Chapter 38 – King of Thieves “Wake the Wake”


A young man in green hood, holding a big composite bow.

King of Thieves “Wake the Wake”.

「Toward that Green, shoot simultaneously!」

The gun man corps concentrates the fire and attempts to shoot down the green hood, but he’s… unscathed.

No, beyond the gunshot dust, is he somewhat damaged?

However, it is possible that he didn’t withdraw one step even if it is a barrage of a lot of firearms.

What kind of cheat it is, I felt like despising it. Even though my mithril or the scales of the black dragon wyvern can also repel the bullet.

It is probably a magical equipment with enhanced defensive power.

On top of that, Wake’s ally were not affected by the shooting. He even step forward. What a cool guy!

「It didn’t go through. Wake snipes will come!」

Louise shouts.

He’s trying to pull a big bow and shoot three iron arrows at once.

This is truly an act of foul play (cheat).

「Damn! When it comes to this!」

I stepped forward.

In order not to harm my allies, I have to do things with him.

「Hokushin Itto-ryu and the stance of the wagtail (wagtail)!」

Come on, Wake!

The more accurate your aim, the better.

I’ll cut all three, with a speed of light feint of a wagtail sword, off.

Wake looked at me who came in front and laughed.

I slashed the enemy’s arrow with Wake is only watching. Then I saw it.

His lips moves, “Magical Bullet of Rebellion”.


Is it the sound of the string in which the big bow was pulled? Or the sound of an incoming iron arrow that cuts through the air?

Or is there some magical power applied to the arrow?

Did Ria put a holy shield (seitate) from behind? A silver-colored shield flies towards the arrow, but the “Magical Bullet of Rebellion” pierced through it like it was natural.

It is alright as long as the sword of light hits it. Whatever kind of iron it is, if struck at high speed, it will be cut.

I will blow away the approaching arrow!

Another arrowhead was caught by a return sword and I manage to break it to pieces.

Ah, this slow-motion sensation. It’s been a while. Damn it!

The two previous arrows were a feint to guide the tip of my sword.

The third arrow aims at my defenceless torso as my hand are swung up.

My guard will not make it in time!

My mithril hauberk or his Magical bullet of rebellion? It is a match with my life on the line.

I heard a dull sound. I receive an intense shock on my chest but it vanished before it reached my back.

When I noticed that Louise was hugging me as I search for a chest wound, I’m already screaming.

「I don’t want this template!」

If Louise dies, I’ll bear a grudge, real fantasy!

「It missed the vital organs.」

That said, Louise, who received a magical arrow instead of me, powerlessly fell in the ground.

The black dragon wyvern scale armor was not able stop the magical bullet of rebellion .

Louise also tried defending it with a buckler but there is also a hole on that shield.

The long iron arrow, it pierced through the small shield and the body of Louise then stopped.

This is too much of a cheat.


「You must not remove the arrow.」

Ria and Louise’s sidekick, Claudia, dragged the injured Louise with a face which seems to cry.

And before me, Suzanne, who’s wearing a black dragon wyvern scale armor, puts up a big shield(kite shield) with her small body.

Hey, stop already.

Please stop.

「Sharon, put that up!」

「Eh? Is it really okay?」

「Yes, before the next arrow comes!」

From my camp, the white flag went up.

—Scene Change—

「I was surprised. Is it a thing for a hero to surrender quickly?」

「That’s right. My bad, Wake!」

Naturally, because the commanders went out ahead mutually, it became Wake and my discussion.

It’s as Louise says. I do not have the pride of a knight.

I will give way to terrorism and settle in discussion.

And, if it is possible to do, scratch the head of a sleeping person from the reverse side!

TN:  (そして、できるなら後で裏から寝首をかいてやる!)No idea what it means.

「The man who succeeded the legendary hero. I came all the way here to meet him and he was such a soft lad.」

Wake raise the green hood while saying so. It was silky blond young niichan.

Not as much as I do, but I think Wake is too young.

「So what are you going to do? I do not have time to do idle talk.」

「Hmm, I guess it’s to buy some time.」

That’s right. I dispatch a messenger on a fast horse to go to the volunteer army headquarters.

In this situation, I do not think that reinforcements will be in time, but it can become one of the materials of negotiations.

「There is also buying time, but it’s true that I surrender. Because you are the winner, say any condition. Even money can be prepared accordingly.」

「It has been a long time since I have a feudal lord opponent which surrenders quickly.」

Are you a little appalled? Wake smiles wryly.

「I surrendered before the damage was made. I will be glad if a little color will be added here as well.」

「Fufufu, I’ve heard the reputation of the merchant hero which says a very formidable thing.」

The merchant hero thing is a form of bad mouthing from the official of the kingdom.

