Chapter 39 – In Search of New Power


It gradually becomes my trauma that Louise almost died in response to the “Magical Bullet of Rebellion” of the King of Thieves Wake.

Wake’s arrow can reach any of my companion.

「Are you alright, master? Did you have a scary dream?」

「Sorry. Thanks…..」

I had a nightmare at midnight and was woken up by Sharon.

I’m really scared to think that the third’s arrow would hit Louise’s vital part.

When I think about such a thing carefully and sleep, I’ll certainly have a nightmare.

A dream of losing an important companion. I’m screaming desperately, but I can’t do anything to my friends who’s becoming cold.

It was Louise, Suzanne, and Sharon who died.

I wake up to the agony of more painful than death blood freezing.

「It’s okay, there is no scary person here.」

「It’s like soothing a child….」

At that time, it might have been Sharon to have received an arrow.

If so, she will not be here anymore.

So I just thought, even if I am held by Sharon, I can’t bring myself to jump or move like always.

I even think that I must catch it to not disappear.

Including Louise, there are only a few vanguards who’s wearing “Black Dragon Wyvern Scale Armor”.

I contacted Lyle-sensei in the kingdom’s capital but there was no Mithril Equipment left in the armory.

「Sharon, are you going to buy strong gear?」

「Yes, of course. We’re doing our best looking for it using our main store in Est, the branch store in Ox, and the branch store in the capital.」

I hugged Sharon’s body tightly.

She’s only wearing thin cotton underwear so I get a raw soft feel, but I’m not interested now.

「Master, what do you really want do?」

「I will not tell you to not to go into battle, but you absolutely must stay as a rear guard.」

Even if she stays in the rear, that arrow might still reached Sharon’s chest.

Wake became an ally for the time being. However, there might be several cheat level enemy in this cruel, “real fantasy” world.

For example, the one that caused flood and dropped meteorites. How is the advanced magician who faced the flock of black dragon wyvern directly?

That unidentified man (maybe a woman), what will happen to these children if they get shot by surprise?

I want power, I want the power to protect those who are important to me.

It is painful to think so, my breath becomes rough.

「Master, it’s all right. This place is being protected. Suzanne and Claudia are stuffed in the hallway and I’m on your side so master is absolutely safe.」


I guess so.

I’m protected by you.

But Sharon, how about you guys?

……I get it. For example, we may just die tomorrow in an accident.

Whoever dies, even if I die, I’ll give up in case of accident.

The world I’ve lived in, even in real fantasy, it’s the same.

But “If you are going to die in front of me and I did not do anything “, I’ll never forgive myself.

I should not curl in the bed of a safe merchant house in the peaceful city of Est.

The more peaceful the days were, the more I came to think.

「Master, are you thinking of scary things again?」


「Master, please don’t do dangerous things.」

「Yeah right …」

「Is there anything I can do for you?」

「Sharon, what you can do is stay in a safe place and never die before I die.」

Power entered the hand of Sharon whose hand is grasping me.

I do the heavy labor and I am quite powerful but it hurts, honestly.

Though it didn’t feel bad.

It’s painful because I’m alive.

From the hallway, I heard a voice saying “Here I come!”.

She’s coming every 2 hours. Is Ria suffering from insomnia too?

「Sharon, let Ria in.」

「Eh? Are you serious?」

「Ah, just for today.」

Sharon’s hesitating so I got up and went out into the hallway. I told the struggling Suzanne to let Ria in only today.

Suzanne also has an “Are you serious?” face.

Is it so strange? Well, I might be strange today.

What is it, Suzanne? Would you like to sleep together too?

「No, because all-night watch is work of an apprentice knight.」

「Is that so? It’s a hard work.」

That’s right, Suzanne and the others, are going to be a knight? Sooner or later, they will be the same as Louise.

I also have a Knight’s title, but I do not understand well though.

「Ria, are you still wearing that hot robe at midnight?」

「Yes, No… I will take it off in bed.」

「Then, take it off and enter. Despite that it will be cooler at night, it will still be difficult to sleep.」

「Eh? Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!」

「You’re noisy Ria. Go home if you don’t want to go in.」

「Well, it will definitely go in, but …」

「Sleep quietly, I will knock you out if it’s noisy.」

It is semi-double so I think three people can fit somehow.

I did not consider the body shape of Ria.

「Takeru, I can not sleep if I do it like that intensely.」

「So noisy, sleep.」

As if being pushed by the obstructive meat of Ria, I sank into the lower part of the bed and slept.

Being crushed by the chest while sleeping, it is better to be sandwich by belly.

Is it Ria’s, Sharon’s, or my own?

Dokkundokun …… Only the big sound of heartbeat envelops the night. I finally peeled off from my persistent nightmare.

—Scene Change—

「Amulet of defense has defense strengthening capability. Ring of prayer that increases magical power, I don’t need it….」

I checked the equipment that I thought would be useful that was gathered by the branch of Sawatari Commercial Firm. I groaned.

Though it’s bad for the members who collected them, there is nothing decent.

It is because they are not comparable to the black dragon wyvern scale and mithril.

The number of high-class armor material is few. There are a lot of magical jewels probably because the Ye mountain range, which has a magical mine, is close.

「Ria, the ring of prayer is for you. It should be compatible to you since it’s a prayer.」

「Na na na. What happened, Takeru? Did your dere stage come at last?!!!」

TN: Since you’re reading a web novel, I assume that you already know what dere is

「No, I just gave you an equipment.」

「Well, I told you I absolutely want it. Because I am… But I understand the meaning of giving rings to women. Takeru is prepared for it!」

As usual, it’s annoying.

