Chapter 96 – Rembrandt Kingdom’s Fifth Princess Rihanna and the Attendant Keira

The meeting became complicated because the topic now has become completely different from the original.

Apparently, the retainers of the Rembrandt Kingdom view Rihanna as an exemplary princess although she doesn’t look like someone who gets involved in politics.

Apparently, the princess is ranked number one as the person you want to be your bride in the retainers point of view.

What’s with that ranking?

In the end, the retainers were not able to argue against the merit pointed out by Rihanna. They were not able to object especially knowing who might be her marriage partner.

If I briefly state the conclusion that came out, I guess they will be loaning me Princess Rihanna for a trial period.

In other words, Princess Rihanna can easily be borrowed! And the maid Keira comes with her too!

What a

Although there are countless of things they can complain about, the remarks of Creivis about how much he trusts me, the dragon knight Ren, made the absurd talk go on in an absurd way.

I, who was not able to say anything, is now waiting for Rihanna who’s changing her clothes and just wanted to go along with my inspection.

In spite of being a princess, it seems that she can change clothes quickly so I permit her unwillingly.

Hmm, I should not let her get hurt. Since Mira is with us this time, there are more members than usual. Should I make Sedeia or Sainos guard the princess?

Rihanna and Keira dashingly appeared while I was in the courtyard thinking of such a thing.

Did she really need to take about half an hour to change clothes? Considering that she’s a member of the royal family, perhaps that can be considered quick.

***TN: Since this is a medieval fantasy world,  time is said to be 30min. Don’t confuse it with the modern day women’s clock because that’s just roughly 5min so it’s really the standard 30mins that can be considered quite fast. ***

But my eyes rounded when I saw the clothes she had changed into.

Rihanna arranged her long blonde hair to the back of her head. She is wearing white leather clothes, steel armor, gloves, arm and leg armor, and leather boots.

And on her hand is a winding wooden wand.

Is she a vanguard or a rearguard…? No, in the first place, can the slender Rihanna move in an armor?

Above all, should a princess really look that way?

I got dizzy due to the various questions running around my head and I saw Keira standing behind Rihanna.

Seeing her in her maid clothes gave me a peace of mind.

She has a white apron over her red and black maid clothes. And, two large daggers on her waist and black leather boots. In addition, there is a long sword that has a 1.2 meters long blade on her back…

「Why, you guys … That outfit…」

While looking at the appearance of the two of them, I unintentionally talked.

Then they look at each other, check each other’s appearance, and open their mouth.

「Hora. Keira on her maid clothes is no good?」

「No, the princess’ armor is more…」

They talked with each other saying that they’re outfit are all right but compared to us who don’t have weapons, it is strange that the princess and her attendant are in full battle form.

Well, we have item box so our hands are empty.

「…For the time being, take off your armor Rihanna. Keira, leave that huge thing on your back.」

When I say so, the two of them are surprised.

「I can’t accompany dragon knight-sama without an armor…」

「This is the sword that I used during my adventurer days. It is effective against ogres and cyclops because daggers can’t give those fatal injuries…」

The two of them argued but I quietly lifted one of my hand to silence them.

The two of them flashed their eyes and when I confirmed that they were quiet, I opened my mouth.

「I’ll protect you so come in light outfit.」

When I said that, they moaned little and cranked their back.

As I said that, the two became restless and took off their equipments on the spot.

What the

When I was looking at two of them with a suspicious face, Rihanna headed toward me with only her white leather clothes that completely shows off her body figure.

「Wo-would a dress be better?」

Rihanna said so while her face reddened. She put both of her hands in front of her body to cover her body lines.

Considering that someone is looking at her, that expression and pose are natural.

What are you teaching in this place, Creivis?

I put out three equipments from the item box while imagining the muscle-brain king.

「Put this on.」

I said so while giving her a mithril breastplate and skirt lumbar. Both are not just mithril, they have magic carve seal which has the effect of improving defense and abnormal status invalidation.

「!!! Mi-mithril…Thank you very much!」

When I passed the equipments, Rihanna was more pleased than I could imagine. She seemed to be delighted with the mithril part but looking at her glittering eyes as she holds them in both hands, it seems that there is another reason.

「…Ah, I’ll tell you this, I’m not giving you this because I recognize you as a brave.」

When I said that, Rihanna was remarkably depressed.

However, she immediately raises her face and lifts the end of her eyebrows.

「I’ll do my best!」

Apparently, Rihanna also seems to be longing for the Dragon Knight. After all, Creivis’ blood is flowing in her.

I somehow understood something about Rihanna. I shifted my eyes to Keira who’s standing behind Rihanna.

Without the long sword, Keira looked like an ordinary maid.

I passed a slightly wide mithril bracelet to Keira.

Of course, that accessory has a magic carve seal. The effect is physical strength improvement. It has the same effect as Dan’s ring.

「Th-this is such a precious thing to keep…」

Keira said so as she looked at the mithril bracelet she received with both hands.

「Don’t worry. Because it will improve your physical ability, you’ll be able to deal damage with your dagger with the same power as using your long sword.」

As I explained, Keira opened her eyes wide and looked at the bracelet.

「Mi-mithril magic item…」

I left Keira who’s saying words like that and looked at Rihanna who’s already wearing the breastplate and the skirt.

Yes, it suits her well.

I nod to Rihanna who has changed her clothes with a smile and cast flight magic.

「Plural fly」

At the moment I said so, their footing becomes soft as if they became weightless and their body floats as if it were being pulled by strings from above.

Of course, Rihanna and Keira were surprised for suddenly floating in the sky.

「Ah, my liege, King Creivis is running.」

To me who was laughing at the reaction of the two, Sainos reported such.

Looking at it, he pushed the soldiers who were watching us in a circle and he finally arrived at the courtyard.

「Please wait! I’m going too!」

「No! Your Majesty has accumulated work at the castle! The Immenstadt Empire….」

「Le-let me go Yuta! I’ll go with them!」

「No! There are a lot of things you should oversee in the castle, there are various places….」

As we float in the sky, I looked over the two and laughed as if they were doing some comical show.

However, Yuta’s lines were stuck in my heart.

I’m the same as King Creivis.

However, because I’m a sales guy, I am more suitable for doing business in various places.

The sky is clear blue and there is a huge cloud in front of us. This is the best time to view the scenery especially for first timers in flight magic like Rihanna and Keira.

I still have to go somewhere.

I thought so, raised the edge of the mouth, and laughed.



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