Chapter 37 – Collapse of the Golden Eagle Bandit Group


「Etto, I wonder if the leader of this female cat thief corps is Neneka.」

「Yes, that’s right. Hero-sama.」

The attitude changes completely compared to a little while ago. She is now obedient.

Because Louise was suddenly doing the mandatory ceremony, they might have been affected by it.

I can say that Louise seems to be so happy. She’s spinning the hilt of her sword.

That’s scary, I’m sorry, thieves. You’re freaked out, right?

「Then, let’s begin with hearing the circumstances for now. Is the female cat thief corps a subordinate of another thief corps?」

「To tighten the road in the Ambazak territory, we drifted from the golden eagle bandit groups. There are over three hundred subordinates of that thief group, so we can not go against them.」

「Hmm, then why do you commit murder?」

「Hero-sama, we did not kill anyone. We’ve robbed caravans and got their cargo and money, but that’s all.」

Yes, that’s a criminal act, isn’t it?

「I’m sorry, but I have some circumstances. My younger brother got sick at my hometown Mira village. I had no choice but to become a sex slave or a bandit to keep paying for the treatment.」

Well, the reason why she fell to thievery is poverty.

It is commonplace in case of this world.

「Then, let’s do this.」

「Eh… you’re going to give me some money?」

I gave the gold coin to Neneka.

「Is it enough for your younger brother’s illness treatment cost?」

「Thank you very much, it is very helpful.」

「Hey, Takeru … no… my lord. It’s a lie, isn’t it?」

As expected, Louise broke in the conversation.

I think, it is not a lie. But what these guys are saying is a lie or the truth, it doesn’t matter for the purpose.

「It is not a lie! It is true. Also, we are not really killing anyone. We prevent doing it.」

「Yes, Neneka is not lying. If you’re doing it to help your sick brother, not only money, but my company also has a variety of medicinal herbs. I can send also send a sister to the village cure him. I will help you.」

If you’re alright with a pervert sister.

Neneka was a courageous woman who didn’t seem to cry. I was astonished for a moment because her purple eyes were overflowing with a flood of tears.

Did a thief have a heart of a person?

TN:  盗賊にも人の心があったのか。If someone knows a better translation please let me know. It seems that a thief is not considered as a man/person since a thief is a criminal so a thief is expected to have a criminal heart or probably a heartless individual. It is on the same level of the legendary “People die when they are killed”.

「Uu…… a Sister-sama. It is true that hero-sama is a friend of someone in trouble!」

「Well, it’s not such a big deal.」

I am concerned about the circumstances of each female cat robber corps member. I heard everything from the hometown to the family structure from going around.The wounded individuals are healed with potion and gold was distributed.

They are all suffering from poverty. They are refugees who have been chased by hordes of monsters from the Ambazak territory.

Most troubles can be solved with money.

Otherwise, I am a merchant whose accompanied by a saint, so even valuable medicine can be prepared.

「Hero-sama, we will reform and work seriously.」

「No, that’s not good.」


If I just want to break you up, there is no point in paying high amount of money.

「Neneka will betray the other thieves and you will stick with the volunteer corps here. I’ll help you with anything, money or supplies, but I’ll need to get the job done.」

「But betraying, there is also honor in the world of thieves…」

「Then you’ll be subdued as a thief and die.」

「I’d rather be killed than be branded as a traitor.」

When I pointed a sword of the light to the neck of Neneka, she just strongly closed her eyes.

It’s true that she’ll choose death than betrayed someone.

「Then, how about the life of your family? A short while ago, everyone was talking to me about their hometown.」

「Even so, our family did not commit sin! They are unrelated!」

「I never said that I’ll take care of your family. I just listed to your story. Some of my troops have their families killed by thieves. What do you think will happen if they hear that there are villages where family member of thieves live?」

Even though it was a simple bluff, using family for soup stock worked well.

While Neneca was shedding tears (it would be different from happy tears earlier), she collapse to the ground. “I will obey Hero-sama.” was voiced out with a hint of distress.

She fell.

Even if she won’t obey me, I will not lay hand on her family. It is troublesome.

I evade danger carefully and repeatedly.

Your family is now under my protection. I whispered that I would absolutely guarantee their safety unless they betray me.

