Chapter 49 – 9th Day, Smooth Castle Building and Capital City Planning

The morning came.

Being hit by the sunlight, I opened my eyes.

After all, sleeping in my bedroom in G.I.Jou makes me sleep soundly.

Well, there are naked girls on my left and right.

Eleanor and Mira.

Eleanor and Mira are sleeping while embracing me so I can’t move properly.

On top of that, I can’t twist my body to remove their embrace, the war situation will be disadvantageous for me if I do that.

Ah, I hate my immaturity!

「Ah, good morning, master … hehe」

The first thing I did in the morning was to go in the throne room. Dignity is already waiting there restlessly. After the greeting, he plans to go straight to the Grado village.

I have no choice but to approve if my subordinate is having a tension like a child who wants to go to an amusement park.

I gave Dignity an OK and he immediately gathered the alchemists and the blacksmiths.

A sleepy Camry was a bit amusing.

We visited Grado village with 25 more people than yesterday.

「Ah! Good morning apostle-sama! You have brought a lot of companions today!」

「Ah, good morning. We’re going to devote our time in building the castle today so everyone in Grado village can continue their daily routine as usual. Ah, this time, it will be us who’ll prepare the dinner so look forward to it.」

When I said that, the cheer went up in the village. After that, the village became less crowded in an instant.

Well, I don’t know what they don’t want to eat but today, in addition to the maid troops, Miera will also cook so I guess it will be all right.

I concluded that in my mind when I greeted the village chief and headed to the castle under construction.

It’s still a brick castle but it will now be plated with mithril.

It’s going to be a gorgeous castle.

My chest swelled due to my imagination. I looked at Dignity.

「So, do I have anything to help you with?」

When I asked, Dignity nodded and smiled.

「Yes, Boss? Since the castle will be completed by us today, will boss decide what image you want the capital be?」

「Eh? Capital?」

「Come on, you guys, build the castle quickly!?」

Dignity raised his voice like that. He headed to the castle in a rush without even listening to my reply.

When I was looking at Dignity’s back who’s getting smaller, my escort Sainos groaned and shook his head.

「I have no doubt about Dignity’s loyalty to my liege but he tends to do his favourite things too much.」

When Sainos said so, human form Lagreat nods.

This time, Sedeia is not one of my escort and the figure of Dan family can be seen.

My escort for now are Sainos, Lagreat, and Sunny.

「His concentration abilities are amazing. By the way, Dignity is not here but is my lord already has a plan for the future capital?」

Lagreat said so and turned his red eyes to me. I breathe out with my nose with my arms folded.

「Hnn…Let’s see. There is a well here, but the river is a bit far away. Therefore, let’s draw a river between the castle and the village. After that, I want to make a straight main street from the front of the castle.」

「So that people who came from the city can look at the castle immediately?」

「That’s right. Shops, inns, restaurant and the Adventurers Guild will be on the main street…the residential area will be arranged on the other side and I also want to build a park.」

When I and Lagreat were interacting like that, Sunny reacted.

「Park? Trees and ponds?」

「Ah, something like that. It’s a place for relaxation and recreation.」

When I said that, Sunny smiled happily.

「Let’s make it. Now.」

「No no, first of all, we have to make it in a place where it won’t get in the way of the current village. From the river…」

When I said so, I used flight magic to emerge into the sky.

I wonder if I floated for about 50 meters.

The river can be seen in a remote location towards the Galland Empire.

It might be in their territory but I’ll just ignore it.

I think that the water source is from the mountain behind the forest of abyss.

「That river?」

「Yeah, that. Sunny, let’s draw the river from there and make it pass about 100 meters in front of the castle. Let’s also draw it around the the planned area of the city.」

As I said so, Sunny nodded and flew to the river.

And after I saw Sunny flying, I thought about the flood control.

「…Lagreat, I thought about the flow of the river so tell Sunny to wait a bit.」

「Yes, sir.」

When I said so, Lagreat, who popped out from the back without sound, replied.

