Babel vs Death Road, Battle 2

Seeing Leiria’s struggle, Luceria decided to help her.

She accompany the party as a temporary guide and as a watchdog. Since she’s not a member of Babel, she didn’t know the other member’s ability except for Eclair.

Therefore, she refrained herself from interfering in anyway. Upon seeing Leiria being unilaterally push out, she decides to move.

With her simple ability, she knows that Leiria’s enemy, Giepas, is far above her.

But she was born in this place, Rietveld forest. The trees of the forest are giving Luceria special blessing.

In this forest, her power rises several times.

She has no intention of lagging behind.

「Rams Bind!」

Just like what happened to the ogre leader Guranji, several thick tree branches approach the dark wizard.

Guranji was able to get off the restraint using overwhelming force but Giepas has no such power.

「Hou, wood magic, interesting. Acid Cloud!」

Giepas casted a new spell and grin.

The acid cloud gathers on the branches and melted them.

「How about this? Deadly species!」

A huge ominous petal begins to grow on the ground and spits countless of seeds from the center of the flower.

「Fufu, attack of that degree will not work. Darkness Wall」

A thick, black, dark attribute wall easily catches the bullet seeds.

「I’ll have you experience it too. Black Sand Boil」

It’s the same attack the hits Leiria. A large amount of black sand flows through the air.

「Kuh, holy tree spirit, protect me, Folium Obscure」

A large amount of leaves come pouring from the nearby trees, wrapping Luceria’s whole body.

The leaves covered her with no gaps prevented the magic sand.

Although she was able to defend, Luceria is breathing heavily as she suffers from magical power depletion. On the other hand, Giepas can still fight the two of them and continued to chant dark magic.

Giepas is not only the leader of the ogres in the field of magic but is also in the highest peak a black magic user wants to be at.

Even with the present Leira, he’s a bad opponent.

Even with the help of Luceria, it is a battle they cannot win.

Takeru started his one on one battle with the enemy leader Guranji.

Wearing a solid heavy duty black whole body armor and holding a two handed battle ax, he gives off a frightening impression. He can’t be careless.

The enemy swings a huge axe lightly like a branch of a tree.

Takeru sidesteps to avoid it and swings his sword diagonally from below toward the enemy’s side.

When the ogre returns the axe skillfully by lightly flipping the part of the handle.

As I thought, he doesn’t just have power but he’s also quite skillful.

「What’s the matter?」

Guranji swings the ax horizontally.

Takeru dodges by a back step and counterattacks.

「Three Slash Snow Flower!」

The ogre easily prevented the three simultaneous sword attacks with just rotating the ax in front of his body.

「Vortex Wind」

Guranji begins to rotate the ax in front of him at high speed.

The wind pressure generated from the rotating ax tries to blow off Takeru.

Takeru firmly stands and endures it.

However, the ax begins to rotate faster with the wind pressure becoming stronger.


Finally, Takeru was blown away. Takeru skillfully land on the ground after flying and moves in front of Guranji at high speed.

「Guillotine Strike!」

The huge battle ax is swung straight down to the crown of his head.

Takeru was able to avoid it with a hair’s breadth but he was blown off again by the wind pressure from the ax as it hits the ground.

This time, he land on a trunk of a tree sideways and jumps by using it as a footing.

「Eight Slash of Gale」

He uses his esoteric technique while jumping parallel to the ground.

Guranji tries to rotate the ax to receive it but as expected, he was not able to receive 8 sword attacks.

The blow that surpassed the ogre’s defense hits its shoulder and flank but it was lightly repelled by the adamantite armor.

(Oops. This guy’s armor is pretty sturdy. I should have bought a stronger sword.)

Last war, Takeru lost his steel sword in his battle against the stone golem.

His present steel sword is considerably inferior from the previous one.

Takeru bit his lip because of regret. Neglecting getting better weapon is a big blunder.

On the other hand, Guranji felt the difference of their equipments and judged that it was not a threat. He thrown away defence and started an offensive posture.

He swing his battle ax freely and bombarded Takeru with attacks.

Just like the other members, Takeru has been driven to a situation where he can only defend.



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