「Hey, everything is okay. Just let me know the position of the hiding place of the thief regularly. For the sake of safety, start a rumor that someone is betraying them. There are people that more likely to betray the leader of the golden eagle bandit group than you.」

The one who’s aiming for the seat of the leader will be suspected more than Neneka who’s a newcomer. I ordered to spread rumor targeted at such one.

In particular, if a newcomer is suspected, his or her peers will work to discredit it.

If it goes well, after securing safety, it is likely to reduce their number further by infighting.

「Then, you will act that way.」


The female cat thief corps, when I went away, all members collapse. Where did the energy they showed in the beginning go?

They have to do more than usual. Put power in again, female cats.

「My lord… or rather, Takeru.」


Louise picked me up behind with a horse and spoke with me.

I’m skillful at riding so I do not shake a lot, but I still seem to be chewing my tongue.

「It was a mistake to say that you are the same as Gale, my lord is much more of a scoundrel than Gale.」

「Is my knight quitting?」

「I will not quit. I told you that I’ll be a knight with resolution.」

「Ah, is that so?」

I, who was dull, finally noticed.

Louise turned down the post of the Knight Captain of the kingdom to become my knight.

「I’m not Lyle-sensei, but this country is already useless. It is only because I swore loyalty as a knight once, but it is rotten from the head to the bottom. I have lost all hope.」


Gale betraying the kingdom was the last trigger.

I know Louise will despair, I don’t really expect this to be a real fantasy at all from the beginning.

「Therefore, I became your knight. If you’re going to be an adventurer, I’ll be your vanguard and fight until I die, and if you want to be a king, I’ll always be your shield.」

「Louise, why are you willing to go that far…?」

I wonder what have I done to buy Louise-anego to that point.

From the beginning, I’ve only been helped.

「My lord you are weak against women and children, choro, still unreliable after becoming a hero, only thinks about making money, don’t posses determination or pride of a knight, and a man who does not hesitate to use sneaky hands.」

「Louise, why did you suddenly gouge out my heart?」

It is amusing, the phase that admires me.

I was too depressed and almost nearly fell from my horse.

「Somehow I don’t even know myself why I’m dying to be your knight. If you’re a weak lord, it’s the type that I think is worth protecting. I……」

「Is that so?」

I don’t understood well, but if the person herself is saying such thing, it’s already inevitable.

「So do not worry, please continue to use me in the future. That is my desire. Once you’ve fallen into an adventurer, you can be a divorced knight.」

「Well, then, let me be grateful.」

I was getting embarrassed more and more as I heard some confession of Louise.

I wish I could be more dignified, I’m not going to let Louise say that I’m wrong…..

—Scene Change—

Golden eagle bandit group is active behind the scenes in Ambazak barony. The subjugation of the bandit group and its subordinates advances interestingly.

Anyway, here you can see the location beyond.

I don’t have the strategic skills of Lyle-sensei but there is nothing as simple as a strategy game where the enemy’s position is visible.

On the other hand, what I feared was to be robbed of my firearms and used it against us.

Thieves are different from knights. If they realize that guns are useful, they might use it in imitation.

Actually, there was a sly guy who saw the power of gun, and was able to take it.

Being caught off guard and being robbed happened.

「Master, it seems that thieves can’t make new bullets.」

We were actually robbed with an arquebus. It was according to Suzanne who caught the gunfire.

It is truly an expert thief to be able to shoot by model-learning.

I think it is wonderful up to that extent since he did not undergo the systematic shooting training like the volunteer army.

After firing the gun blindly, if the number of bullets is limited, it is hopeless.

After all, he will be outnumbered and will be subdued instantly with numerical superiority.

TN:Having a single arquebus is useless since only one can shoot and they don’t have the ability to produce bullets. A single gun can’t do anything with the number of gun Takeru’s group has.

「Kuh… Kill them.」

When we attacked the cave where there was the big hideout of the enemy, we caught an uncle with the nickname “Golden Eagle’s Agito”.

When his underling was caught, they beg for their life first. As for this fellow, he is just sitting down.

Although it doesn’t matter, he never talks even if I try to get information regarding the bandit group.

From the others testimony, he turned out to be the sub-leader of the group after the head.

「Okay, let this Agito escape.」

All the volunteer corps peeled eyes and looked over here.

But I quickly cut off the Agito’s rope and let go. He runs away like a rabbit.

「My lord, it is indeed.」

「Other than Agito, execute everyone and expose their corpse as a lesson.」

Louise’s eyes become question mark.

