Chapter 57 – Hero VS Hero


My excuse doesn’t seem to work, then,

「Wait, betting the princess is not something a prince should do!」

「Hou, I might have been rude. What you say is true.」

Fuu, for the ikemen prince to be persuaded with that, is he a feminist?

Even though I don’t understand the other party’s ability, suddenly having a duel is no joke.

But it doesn’t even matter.

The court ladies that are accompanying the prince are saying kya kya no matter what the prince says.

「However, the kingdom of Silesie has just been desolated by the civil war. It will be easy for the empire to conquer it. It would not be a bad idea to say that we will decide it in a duel between heroes without sacrificing soldiers and people.」

「Well, that might be the case.」

This guy’s reasoning ability is also good.

As for me who wants to avoid war, he might be able to persuade me.

「Golden Lion Emperor! Don’t think that you can get Princess Silhouette in a mere duel!」

「Who the hell are you…」

Suddenly, the saintess who’s eyes can’t even be seen with her double hood thrust herself forward.

And, the opinion of Prince Freed on her is who the hell is this guy?

「It is nice to meet you, Prince. I am Steriana, Hero Takeru’s saintess.」

「Oh, you’re the rumored “Saintess of the Seal”.」

Oh, so Ria is famous enough for Prince Freed to listen to rumours about her.

Saintess of the Seal huh. Certainly, she was able to seal miasma reservoir three times already. She can already be called a veteran.

「Princess-sama, please show the prince how much you adore Takeru.」

At the signal of Ria, Princess Silhouette kneeled on the spot, rubbing her strawberry blonde hair on my feet and crying lovely “buhi”.

TN: chapter 51

At that moment, the atmosphere at the audience hall froze to absolute zero.

Ria, you, the diplomatic envoys of the empire are also here, why did you let the princess do something like this!?

Even the courtiers who accompanied Prince Freed are at loss for words.

「Th-this is…」

The face of Prince Freed, who was smiling from the beginning, collapsed.

I also understand the prince’s feelings. Ria’s prank finally developed to  an international level problem.

Why do these kind of things keep happening to me…?

「I think that you already understood it by all means. The princess has already been trained by my hero completely. Crown Prince Freed, even if you win in a duel right now, you will never obtain the heart of the princess.」

「This is stupid. For a princess of the country to play piglet-chan… I can’t believe it. I have never experienced something like this!」


「What are you doing!?」

Prince Freed, who received a heavy shock on the princess’ pig play, crashed down in one knee with his Orichalcum armor making a noise.

With the world’s strongest prince on one knee, a roar resounds on the audience hall.

「No, Prince Freed, it’s different. Ria just do whatever she wants.」

「You bastard! Don’t think that you already won because of this!」

No, don’t look at me with such a mortified eyes, we’re not competing over that.

After that, Prince Freed who lost confidence picked up his feelings. It took a considerable amount of time until the frozen atmosphere  of the audience hall recovered.

—Scene Change—

The venue changes from the meeting room to the reception. Diplomacy continued.

Of course, even if I say reception, it is not possible to have a friendly feast and chat to a potential enemy country.

This time, an intense diplomatic negotiation at bureaucratic level has started.

There is a war of words regarding the border issue with the Transylvania dukedom which is a tributary of the empire. However, the discussion was not settled at all.

The position of the Kingdom of Silesie, which remains heavily scarred due to the civil war and border disputes, was weak that’s why we are desperate in negotiations.

The Germania Empire has expanded it’s territory to the limit of the Eura Continent. It is a fact that a large number of kingdoms and dukedoms that have autonomy are obedient to them due to their overwhelming military power.

In internal affairs, there is always the danger of a local rebellion. The weak point of diplomacy is being considerably cautious in other countries.

Well, what I want to say is, the Prince and us are free.

The prince who is trying to recover his confidence is sitting on a settee at a distance while being attended by beautiful women.

Did he get tired of it? The shellfish purple cloak is coming over here.