It seems that the highway on the other side is deserted and tax revenue declined because the merchant are concentrated on the highway here due to rakuichi-rakuza.

TN: Remember that there are two highways to the kingdom’s capital. Ambazak territory highway became available when Takeru and his group liberated it.

Then, sarcasm is said.

「However, because I am a thief, I am dislike by merchants.」


Are you threatening me?

Well, I think it’s a good way to negotiate. Even though he is young, he has a powerful ability to back it up.

As expected of the king of the underground world of three countries.

And, there.

「Please wait a moment, Wake-sama! Please listen to my story.」

Neneka of the female cat thief corps ran over here while her purple curly hair sways.

I was wondering where you are. Did you slip into Wake’s army?

「Oh, what’s wrong Neneka? Even if you came after a long time, we’re busy.」

The man whom I threatened until a while ago laughs.

Even though my reinforcements are approaching, I really can’t afford it.

TN:He probably thinks that he can’t afford Neneka to blew away the negotiation

「This hero has saved our lives. Besides that, he gave me money and also treated my sick brother.」

「What? Are you cajoled by this youngster?」

Wake narrowed his eyes and pull up his pale blond hair in the way upward.

「It’s different, Wake-sama. That’s not it. He believed the story of us thief from beginning to the end all this time.」

Looking at Neneca, the color of the warm blue eyes got deeper.

Kukuku….and Wake makes a funny laugh like a bird call.

「Well, that’s what it is. Hey hero, it seems that Neneka was under your care.」

「Ah, oh….」

This is a little awkward.

I’m simply utilizing them with the development, I did not even believe or thought of their story.

TN: It is just by mere luck that Takeru helps them. It’s just that he can use them for his plan.

「Victory or defeat is a pear. I want to conclude friendly ties with the hero.」

「That is perfect, but what are you going to do with the “Golden Eagle’s Head” who’s full of vengeance on me?」

「Hmm, that guy? He promised to give me his turf if I come but I did not promise anything in return. If he goes in the way, I’ll crush this place.」

Wake, with a frozen eye, glanced at the yelling golden eagle bandit group.

It might not be a lie that he’s going to crush it.

Wake is a fierce guy with a fluctuating emotion that is scary to watch.

He’s easy-going to a thing that caught his interest but cruel to something indifferent.

「Besides, I apologize for hurting your ally.」

「No, I don’t mind if it can link a friendly tie with Wake.」

After all, the discussion went well.

With the promise to build Wake thieves guild at the City of Ox, Wake’s subordinate has signed an agreement that they will not act as thieves in Ambazak Barony.

As for the subordinates of Wake, unless they commit evil, their security is guaranteed but only in my territory.

I’d suggest that they’ll negotiate with Marquis Donovan of Est Territory under the same conditions.

It’s convenient to be in a city where Thieves Guild can always be contacted.

I am thankful that I did not have to worry about the damage of thieves in my territory. The relationship with the head of the thieves guild, Wake the wake, is very useful.

Wake alone symbolizes cheat level of fighting power.

What more the power of an underground organization that seems to have great power in medieval fantasy.

—Scene Change—

「I’m sorry Louise, I made a compromise with Wake.」

「That’s okay. No matter whether your judgment is right or wrong, I am your knight.」

With the arrow removed, Louise got her injury healed by Ria. She got up in front of me wearing “Black Dragon Wyvern Scale Armor” with a big hole.

Ah, I have to repair it again.

Stocks of black dragon wyvern scales should have remained.

It was good not to sell it because of its high value.

It was a really dangerous place this time.

I think that we should consider improving the equipment in the future.

Though I have money, but good items and materials are not sold in the market.

Maybe I should go and pick them myself up as an adventurer.

As for Wake, he suddenly disappeared in the mountains.

The Golden Eagle Bandit Group just helplessly turn the muzzle while cursing.

「We’ll remember this!」They run away while shouting.

What should we do with the remnants of the Golden Eagle Bandit Group?

If they become Wake’s subordinate, I can’t start the fight.

Should I subjugate them now before it’s too late?

「Still, it was a great arrow.」

An iron arrow was left. It’s as long as Louise’s half-body.

Such a long thing. To be able to launch it with a bow in such speed, what power.

「It’s well-known. Wake the wake’s “Magical Bullet of Rebellion” can tear steel. I heard that there are only a few knights who survived after getting hit. If you think about it, I should be proud.」

Louise says that, but it’s better not to receive it from the beginning.

Please, do not die.