She’ll understand soon enough.

—Scene Change—

「Alright, deliver this letter to the “Golden Eagle’s Head”. Do not give it directly, you will be in danger.」

***TN:The leader of the Golden Eagle is the head since the sub-leader is Agito which means “jaw” ***

When I received a scheduled report from Neneka of Female Cat Thieves, I gave a letter to my push.

「Ano, hero-sama’s letter.」

「This is an appreciation letter to “Golden Eagle’s Agito” which I let go. It’s just a word of thanks from me and his status is guaranteed is written.」

Neneka realizes the meaning of what I am saying and is at a loss for words.

Her purple curly hair which stretched up to the ground shook unintentionally as shown the emotion of her fear.

You’re a thief, what are you upset about now?

Isn’t this plot (thing) ordinary?

「Hero-sama is mistaken. Thieves have honor. The heartlessness…..」

「My sensei probably won’t do this. I was always scolded if the method is sweet.」

「Frightening hero-sama, please spare us. 」

「Yes, of course. I want to make the new scout troops after annihilating the bandits. I want you to be an instructor of the newly built unit since you have a lot of spying experience.」

「I understand, up to this point, I’ll take the dishes even if I get poisoned. 」

「You know difficult words Neneka. After you finish this, you are free to escape here. When the time comes, you should put on this collar and surrender.」

I hand over the collar that was certified by Sawatari Commercial Firm.

To the person who’ll put on my collar, it will becomes a lifeline in case of emergency because I ordered to never put this out of hand.

「Please, anything but a slave. 」

「Fool, you’re not going to be a slave. I don’t want you to be killed by mistake so I handed it to you with the intent of protecting you. 」

I don’t know what Sharon will say if I increase my slaves without permission.

I am waiting without expecting too much how effective the strategy of Sengoku period is.

The head of the bandit and the second in command Agito, a report told that the golden eagle had fallen into a state of dispute.

「The human heart is fragile.」

In excessive disappointment, I smile wryly.

However, I may have been licking things with thieves because of plagiarism going too well at this time.

Even a mouse bites a cat if cornered.

—Scene Change—

「Oh, hero!」

What did the wounded all over “Golden Eagle’s Head” thinks of in an internal squabble? He’s holding an ax in one hand which makes him looks like someone residing in a mountain village. He has advanced suddenly.

Being a group of three hundred men, the grand bandit group of Golden Eagle that absorbs small and medium thieves group and ruled the darkness of Ambazak barony, is already ragged.

Looking at it, there is no more than fifty people left.

I do not see the female cat thief group so they probably escaped already.

This number was the one that followed the head till the end.

A brown bearded banditsome ojisan with a small bow. I think he was surprisingly popular.

「You! You’re doomed!」

However, why is this type of scoundrel not to be self-assertive at the last minute?

Our location was attacked suddenly so the one’s who holds position in front of the village only my personal guard corps and the vigilante corps but a fast horse is running to the base camp now.

If it goes well, these guys will be pincer and destroyed.

No, if it’s just fifty bandits, it might end with a salvo.

It is a shame that this village is not equipped with a cannon.

「But hey, I’m desperate too. I’ll make you regret it!」

Where were they hiding? An army exceeds three hundred which shows up in the mountain.

Moreover, unlike the golden eagle that wears only leather armor, there are many people equipped with mercenary class iron equipments.

「What? Ambush? Where are the bandit group?」

I break out in a cold sweat.

I did not expect such thing at all.

「Ha ha ha. I sold my turf to the thieves King Wake the Wake. I’m done for but this will also be your end, Hero!」

TN: The king of thieves name is written in English

「Wake, the king of thieves!」

「Louise, who is it?」

「He is the head of the Great Thieves Guild that spreads to the three countries; Kingdom of Silesie, Transylvania Dukedom, and Roland Kingdom. He is a celebrity with a rumor of brutality but on the other hand, a chivalrous thief. His ability is origami.」

「That’s dangerous.」

Why does a guy with Louise’s level ability come out?

I heard that it is mere thief extermination. This is not a joke!

Leading three hundred thieves who’s wearing strengthened equipment, a young man dressed in a green hood stood in front with an outrageous size composite bow.

Ah, this template is very bad.

The green hood is from the rumored chivalrous thief, cheat bow type Robin hood!



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