Chapter 1 – Desire to be Transferred in a Different World

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My name is Machio Hiraku.

After graduating from college, I began overworking my body in a black company in my twenties and lived in the hospital in my thirties.


Age at the time of death: 39 years old.

And now, I’m meeting god.

「Reincarnate to a different world? 」

「No, it’s transition. 」

「Transition? I thought that I died? 」

「That’s right. Therefore, I’m going to revive you in another world.」

「Er, my body is …」

「I’ll be getting rid of your illness and regenerate your rotten organs. Otherwise, you’ll die soon. I’ll also make you younger after that.」

「Thank you.」

「No need to thank me. I will benefit from sending you to another world. So to speak, you will be resurrected in another world for me.」

「Indeed. So, do I have to do something there?」

「No, just live there. Gently enjoy your second life.」

「Is that so?」

「…… Do you have any complaints?」


「How obedient. But… are you really fine with it?」

「Yes. I have lived on the hospital bed for nearly ten years. There is nothing to complain about being younger and having a healthy body.」

「Is that so?….Ah….that is… I have no excuse for pressing you on my own convenience so I will grant your wish.」

「My wish?」

「Umu. For instance….I can give you special skills or a fate with only good encounter.」

「Then, please give me a body that does not get sick.」

「…… A body that doesn’t get sick?」

「Yes. I suffered from my illness. If possible, I do not want to experience that kind of thing again.」

「U-umu. I understand. Then, a body that does not get sick, I’ll give you “Healthy Body”.」

「Thank you.」

「I’ll ask you for another one.」

「Eh? But…」

「Just say it.」

「Uh…Then, can you do something that would make me live in a place with not so many people if possible.」

「A place without people?」

「Yes. Uh… When my parents died, there are various people who introduce themselves as relatives…also, even in the company I entered…therefore…I distrust human a little…well, it’s kind of different. Perhaps, I think that communication with people is not so good. I think that I must go over it immediately but…」

「Therefore, a place without other people? I understand. I’ll consider the place I’ll transfer you to.」

「I don’t mind if there is another one.」


「Just say it.」

「Uh… Let’s see. Oh, that’s right. Please make sure that I’ll be able to speak the language of the world I’m going to.」

「The vicinity is safe. You’ll be able to speak with basic human beings. It’s a kind of beginner’s pack.」


「Come on, tell me your wish quickly.」

「Even if you say that… I’ve been on a hospital bed for a long time so I’m already happy to be able to move. The thing I wish for the most has come true…」

「Then, that’s it. Is there something you want to do? The destination is a world of swords and magic which is common in games you know. Do you want to become the world’s best adventurer? Do you want to become a magi with the rarest ability? Or do you want to be a king somewhere? 」

「Ahaha, no. Those are all too heavy for me. …… I got it. There is something that I wanted to do if my body can move. That is!」

「Really. Say it.」



「When I was a child, I always remembered having a hoe on an on-site training. I am interested for some reason. That’s why I want to do farming.」

「Is that so? Farming…」

「Is it useless?」

「It’s not useless. Although it’s not useless, your wish is outside my jurisdiction. Wait a minute.」


When I was waiting, the God in front of me took out something like an old cell phone and started to speak with someone.

I can hear the words but I completely don’t know the meaning.

Is the language different?

It seems that the one he’s talking to is very excited.

「I kept you waiting. Let me give you this.」

That said, he passed a hoe.

The handle part is wood, only the blade part is made of iron.

「”All Purpose Farming Tool”」

TN:万能(bannō) – It means all purpose but it can also mean omnipotent

「Omnipotent? I think this hoe is surely excellent but an omnipotent farming tool is overkill.」

「It looks like a hoe but if its master imagines it, it can transform according to the application.」


「Umu. For example, think that it will be a sickle… It is likely to be a sickle. You can also use it as a saw, hammer, crowbar, and shovel.」


「Furthermore, that is for your exclusive use. It will always be by your side. Even if you throw it, it will  come back.」

「Highly Efficient!」

「By the way, you can store it in your body so you don’t have to worry about the storage location. You can put it in and out as you wish. Try it.」

As I was told, I put the all-purpose farming tool in my body, and try to get it out.


「Take good care of it.」

「Yes, I’ll take care of it.」

「…… Now it’s time to move on. Are you ready?」

「It’s okay. Thank you for everything.」

「Umu, then stay healthy.」

While I was listening to those words, I felt like my body is melting.

And when I noticed, I was in the forest.


Body check.

My body…it moves freely.

There is no pain.

It is a healthy body.

Although there is no mirror, I know that I became younger from my hands and feet.

Early twenties?

No, late teens?

Anyway, there is no problem.

Clothes …… I am wearing clothes I’m not familiar with.

It looks like a villager that appears in fantasy games with my rough coat and pants.

Underwear is… a trunk bound by a string.

Anyway, it was nice not to be dead.

I wonder if this is one of the beginner’s pack that God said.

Next, I put out the all-purpose farming tool.

A hoe appears in the grasp of my hand.

Thank you, God.

Speaking of which, I have not heard of God ‘s name.

I don’t know who to pray to.

Well, the feeling of gratitude is what’s important.


I stand up and look around.

It’s a forest.

Even if I look at the front or back, all I see is a forest.

Even if I look at the left or right, all I see is a forest.

I’m hoping to be transferred to a place with few people… but this place has no people at all.



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