「Hey, Silesie’s Hero Takeru.」

「What is it, Prince Freed?」

「This is just a consultation. Can you trade your saintess, Steriana, to Archbishop Nicholas?」

「Are you serious?」

My heart is shaken by the unexpected favorable offer.

It seems that the prince is lacking in brains too. If it is possible to exchange saints, you should have told me earlier.

「You can’t Takeru. This is the prince’s trap.」

Ria opposes, well, I probably should listen to what she has to say.

「The Saintess of the Seal, Steriana, was the first woman to put me on one knee. Cardinal Nicholas is a candidate to be the next pope and I’m sure that it won’t be regrettable to trade him with your saintess.」

「What’s so great about Archbishop Nicholas?」

The prince opened his eyes with a surprised face.

「You don’t know the capabilities of Nicholas, the Archbishop of the empire’s capital Northmark? His ability as a saint is well known for he is a master of the recovery magic “All Light Healing”.」

「That’s amazing.」

He’s more convenient that Ria who’s needs to create recovery potion or elixir first.

This trade is reaching its conclusion.

「Takeru, you must not be deceived. The archbishop’s all light healing is only useful in battle against monsters because it heals both enemy and ally without distinction!」

It’s unusual for Ria to panic.

Indeed, it’s not good for human to human battle.

「Even so, the archbishop can certify one as a first class hero. It’s not a bad deal because I heard that Steriana can only certify up to second grade.」

When the prince glanced, the priest with glasses made a gentle face and bowed to me.

Yeah, he seems to be straight. I had a good impression on him.

「I have already become a quasi-first class. I will absolutely be promoted to a first class!」

Ria grabbed my arm.

To be honest, this is the first time I saw Ria in a sorry state of panic after being with her for a long time.

「You’ve already became a quasi-first class? I’m liking you more and more. Steriana, won’t you show me the face you hide under that hood?」

「Please do not approach by all means! If you touch a saintess without permission, you will be punished by A-sama!」

Ria is desperately trying to escape the approaching prince.

Hmm, archbishop Nicholas is quiet and unmoving. His ability is certified so I think he’s a useful man.

「There was only one thing I forgot to say. Nicholas is a man of color so please be careful about that point.」

「Eh, man of color?」

The always confident Prince Freed unusually turned his face away and his words became murmur ambiguously.

「In other words, I like men. It’s a little embarrassing to say.」


Archbishop Nicholas blushed and smiled.


「Freed, get your hands off my Saintess!」


I knocked the hand of the prince who tried to reach the hood of Ria.

「Who would hand over his saintess? It is unbecoming of a hero to trade his saint like a thing!」

「You almost agreed earlier but swing immediately…」

Prince Freed, who resentfully glared at me, reluctantly withdrew from Ria.

The trade of saints is not possible without the consent of both parties.

「Ah, Takeru. I believe in you. I believe in us!」

Ria wrapped her arms around my neck and clings to me.

This time it is my defeat.

I had not assumed that there is someone more dangerous than Ria.

I think about it from the bottom of my heart everytime.

What kind of education does the A-sama church give for it’s members to have this much freedom!

—Scene Change—

Even after the empire’s envoy travelled, diplomatic negotiations did not make any progress due to mutual difference in argument.

At least it has been decided that the diplomatic route of both counties are to be established at another country, the Roland Kingdom.

Lyle-sensei is tired from the preparation for welcoming the diplomatic envoys and the negotiations that came after that. He seems like dragging his heavy state secretary outfit.

「Takeru, please remember the face of the advanced magician who accompanied Crown Prince Freed. She’s a suspicious person.」

「Ah, the oneesan who wears clothes with high exposure?」

With her glamorous body, you can say that she’s wearing a naughty swimsuit. She’s wearing a bonteji fashion type of clothes with high exposure although she’s wearing a cloak.

TN: Search for bonteji. Make sure that no one is around when you do.

She has a magic wand that has a big gem. Is it a proof of being strong?

