Intermission 2 – Sainos and Dan, Plus the Female Team

AN: Second half of the intermission chapter!

As of now, do you find the guild members easier to remember!?

After the two of them finished taking a bath, they moved to the dining room for dinner.

There are already about 20 other guild members in the dining room. Each of them is eating in a group.

Sainos and Dan were eating noodles like pasta.

「Is it alright?」

And, a beautiful voice of a woman was thrown there.

Looking at the direction of the glossy voice, a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties was standing.

Dressed in blue clothes with a white pattern which seemed to be made of soft fabric, it is a woman who dressed like a sister. There were big fox’ ears on top of her long raven black hair. Her feminine curves under her clothes can be clearly understood. A bushy tail can be seen on her buttocks.

TN: Sister here is written in english. It basically means nun

It is the fox beastkin Soarer.

As he was called out by Soarer, Sainos pointed out a vacant seat on their table.

「Thank you. Sorry for disturbing you.」

Soarer said that with a gentle voice and sat on the vacant chair.

「What about the food?」

「It’s alright. I’m done already.」

When Sainos asked her, Soarer gently replied.

And Soarer looked at Dan.

「How are you? Have you become strong?」

When Soarer asked, Dan groaned with a difficult face.

「…About that. I’m incomparable to Sainos-dono but I have become a little stronger…」

When Dan said that and shook his head to the left and right, a woman’s voice rang from a distance.

When Sainos looked at the direction where the voice has come from, Miera, Dan’s wife, and Sherry, Dan’s daughter, were standing there.

The two of them are holding trays with food with both hands and are walking towards the table where Sainos is sitting.

「Excuse me. Can we share table with you?」


When Miera asked for a seat with a smile, Soarer replied on their behalf.

They sat next to Dan and looked at Dan’s appearance from the side.

「Father, how was your day?」

When Sherry said that with a loaf of bread in one hand, Dan opened his mouth with a difficult face.

「I defeated orcs and troll.」

「Eh? One on one?」

「Ah, yes.」

Listening to Dan’s reply, Sherry stopped with a stunned face.

Dan and Miera strangely looked at Sherry who stopped moving.

After a while, Sherry, who retained her sanity, was excited, looked at Dan and opened her mouth.

「Wow, that is amazing! Dad doesn’t seem to understand but a troll is a monster that only an adventurers party can beat. Only S-rank adventurers can beat one alone.」

When Sherry said so, Dan shrugged his shoulder.

「However, I can’t even reach Sainos-dono’s feet.」

「What are you talking about? Sainos-san is a brave chosen by Ren-sama, don’t compare yourself to someone like him.」

When Sherry said such a thing to Dan, Miera, who’s next to him, nodded in agreement and opened her mouth.

「That’s right. Do it slowly but surely and be careful not to get injured, okay?」

When Miera said that and looked at Dan, Dan wrinkled his forehead deeper.

「…I came here to return the favor to Ren-sama. However, Miera is the only one who’s been practically useful.」


When Dan murmured with regrets, Sherry, who’s next to him, groaned loudly.

「I-I’m helping mother with cooking and cleaning.」

When Sherry followed up for herself, Miera nodded.

「That’s right. Sherry is a good helper but poor at cooking.」


Sherry groaned again and Miera smiles happily.

「Dan, you’re doing your best. That’s good.」

When Miera said so and smiled, Dan sighed.

「Dan, you’re doing your best. That’s good.」

「…If you feel that you’re not being useful, this incredible good life we’re having now is scary.」

When Dan said so, he put the remaining pasta in his mouth.

Sainos and Soarer, who had watched silently until then, the conversation of the three and looked at each other.

「… Is it really that serious?」

「I wonder if I corner him too much…」

「So roughly speaking, it is Sainos’ fault?」


When Sainos and Soarer were having such a conversation, Ren walked to the dining room with Eleanor.

「What is it? Why is Sainos and Dan depressed?」

When Ren said that, Soarer smiled and looked at Sainos.

「My lord, it seems that Sainos realized that he tormented Dan too much.」

As Soarer said so, Ren wrinkled his forehead and looked down at the Sainos.

「Sainos, no breakfast tomorrow.」


AN: Poor Sainos!

He had no breakfast next morning!

Sainos is just being Sainos.

Come on, Sainos! Stay Strong!



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