New Companions, New Skills, and Tower Growth

Chapter 1-8 


「Next is Feene-san, and it became like this.」

○ Feene

Level: 3

Race:              Foxkin

Job:                 None

Skill:                Flame Barrett Lv. 1

Common Talent: Fire Fox


Is level 3 normal for her age?

Flame Barrett is a skill that fires flame bullet. It is the only skill of Feene.

There are two talents. Firefox is fire attribute correction. Transformation is literally changing body that I’ve already seen once.

「Naa, there are even two talents.」

Eclair is speechless.

It seems quite rare to have more than one talent despite being common.

「This is my status, isn’t it? This is the first time I saw it.」

Feene herself looks carefree. I wonder if she understand it properly?

Immediately after that, the three of us decided to perform monster hunting around the tower. This also serves as combat training for Feene.

Before going out, Takeru consulted Tifa in a low voice.

Tifa was hesitantly saying “that is,”. When Takeru asked earnestly, she was convinced saying “If Master said that it will be okay” at the end while being worried. Takeru replied with “Nnn”.

For the next few days, Takeru, Eclair and Feene hunted monsters around the tower.

While Takeru holds down the enemy as a vanguard, the two supports him from behind.

Thanks to the new talent, Eclair’s wind magic has risen dramatically.

The person herself is pleased.

Feene only knows one fire magic and chanting hard with “Ei, ei”.

It was quite useful as its power is enough for the monsters around here.

We’ve got a considerable number of magic core. We also collected monster material that can be sold as monster fangs, skin, etc. while being taught by Eclair.

As a result, the level of the Feene rose greatly and it reached level 10 at a dash. Eclair went up to level 29.

Tifa is considering a new skill for Feene.

To tell the truth,  Takeru’s status still can’t be measured yet but “Unarmed” skill appeared and “one-handed sword” and “spear” skill level went up.

Well then, let’s look at the accumulated magic core as they are thrown into the furnace of the tower.

Tifa says that enough amount has gathered for the growth of the tower.

Magic cores are thrown into the furnace and it starts to unleash a splendid light. The tower begins to shake greatly making a trembling sound.

It is safe to stay in this room, but Eclair and Feene jump to Takeru.

Eclair is slender, but her chest is considerably big.

Takeru pretended with an expressionless face but his heart throbbed secretly.

A few moments after the shaking,

「Master, I did it, it was a success. The level up of the tower was completed.」

Tifa reports while wiping the sweat on her forehead.

Takeru pats the head of Tifa while saying “Well done”.

「Master, this is the appearance of the new tower.」

The appearance of the tower which changed is projected in the screen from the palm of Tifa.

「Eh? What’s this?」

「It can grow?」

Eclair and Feene raised a voice of the surprise.

The slender tower changes completely. It has expanded sideways greatly and can have a Bon Festival with its diameter.

This room is in alone in its center.

「Tifa, what is this all about?」

「In accordance with the demand of Master, I made it a priority to expand the residential space over the height of the tower.」

「Please explain Takeru.」

Eclair faces Takeru.

「Ano, there are a lot of people who lost their homes in Feene’s village with the recent attack. I thought they needed a place to live. It is not so far away from the village, and there is no danger because monsters nearby are mostly hunted.」

「Takeru, you are a man.」

***Eclair calls him 人 which can be translated as man, human, person, etc. I’ll leave it it to you on how you interpret it.***

Eclair points her lukewarm eyes at me like watching a strange person but I want her to stop it.

「Takeru-oniichan, thank you! I love you!」

On the other hand, Feene is delighted.

She might have been worried about the trouble in the village because she was targeted.

The three of use went to the village and speak with the elder and the villagers. They are pleased. Right away, about 20 people agreed to live in the tower.

The inside of the tower is hollow. Tifa controlled the temperature so they’d be able to live comfortably.

The villagers were each bringing their own household goods and build their respected space.

The tower came lively unlike before.



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