Istria Dukedom’s Liberation

The Babel party, which captured the throne room, moves around the castle and looks at other places.

There are still some combats but most have been settled already.

There are knocked down imperial soldiers everywhere. Those who surrendered were severely restrained.

Even though the numbers are almost the same, the difference in morale seems to have settled the match.

The war in Istria Dukedom’s capital ended with the Istria Liberation army as the victor. The imperial troops stationed in Istria Dukedom were destroyed this time.

The castle is wrapped with the joy of the successful liberation of their motherland. The citizens of Istria are hugging each other.

Leiria and Ordega are also savoring the joy.


Suddenly, a woman’s voice comes from among the people who gathered after the fight.


Leiria confirmed the location of the source of the voice. She ran and hugged her.


「Ah, she’s the first princess of Istria and Leiria-sama’s older sister, Louise-sama. It seems that she was confined in the castle but she was safely released.」

Ordega says happily while watching the reunion of the two.

They certainly have a sister atmosphere. Both of them have blue hair and their facial features are similar.

The only difference is age.

Leiria is in her mid-teens and her sister seems to be in her late twenties.

Besides that, their body shape are different. Leiria is somewhat on the small side and Louise has a mature, glamourous plump figure.

「I’m glad you’re okay, Leiria. I have heard that you participated in the rebellion but you should have not joined the battle.」

「Ane-sama, I’m not a child anymore. I have become strong. I was able to help everyone with my magic.」

「Leiria, you …」

She heard the reply of her little sister who grew strong. The older sister was surprised.

「Louise-sama, it’s been a long time. Congratulations on this victory.」

Ordega politely greets the princess and lowers his head.

「Ordega, I’m glad you’re here. You have been good at protecting my little sister so far. I thank you as the first princess.」

「Those words are wasted on me.」

After thanking Ordega, Louise faces and speaks to Takeru’s party.

「You are the people of Babel that were acting with my little sister. Thank you so much for taking care of Leiria.」

「You don’t need to thank us because Leiria is our companion.」


Louise mutters mysteriously when Takeru expressed Leiria as their companion.

She seems to be unable to imagine a princess of a country and mere adventurers to be companions.

「Yes, ane-sama, they are my important companions.」

「Leiria, you certainly seem to have grown. I can’t call you chibi-chan any longer.」

「Mou, I don’t like that nickname.」

Leiria says that as she puffed her cheeks and sulked.

Louise who saw it laughed happily.

The castle suddenly became noisy.

「The duchess has come out.」

When Takeru glanced, a woman came up on the stage and began her speech.

She is honoring the hard work of the army for liberating the capital.

「Duchess Nora von Istria」


The woman who was called duchess is certainly Leiria’s immediate family. Like her sister, she looks very similar to Leiria.

Considering Louise’ age, she should be older than 40 but her dignified looks doesn’t make her look that old.

When her speech was over, the duchess approached her daughters.



After hugging each other for a while in silence, they exchanged conversation after a long time.

「Leiria, you’ve come back safe and well. I am glad as a mother.」

「Yes, I’m glad that haha-sama was safe too.」

Whether she’s speaking as the duchess or as a mother, Nora’s tone and expression of joy is transmitted.

The citizens who participated in the war to reinstate the duchess’ family are joyfully watching.

With the victory of the liberation army, the Imperial Army disappeared from the dukedom’s capital.

However, it is only a part of the Imperial Army.

They will not stay silent and sure to immediately send their troops.


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