「That’s my line. My liver got cold when I thought that the third arrow will hit my lord. It was more painful than the arrow scratch I received.」

「Louise predicted the trajectory of the arrow that would be shot and move. It’s amazing.」

Even before, Louise slashed a shower of crossbow arrow.

To tell the truth, I was conscious of that movement.

「Even if you are lured by a feint in a feint and was defeated, the kinetic vision and body movement of Takeru was quite good until the second shot.」

「Thank you.」

Still, my performance has still not reached the full capability of the sword of light.

It’s rare for Louise to compliment me in terms of combat.

「However, the third shot might have hit a vital part. Even if I did not make it in time, I can receive it without hitting my vital part. It is not possible for my lord to do it at the present.」

「I will devote myself to it.」

「That’s not what I mean. I’m trying to look at my own current capability and work it out.」

TN:Takeru misunderstood what Louise is saying. Louise is trying to look for at her current ability in order to protect her lord but Takeru thought that she’s telling her to train more in order to receive an attack like that without hitting a vital part

「I understand. Sorry, Louise.」

「It is good if you understand it. Do not forget that I am on the side.」

While saying that, I will not leave Louise for a while. She’s been around me all the time.

Umu, I wonder if I’ll be scolded with that reckless behaviour.

—Scene Change—

「According to Wake-sama, it’s an interesting proposition to receive.」

「Is that so? I’m thankful for that.」

At the base camp in Ona village, I received a report from Neneka who is a Riaison officer for King of Thieves Wake.

Wake seems to have liked my proposal to employ the members of thief guild. I suggested them to act as an adviser of the guards for crime prevention.

「Thieves have other use other than crime.」

「That’s right. I am glad that Neneka has come to understand.」

「Yes, because that’s exactly what I am.」

TN:Neneka is a thief so she was able to get what Takeru is trying to do

「Neneka’s Corps, I think I’ll name you the Spy (Scout) troops. Your main duty will be assisting the cavalry scouts and intelligence gathering during operations.」

「Did hero-sama just say that we would be a spy?」

「That’s right. If it is necessary, I want you to pretend as an adventurer and then pretend to join a bandit group. Listen to their story and create a disturbance within their group. 」

It seems that Neneka was given a places to live in the Thieves Guild.

I decided to have a place to live in Ona village.

Because she’s a valuable Riaison officer, it’s better to make sure that we can contact each other.

Sharing Neneka’s corps will be useful in the future with the alliance with Wake.

「Then, it is time for my report. The remnants of the Golden Eagle Bandit Group in Ambazak Barony all fled and disappeared from the territory. Perhaps, I think they ran away to a remote region in the old Margrave Lauren Territory of the Silesie Kingdom.」

「Oh yes. If they go that far, we don’t have to chase them anymore.」

It does not matter because it is not my territory, but the old Margrave Lauren Territory were divided into smaller territories for viscount, baron, and knights. The rights relationship there is complicated.

As we all know, the territory was divided among nobles that sided with Princess Silhouette. The borders of each territory is probably not that established due to division that probably complicates the land rights/ownership of each feudal lord

It is probably the best for the bandits to escape avoiding the pursuit of someone who holds power.

On the other hand, there are more monsters than a human being there.

It is a place of troublesome game for merchant to do business because there are a lot of borders.

「Still, the thief guild.」

「Something wrong with the thief guild, hero-sama?」

「No, I don’t think thieves can imagine that they have a guild in a city which is arranging job for them.」

「Even thieves are not always doing criminal activities.」

「Is that so? For example, examining a trap in a dungeon?」

「That’s exactly it. There are also shady jobs on archaeological excavation. There are legitimate work that a thief’s hand is useful.」

「Is that so? Is it possible for Neneka to explore a dungeon?」

「Yes, I can do it. I am good at unlocking and removing traps. Even though I learned such a thing, there was no demand in this period, eventually I became a bandit.」

「I hope we can go to a dungeon together someday.」

「If I can go with hero-sama in a dungeon, I’ll be proud as a thief.」

As she said so, I watched the purple curly hair reaching to her feet and pulling it in hand.

I get worried about whether Neneka’s hair too long. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but think that it will interfere with covert action.

Well, here skillful walking might have some meaning.

Because thieves prefer jinx, it may be something unfair.

「Is there something wrong with my hair?」

「No, I wonder what you use it for.」

「I use it like this.」


She brought purple curly hair to my nose, so I instantly sneezed and she laughed.

「This is a weapon indeed.」

「Well, there are many uses of women’s hair.」

Neneka who’s been giggling for a while left without a sound. A heavy, sweet fragrance from hair faintly remained in the back of my nose for a while.

I never thought at this time that she and I would really attack a dungeon soon.



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