!」

I was disappointing. The black cedar was cut off when I made a quick side sweep.

A big tree of black cedar falls making an impact sound.

「Can you divide it into blocks Takeru? Like the shape of a big shield.」

「I’ll try.」

I put a sword of the light like a laser and begin to cut the wood of the black cedar.

「This is amazing. You can make it into a shield or an armor by making the most of its hardness. Why don’t you make a mace or a sword?」

Because the former is wood, it is lighter than metal but the black cedar has a strength that a steel blade can’t penetrate.

It was a blind spot that the best material was close.

When I became a woodcutter and kept cutting the black cedar, Viola came over.

「What’s the matter, Viola?」

「I’d like to plant herb in this vacant lot……」

I never heard that you could cultivate medicinal herb.

Sensei, please tell me sooner.

「Viola’s intuition may be right. Herbs might absorb miasma on the ground and by chance, have various detoxification and recovery effect.」

Indeed, its constitution is the same as magic gems and magic items.

But isn’t it difficult to grow in a place with miasma or strong magic power?

「The Devil’s mountain is a special mountain where miasma overflows and begins to leak. In this case, you may be able to grow an herb species and completely turn them into high quality medicinal herbs.」

With sensei’s seal, I deforest it. Viola decided to try making a medicinal herb garden.

Half nymph Viola, who has the divine protection of undine, is good at growing plants.

Cultivation of medicinal herb that becomes raw material of various potions and elixir.

It’s good. It has the smell of large profit.

「Well, this site is now open. Viola make me a herb garden, please. I ask on a large scale. I’ll order some staff to help you so use them freely. 」


Viola nods. Half nymphs tend to evade people they don’t know, so it is difficult for her to use them.

I have to tell Sharon to look carefully.

She came to suggest it to me directly. I think her shyness is in a better trend. It’s a good thing.

「All right, then, we need to make an medicinal herb garden.」

I’m a woodcutter who diligently open a site.

The armor created here is useful in dungeon capture. I may obtain a newer, strong magic item in the dungeon capture.

It is likely to go well considerably.TN:Flag

I was so happy that I continued to swing my sword of light.

I felt like I cut a little too much. If you use the surplus wood for building pillars, would not it be possible to build a pretty durable building?

Strong wood, once we found the processing means, will have a lot of use.



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