To confirm it, I descended and returned to the Grado village at once.

I met with the village chief and asked if the river had overflowed in the past.

「Yes, it has. As far as I remember, the river overflowed for three times already. There was a village at the immediate site of the river and it was swept in by the flood long ago.」

「Hmm, then there is no village near the river on the Galland Empire’s side?」

When I asked the question, the village chief rubs his chin with his fingertips and groaned.

「No… I never heard of the Galland Empire receiving damage from the overflowed river. Although I can’t be too sure. Perhaps they are located in a land which has a higher elevation.」

「Elevation, altitude.」

When I agreed with the explanation of the village chief, I took Sainos and headed for the river where Sunny would be waiting.

There is no problem if we were to spread it from the castle to the village because there are no field in the direction of the forest of abyss.

We’ll just construct it in a way that there will be no damage to Grado village.

When I decided on what to do, I saw Sunny coming towards me.

「For the time being, let’s dig up a waterway from this side of the river. The last step is connecting it to the river.」

When I said so, Sunny shook her head a little and agreed.

The work of making the waterway which draws water from the river ended in about two hours.

The work has progressed easily because of an earth based magic dig pit.

During the game, its effect is like an earthquake that will make the ground collapse. The ground will rise again after some time but in this world, it stays depressed.

It is a large-scale magic that consumes a lot of magical power but that amount of magical power use is no problem for both me and Sunny.

Making a water way that passed through between the Grado village and the new castle then enclosing the village was fun because the work progressed fast.

The tip of the waterway is connected to the downstream of the original river again.

「…Umm, the villagers can’t get out, right?」

「To be honest, I feel sorry for them.」

I replied to Lagreat while drooping. Anyway, the water had already been drawn from the river when the waterway was completed.

In front of us, a fine waterway with a width of about 20 meters was made.

「N-no my liege! It’s still before noon! Let me cooperate with you in building a great bridge!」

「I prefer a ferryboat.」

Sainos was depressed because of my follow up. Sunny seems to be slightly off.

「Okay, go and call Mira and Camry at once. There might be villagers out there so we need to build a bridge before the villagers return!」

After I gave out instructions, they took Mira and Camry by force. The two growled upon seeing the waterway.



The gaze of the two hurts but I have decided to not look back on the past.

「Now, what do we do? For the time being, , will you make a simple bridge?」

When I said that, Mira and Camry twisted their heads with difficult faces.

「I think this waterway is really good but you should have built a support column for the bridge if you have decided that you’ll build a bridge from the beginning.」


The two of them told me so I hurriedly dispatched myself.

「Okay, a support column, right?」

When I confirmed with the two of them,I stand next to the fresh waterway and set up earth wall continuously.

Water is gushing from the upstream side of the waterway. As the earth walls were made, water flow is reduced to the downstream side.

I didn’t forget to dug another hole in the bottom of the waterway to make the waterflow in equilibrium again.

「Pillars, pillars… should it be huge? Should I make them elliptical in order to not block water…」

I strengthened the image and put up two slender oval pillars.

The width is about 10 meters so that carriage could pass.

「How is it?」

I said that and looked back at Mira and Camry, the two of them were popeyed in amazement as they looked at me.

「Boss, as always, you’re really exceptional.」

「Master is better at magic than any other mage…. are you really a magic swordsman?」

When the two said that, I twist my neck.

It is normal to do something like that because it’s natural to block the road against other guilds…

「Well, it’s good. If these pillars are enough, then let’s build a bridge. How are we going to make it?」

「Umm, okay. Let’s go with a simple method.」

When I say so, I set up a thin, wide earth wall.

Then, take out my beloved long sword, the coupon sword, from the item box.

I cut the root of the earth wall with the coupon sword. It seems like nothing has happened because of the sharpness of the sword and my sword speed.

「Now, Mira, use alchemy and we’ll make this a bridge. Camry, increase its durability with magic carve seal.」

I said that to the two of them but it seems that they are at a loss for words this time.


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