Chapter 51 – Day 10, Visitor

The morning came.
The morning of the 10th day after I came to this world finally came.
Every night, every single night, I’m thinking something before going to sleep.
Maybe, I’ll wake up in earth the next time I get up.
That everything that happened until now is just a dream. That I’ll wake up in my room where I usually stays up late and hear the sarcasm in the office once again.
I go to sleep thinking about such a thing but when I get up in the morning, it is always the scenery of my room in G.I.Jou.
And, a beautiful blonde lady who’s always sleeping next to me.
「Good morning, master.」
「Good morning, Eleanor.」
When I returned the greeting, Eleanor smiled happily.
Looking at that face, I felt my feelings switched.
Yes, let’s be positive! It’s city building today!

As we flew toward the village of Grado, we could see the sparkling silver Castle from a distance.
Now that we have the rest of the interior decorations and furnitures, people will be able to live there tomorrow or even today.
By the way, I’ll make the demonkins, Cartas and Rosa, the lord of this castle.
Half of the maid corps and production guild members are also going to live there.
We landed in front of the castle. I looked up at the white silver castle.
It’s too big for a new house, but I feel like I built my home.
When I was comfortably looking at the castle, my dragonkin escort, Lagreat, looked behind.
「My lord, someone’s heading towards us … Oh, the village chief?」
I turned towards Lagreat and looked at the other side. The village chief of Grado Village, Denma, is running towards us.
「Ah, he’s energetic today like yesterday.」
When I looked at the village chief who’s desperately running towards us, the high elf Sunny, who I brought with me as an escort in addition to Lagreat and the dog beastkin Laurel, nods.
「His face is strange.」
「Sunny, isn’t that cruel? By the way master, did Cartas and Rosa came without permission?」
Bitterly smiling to Sunny who scrutinizes the face of the village chief, Laurel shook his heavy white armor and looked back towards me.
「As soon as I told the two of them that they’ll be the lord of the castle, they began examining the tools and equipments.」
When I answered that, Laurel burst into laughter.
「Hahahaha! Well, their job are samurai and shinobi. They seem to be fired up.」
Laurel said so and smiled cheerfully.
Laurel was also a candidate of being a lord of that castle but I removed him from the list because he had a character of being nervous if stared.
When I created him, I made his character similar to a dog.
And the village chief arrived when we’re having such interaction.
He prostrated on the spot.
「I’m sorry!」
「Is it about last night?」
「Y-yes! Though I don’t remember, I heard that I committed a serious blunder! I’m truly sorry from the bottom of my heart..!」
The village chief repeatedly apologized for thinking that he angered me last night.
Well, I won’t get angry to someone just because he’s a bad drunk.
「Don’t worry. It seems that the liquor really suits your taste.」
「A-ah, I’m thankful for your words! I’ll have a change of heart from now on! I’ll stop drinking after a cup or two!」
「So, you won’t completely cut it off huh.」
Lagreat plunged something into the village chief’s oath with a small voice but it seems that the village chief didn’t hear it.
The village chief stood up, his face suddenly became serious and looked at me.
「Actually, there was someone who visits the village a while ago…」
「A peddler?」
When I tilted my neck and asked the village chief, he lightly shook his head and denied it.
「N-no… That person is an adventurer…She said she’s an S-rank adventurer, Brunhilde.」
「S-rank adventurer? Can’t the village chief determine if she’s telling the truth?」
When I asked the village chief who made an ambiguous speech, he shrugged his neck apologetically.
「I’m sorry. I rarely see any adventurers.」
「Hmm, I guess it can’t be help. I’ll meet her for the time being. 」
I said so to the village chief and began to walk toward the village.
I might look quite calm but in fact, my head is jumbled up with anticipation and anxiety.
How much capable is a highest ranked adventurers?
How strong are they compared to my guild members?
Perhaps they are wearing the best equipments in this world, what kind of equipment are those?
I went to Grado village while thinking a lot of things.
As soon as I entered, I saw a figure near the center of Grado village.
Perhaps she’s over 180 cm.
She’s wearing a dark silver armor, a gold and silver shield and a thin long sword in a sheath on her back.
Because of the armor, it’s hard to notice her gender but because she’s not wearing a helmet, a long red hair and a beautiful woman’s face got in my eyes.
She has an atmosphere of a very strong beauty.
「Good morning. I heard that a visitor came. 」
When I called out towards the woman, she narrowed her eyes and looked at me.
「…Fuu, you’re the rumored dragon knight?」
The woman said that to me in a thorny voice.
「Did you bother to come to this village to check it?」
When I asked back, the woman smiled and shrugged her shoulders.
「It is a matter of concern. I heard it in Ramblas but it might have reached the capital by now.」
「Hou, has the rumor spread before Earl Villiers makes it public?」
When I responded with a deep emotional feeling to the woman’s lines, the woman shook her body enough for her armor to make sound and laughed.
「Ha hahaha… You speak like a big shot. Or are you just plain stupid?」
When the woman said so, she tightened her mouth and stared at me.
「I heard incomprehensible rumors in Ramblas. Stories that you won’t believe unless you see it yourself. Well, I’ll check the truth myself…」
When the woman said so, she withdrew the sword from the sheath bound on her back.
It is a white silver sword. Only the center part of the blade of the sword were gold, everything else were white silver.
「A mithril sword.」
When I said so, the woman gave a thin smile, held her sword with both hands, and dropped her hips.
「Heh? Did you know about me? Yes, I’m the Mithril Sword, Brunhilde.」
Eh, that’s lame.
I almost said that when Brunhilde voluntarily state her aRias but I manage to shut my mouth somehow.
「Fufu, it’s too late to be scared. If you claim to be a dragon knight, you’ll pull the interest of people like me. You are prepared for that much, aren’t you?」
Brunhilde seemed to have misunderstood my silence.
When Brunhilde points her sword with a proud look, Laurel casually pulled out his sword.
That is his orichalcum bastard sword. If it’s just attack power, there is a great difference from mithril.
Brunhilde glanced sideways at Laurel, who pulled out his sword, and narrowed her eyes.
「… Is that a sword made with mixing gold? I recommend steel weapons instead of that. Aesthetic weapons are worthless…」
The moment Brunhilde was commenting on Laurel’s sword, Laurel’s body shook.
At the next moment, Brunhilde’s sword was stuck on the wall of the village chief’s house.
When Brunhilde gazed at her hands with a staggering look and raised her face to Laurel, Laurel bent his mouth looking uninteresting.
「Even if this sword is really mixed with gold, it’s a treasure that my master made for me. How can a fool like you make me angry?」
Laurel said so while slowly pointing the tip of his sword in front of Brunhilde’s eyes. Brunhilde opened her eyes wide and swallowed her saliva.



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