If you’ll reduce the lines of Ria, you can probably omit around one-fifth.

There is also a lot of waste in the ratio with meat.

「Sister can not get married, right?」

「Ah, why do you say something like that!」

Yes yes, Ria’s turn ends.

「How about this amulet of defence for Princess Silhouette?」

「Oh, it is wonderful. But this concubine already have this in her neck.」

Wait a minute.

「Why are you wearing a collar from our company?! Where did you get it?」

Hey, are those of the kingdom’s capital goods?

Before I knew it, the Silesie kingdom was destroyed and the Silesie slave dynasty rises suddenly.

「I bought it on the way here. For some reason, the proof of slavery of hero-sama became a popular fashion statement to non-slave members of the company.」

「Still, I understand if it’s you Princess Silhouette, but what are our other company members doing……?」

Because we acquired small and medium-sized business and professional guild and repeat absorbing merger, there are a lot of regular staff which are not slave in the Sawatari Commercial Firm.

Somehow, it is said that the non-slave member of the company envies and puts a slave girl collar as fashion.

What is happening to our business? Is it on the same level as the negative princess?

「Anyway, please stop the Princess Silhouette. Jill will get angry if she finds out.」

And when I was talking about such things, Jill came over as promised.

It is a pattern to put her hand on the sword while she misunderstands it while saying “Do you intend to make the princess a slave!” again.

「Wait a minute, Jill is also wearing a collar!」

Did she just exceeds my expectations?

「Eh? Everyone here is wearing it. Is it not a custom here?」

I’m sorry to say a little bit, but… is Jill really an idiot?

Collars are slave certification. Even I, an otherworld person, know it.

「Isn’t this a fashionable choker?」

「That’s not the case.」

Well, I’m also paying attention to the collar to some degree. I’m aiming for comfortable materials.

I wrote in both sacred and lower letter that the person is my slave.

No wonder Jill, though she is a knight, was not be able to read the letters.

「If the slave collar is a custom, should I wear one too? Would it suit me?」

「I don’t want Ria to put one ostentatiously. I did not make an extra collar, where did they find it?」

The slave collar of our company, it was made on a backdoor deal extensively.

I decided this should be the agenda of the next general meeting of employees.

—Scene Change—

Better leave it to a specialist. Then, who should I ask to find a good equipment?

「So is it the reason to which you have come to ask me?」

「Louise as an adventurer, you probably have a lot of experience.」

She has a lot of weapons in her backpack.

It seems that there is no particular preference for weapons to use so many. It’s the Thousand Swords (Banken) that she always use.

「Most of them are ordinary weapons I used since I was a knight of the kingdom. For example, this knife is engraved with distant throwing magic.」

The pairs of knives raised by Louise certainly had a pale light if you look carefully.

There is also a magic sword which is comparable to my sword of light.

「Where did you find it?」

「In an abandoned mine near Losgow village. It becomes a kind of dungeon.」

「Eh? There was a dungeon in the vicinity?」

「What are you talking about? Dungeons are pretty common.」

It was originally a magical jewel mine but they don’t get much anymore. Moreover, a stone golem shows up due to the influence of miasma so it has been abandoned and it became a dungeon.

「No, I was serious. The Stone golem was hard and the knife didn’t work.」

「Then what happened when the blade does not pass?」

「I hit it a lot using the rocks that was there.」

「Louise is amazing. You can use anything as a weapon.」

There is a saying for propagating Buddhism without choosing the writing brush. Louise doesn’t choose a weapon, either.

Whether it is a rock or a wooden stick, it is an excellent weapon for her.

Louise was a little embarrassed when I praised her as a thousand swords (Banken).

「I found the magic knife in the depths of the dungeon.」

Perhaps, because of the influence of miasma from the ground, an ordinary knife might have been tinged with magic.

A thing naturally placed in a dungeon (or it is likely to be an item that was dropped by an adventurer who died) might possibly taken magical power of miasma.

It is called the Magic Sword if there is a positive effect and if there is a negative effect, it is called a cursed weapon.

It is a magic tool if man finds it convenient and cursed tool if something is inconvenient.

Magic tool and cursed tool, although sometimes it is intentionally made by a magician or alchemist, it seems to be an imitation of such a natural product.

「In other words, as a conclusion of Louise, if you want to get good equipment.」

「It can be called a shortcut to hunt in a dungeon.」

「But I didn’t hear the rumor that there was a dungeon.」

「In the area where peaceful Estonians live, there is almost nothing that can be called a dungeon since the miasma in Ambazak territory concentrates on one point.」

「Is that so? Because of the Devil’s mountain, there is no dungeon nearby.」

「There is no need to stick to the dungeon if you are stocking materials. The Black Dragon Wyvern Scale Armor that I’m wearing is also from the Devil’s mountain.」

It was a blind spot. Close to the town I’m governing, was there a treasure trove of material?

「Around here, there is a historical big dungeon. It is in the old Margrave Lauren territory. It’s not bad to try out the dungeon exploit after collecting the material in the city of Ox first.」

Of course I will go as well, Louise added.

From the base camp, the are three hundred people trained troops of the volunteer corps.

It has become a very large-scale talk. I guess my personal guard corps will come as well.

It becomes a slightly different feeling from the dungeon capture that I am imagining.

For the time being, I’ll write a letter for Lyle-sensei when I go to the City of Ox. I decided to go while inspecting the state of the village along the highway slowly.

As expected, I should do the work of a feudal lord.


Next chapter preview, Lyle-sensei is back, and little bit of Silesie kingdom history.



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