「Germania Empire’s court magician, “Space-Time Gate” Jenny Walpurgis. While she can only use other magic up to intermediate level, she has two extremely rare “unique magic”.」

「Unique magic?」

A word that I don’t usually hear. Unique or special are usually words which those with chunibyo use.

Well, hearing the magicians in this world chanting is like listening to someone with chunibyo.

「She can use “instant movement” which can make her instantaneously jump to her line of sight including the one she’s touching.」

TN: Some sort of short range teleportation like the one in FF XV

「That’s really fishy.」

I’ll be rendered helpless with that instant movement.

I wonder if there is a limit due to magical power.

「Another one that we should be caution of is her “Metastasis Magic”. It is a magic that can transfer a group of people to a place she had set  up in advance.」

「That’s completely foul!」

If you can send soldiers freely with such magic, the tactics will be useless.

「Please be at ease. She can only send 10 people at once. On top of that, it is an advanced technique that requires some time. However, it can be a magic that can change the tide of war if you effectively transfer warriors who have ability similar to the prince and his aides.」

「Is it all right?」

「If you understand the other party’s magic trick, there is a coping method. To use “metastasis magic”, she needs to lay a magic formation. I’ll be sure to wash the places they’ll visit in the capital.」


Already have a strategy, sensei is really dependable.

「Another one we should be careful to is the prince’s guardian knight, Hermann Salzhorn. As you can see, he is capable of rearing the world’s strongest orichalcum shield.」


His existence itself is like a giant rock with a crew cut.

As for the heavy shield, I heard that it is as strong as a weapon. It is a defence specialized cheat. I don’t want to fight against Prince Freed.

「Well, if they became our enemy, can we try pouring him with cannon barrage? I’m looking forward how far can “Hermann of the Impregnable Guard” can hold it to.」

「Er … ….」

Sensei, don’t laugh while saying such a thing. You somewhat had a villainous atmosphere.

Now you’re doing a diplomatic negotiation to avert war, right?

「War is also a means of diplomacy, if you are not prepared to defeat the enemy, you can not avoid war.」

「Is that so…?」

Prince Freed came when I was discussing something with sensei.

「I want to have a duel with the hero of Silesie.」

「That again…」

Even if we fight, there is no benefit.

「Silesie’s Hero Takeru, you have deliberately removed the seal of the “Hell’s gate” using your demonkin subordinate.」

「What are you!」

The golden lion emperor shook his lusty lion hair and laughed a lot.

「Ha ha ha, it is natural that I know it. Because I did the same thing after seeing how you did it.」

「Freed, you didn’t…」

「Yes, I did. The seal removal of the “hotbed of corruption and delusion” was ordered by me in order to obtain the power of a hero.」

「You completely annihilated your city, the church, and your people just to become a hero!?」

I never thought that he did it deliberately.

I thought that it is a result of a race but it is a cruel story.

「It is my empire. What’s wrong in using the hotbed of corruption and delusion to the city and the people of my empire?」

「You know what? Everything.」

He overdid it.

What kind of empire is Freed going to make?

「You also unsealed the miasma hole of doom with your selfish reason. There is no way that you’ll rebuke me as evil, Silesie’s Hero Takeru!」


Certainly can’t make an excuse.

I did my best to avoid war but even if we did, I would still be the villain for the scoundrel Freed.

「Come on, please take out your sword now. Which hero is correct? Let the the sword of light conclude it in a fair match.」

Boong(sfx), I took out the sword of light.

For some reason, I’m amazed by Free who seems to want to duel with me anywhere.

Even if his body is bigger than mine, this fellow is just a brat.

A brat who’s dying to have and use his new toy.

Although I understand this guy. I also suffered chunibyo before too.

He wants to show off his power but still haven’t realize that he can deeply hurt someone with that.

「Freed, this might be a good substitute war between the Kingdom of Silesie and the Germania Empire. Let’s do it!」

I can’t lose to a brat whose feature is only his large body!

If there will be a sign that I’ll be defeated, I’ll run away with haste. I sent sensei a glance to confirm it.

Okay, I’ll probably be okay so let’s do it.



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