New Companions and New Skills

Chapter 1-7 


After the uproar in the village ended, Takeru, Eclair, and Feene returned to the tower.

It is still dangerous even if Feene is in the village so I decided to receive her at the tower.

Eclair came as a guardian.

「Welcome home, Master.」

Tifa greeted me with a smile, but when she saw the two of them, her movement stopped.

「Master, who are these people?」

She becomes expressionless, and the tone of her voice is falls.

「The elf is Eclair and the foxkin is Feene. I intend to let them live in the tower for a while. Eclair, Feene, this girl is Tifa, the administrator of this tower. 」

Takeru introduces them to each other.

「Tower administrator? Such a pretty girl …」

Eclair stares intensely this time.

(What the heck, you two should get along. )

Takeru explains to Tifa the situation.

「If that is the case, it can not be helped.」

Tifa seems to have convinced.

Eclair said “Nice to meet you.” casually. Feene lowered her head and says “Please take care of me”.

She seems to be stiffed unmatching her age. I want you to learn from Eclair.

「Master, in that case, I suggest having these two as your family.」

In the middle of the conversation, Tifa suddenly starts saying something strange.

(What? Family? What for?)

「For the development of the tower, master will need someone’s support. How about it?」

(Even if you say that.)

「Master, in that case, I suggest having these two as your family.」

「Family? No. I don’t want to be Takeru’s subordinate. Why do we have to be one?」

***TN: They’re talking about “family” like a yakuza/mafia/syndicate organization.***

Eclair will protest before Takeru responds. Well, that’s a natural reaction.

「It is not such a big thing even if I said to be a family member. It’s like having a party with master as the leader.」

Why is Tifa confident? Eclair tries to refute by saying “However, therefore…..” but Tifa just gazes at Eclair’s eyes silently.

「Naa, what? Even if you threaten me, it’s useless.」

Eclair is pretty scared.

「Eclair-san, are you dissatisfied with your current skill tree? Let’s see.」

Tifa begins to say something like a life consultation with a fortune teller.

「What? How… how did you know?」

「So I’m right? Eclair-san, your current skill tree is not enough to bring out your strength. If you belong to this tower, I can offer the skill tree most suitable for you using the administrative function of the tower.」

It’s like soliciting someone to a new dubious religion.

「Yes, in some cases, Eclair-san can even create original skills.」

「Creating original skills…」

「You can also activate your potential skills and discover talent outside of it.」

「Potential Skills! Talent !!」

Somehow, Eclair is being pushed steadily. The smile of Tifa has looked black.

「Tifa, suddenly suggesting such things…」

Eclair has been lost in thought so Takeru whispers Tifa sneakily for her not to hear.

「Master, I scanned these two people with the function of the tower a while ago.They are both promising people that can serve master.」

(Okay, you appraised the abilities of these two, that is violation of privacy.)

Tifa turned her face. She’s surprisingly shrewd.

「I’ve decided. I’ll take the deal. I’ll be a party member and not a family.」

Eclair, who had been thinking for a while, decides.

「Thank you. How about you, Feene-san?」

「Well, if I can stay with Takeru-onichan…..」

Does Feene understand the talk?

「Eclair, it’s good that you’ve decided fast.」

「It can’t be helped. If it’s just skill tree building I’ll probably decline but how can I refuse being able to create my original skill and excavate may talent?」

「Is it that amazing?」

「What are you saying? There is no place that provides original skills to a mere adventurer.」

Usually, an adventurer will be offered a skill from the guild he belongs, and the skills are also be created there.

No matter how much you raise the level, you cannot demonstrate your power without skills.

However, creating a skill will need a special skill manufacturer. It takes a lot of time, effort and money.

As a result, ordinary adventurers will use an already created skill and it will not necessarily means it matches them.

It’s said to be only the persons who have enough financial power like an aristocrat and an advanced adventure can get the skill they are most suitable for.

The function of the tower seemed more powerful than what Takeru had thought.

「Then, I will do the appraisal and skill tree building for the two of you immediately.」

A ray passes by Eclair and Feene’s body.

Tifa closed her eyes and kept still, but opened her eyes after a while.

「It has been completed. This is the new skill tree for the two of you. First, Eclair-san.」


○ Eclair

Race:   Elf

Job:      Spirit User

Skill:    Air Barret Lv.1

Air Blow Lv. 1

Air Tornado Lv. 3

Enchant Air Lv. 2

Accel Move Lv. 2 (New)

Air Protection Lv. 2 (New)

Unique talent: Heaven-sent Child of Wind(New)


Air Barret is a skill that makes wind bullets. Number of bullets can be increased as skill level increases. Has an automatic tracking ability.

Air Blow is a close-range skill that strikes wit a gust of wind.

Air Tornado is a skill that raises a big whirlwind. It can be released in a designated direction. At the present time, it is the greatest skill of Eclair.

Enchant Air can bind wind attributes to weapons such as bows

Accel Move(New) raises movement speed and gives divine protection of the wind. It is possible to cast this to others.

Unique talent: Heaven-sent Child of Wind(New) will maximize wind attribute skill effect. It is an ideal talent for Eclair who specialized in wind.


「Wow, that’s amazing, Tifa-chan.」

Eclair hugged Tifa while cackling and chuckling and she begins to cling to her cheek.

「What is it, a talent? I’m happy with my new skills, but I can’t believe there’s a unique talent.」

A talent is the ability to demonstrate special power, which varies from person to person.

Some people are born with it, but most of them seem to come up as the level goes up.

It’s not something anyone has. It is rare and someone who has it are admitted to be “talented”.

It’s a very strong power.It’s roughly divided into a common talent and a unique talent and unique is stronger. It is also rare.

Having original skill is great but the acquisition of talent costs more than that.



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