Chapter 2 – Different World


What should I do?

Although I became healthy, in this situation, I’ll die.

First, water, then food.

Place to sleep after that.

It’s the basic of survival.

First of all, I’ll move to seek water…

I want to move but the trees are in the way.

No, I can move but I can’t see far because there are too many trees.

In addition, the trees are thick.

Their trunk diameters exceeds 1 meter.

And I feel that it’s the same everywhere.

The place where I am now is open for some reason but it is still not enough to see a far place.

I’ll probably get lost if I move.

Well, I just can’t come back here even if I’m lost…

Being troubled can’t be helped.

Anyway, water.

If I don’t look for water, I’ll die.

As for now…I’ll try to believe in my ears.

Is there a sound of flowing water somewhere?


It is useless.

I can hear only the sound of eerie wind and cry of a beast which seems to be dangerous.

Moreover, the cry of the beast felt like a scream.

That means … there are beasts attacking that beast.

Deep breath.

For the time being, I need to move one step forward.

I felt an awful sense of incongruity.

It is the feeling of taking a step on the ground.

The open ground earlier is not like the normal ground I know.

How can the trees grow in this stiff ground?

Not really stiff but hard.

Too hard.

The ground is so hard that it seems to be a piece of rock.

To think that great thick trees and tall grassess can grow roots in such a place.

The vitality of plants are impressive.

However, this hard ground is bad.

I don’t know much about my now younger body but my feet will hurt if I walk all the way on this hard ground.

The surprising hardness of this ground is unexpected.

And one more thing,

Can I farm in this hard land?

Maybe this forest has the only hard one and other places are all right.


I set up my All Purpose Farming Tool in the form of a hoe and tried it down.


The blade of the hoe surprisingly entered deep into the ground without problem.

Pull out and repeat.


TN: Sakusaku is a sound effect for something crispy.

The ground is easily plowed.


This is fun.


I thought that it was dangerous.

A thick tree root was lying on the way and I have swung down to it.

I was prepared for the shock to come in my arms but it did not come.

On the contrary, the response was still crispy.

Looking at it, the root was plowed.

The part that comes in contact with the hoe became sawdust.

No, not sawdust, but soil?

Looking at it, I feel like it would be a good fertilizer.

Let’s see……

I kept swinging the hoe as it is.

The root of the thick tree completely assimilated into the ground. The only thing that remained was the ground that was plowed.


And surprisingly, I’m not even tired.

Perhaps I won’t get tired while using this All Purpose Farming Tool?

As expected the a tool God gave.

Something flash on my mind.

If I move while plowing, will I get tired?


It tried doing it.

I was right.

Thank you, God.

Since there are neither food nor water at the transition place, I thought that I was terribly neglected but it was thought of properly.

I continued plowing while thanking him again.

Anyway, I have to find a place where I can secure some drinking water.

Because I’m plowing while advancing, my movement speed is slow.

Moreover, I thought about the width that I should plow. The place where I plowed will be flattened so I thought that the width should be around 5 meters for visibility besides, I can plow without minding trees, I mean tree roots.

Therefore, I advanced around 50 meters in an hour.

Isn’t that dangerous?

I don’t know what time it is now, but what should I do when the sun goes down?

It’s good that I’m not tired but shouldn’t I be worried about my vision?

No, vision is important because a beast may come out of the forest.


God help me!

Suddenly relying on others is useless.


I looked at the All Purpose Farming Tool in my hand.

It is in the form of a hoe.

It has an effect of turning the place it plowed to soil.

Speaking of which, it is said that it has other forms.

For instance…… Saw.

My All purpose Farming Tool became a saw so I tried it to a nearby tree.

No, saw is not the one that should be used to cut trees.

I transformed it into an ax and swing it to a nearby tree.

I cut the tree like tofu.


Moreover, unlike with the hoe, the tree remains a tree.

I thought so while looking at the falling tree.

What I should do is not to look for water but to utilize this all purpose farming tool.

For instance……

I transformed the all purpose farming tool into a drill and pressed it against the 10 meter wide trunk of a gigantic tree.

The drill punctures the trunk of of the gigantic tree.

Within five minutes, I created a four meters square, 2 meters high space inside which is 1 meter from the entrance.

TN: Can’t imagine? Here is an image from the manga

Because the inside was rind, I transformed the All Purpose Farming Tool into a file.

Rubbing the file once is enough to level and smoothen it.

I threw away the the small pieces of woods outside while thinking that it looks like a huge squirrel nest. With This, I secured a place to sleep.

Next, water……

I turned the All-purpose farming tool to a shovel and dug the ground.

Rather than searching for a river, I dig a well.

If you think about it, finding a river would be better because digging a well needs an overwhelming labor but in my case, I have the all purpose farming tool.

I can dig it fast.

Digging digging.

Straight down.


After digging about 5 meters, it become impossible to take out the dug soil.

After that, I wondered how I would get out of the hole.

I need to dig diagonally to get out.

No, wait.

A vertical hole.

What about oxygen?

Dangerous, I could die.

I panicked and dug up a hole diagonally to escape.


Next, I dug while thinking about air passage.

Basic, slanted digging.

I dig air holes from time to time to secure oxygen.

The most important thing it that there should be air flow.

This is different from what I imagined of a well but there will be no problem if I keep digging like this to the bottom.

The water came out in the estimated depth of about ten meters.

All right.

Right on target.

Moreover, because the ground is hard, the water flows from the side of the hole like a springwater and begins to accumulate at the bottom of the hole.

Can I drink it….

There is no choice but to drink it.

For the time being, I won’t drink it immediately and leave it for a while.

Because I’m using the All Purpose Farming Tool, I’m not thirsty yet even if it’s a truly hard ground. The water is dirty because I just dug it.

With this, I have a place to sleep and although uncertain, have a water source.

Now, it’s food…

Should I aim from the source of the beast voice I heard from the forest?


I’ve never hunted.

In addition, the sun begins to set.


I forgot the fire.

How do I make fire?

Rubbing woods?

For an amateur like me, it won’t go well.

All-purpose farming tool…… LAMP?

LIGHT, ELECTRIC LIGHT….it’s useless.

It doesn’t change.

The all purpose farming tool, like what its name indicates, only transforms into farming tools.

Well, it is questionable to call a file and a drill farming tools.

However, it transformed to it.

It also became scissors and spoon.

However, I imagined a chainsaw to cut trees but it was useless.

Motors and electric grass cutters etc were no good too.

Machine related things are no good…with this, I assume that those having a few parts are okay.

So, a tool that creates fire.


Magnifying glass!


I can make fire with this!

Before it gets dark…


I gave up and crawl to the tree hole I made as a sleeping quarters and decide to transform the all purpose farming too into a knife to make accessories until the day rose.

For now, glass, plate, and tray.

And, knife, fork, and chopsticks.

I used the tree I cut down with the ax earlier as the material.

While I was using the all purpose farming tool, I did not feel thirsty, I did not feel hungry and I did not feel sleepy either.

However, since there is no fire, I made those under the moonlight.

This is truly a different world.

There are two moons.



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