Chapter 105 – Morning of the Day of Collision with the Galland Empire Army, Ren-Ren Inspects the City

The morning came.

The sunlight passed through the window. I shook my body and turned my face to the side.

I feel that the temperature has fallen a little.

While thinking of that, I stroked the swaying brown hair in the bed.

I stroke the smooth white skin, the body twisted and looked at my face with its big eyes.

It’s the high human strategist, Milenia.

Milenia usually wears clothes similar to a kimono but when she takes it off, she has chest unexpectedly.

I’m looking at it too much. I stroke Milenia’s head again and turned my body to the opposite side.

On the other side is the sleeping Eleanor.

Her chest that freely changes its form catches my eyes so I twisted my body again and looked up at the ceiling.

Today is a peaceful day.

The largest city in Baron Bowarei’s territory, Collinwood.

It is smaller than Ramblas but it is considerably lively.

First of all, I can’t find orphans.

And in the city, lone or two soldiers patrols the street while exchanging greetings with the townspeople.

The whole city gives off a clean impression with little garbage.

How on earth did this happen?

The townspeople are also smiling a lot.

This is the most beautiful and the brightest city I have ever seen. To think that this is a territory of the arrogant and irreverent Baron Bowarei.

Even though it hasn’t been so long since he was trained by Soarer.

When I tilted my neck, Rihanna looked at the state of the city and turned to me.

「This city is a wonderful city. It seems that it is made by firmly considering the lives of the townspeople. Everyone’s expression is very bright and looks happy.」

When Rihanna says so, Keira also nods.

「This probably means that the ruler is a really good person. It is rare for a feudal lord to treasure his people this much.」

Listening to the high evaluation of the two of them, I twisted my head.

By the way, the escorts I brought this time are Sunny, Sedeia, and Mira and the three of them had a strange look.

Well, should I meet and hear from him?

I thought so and decided to meet Bowarei.

Baron Bowarei’s castle is a shabby castle. The walls, windows, and part of the roof lacks decoration or can be said that those were peeled off.

It seems that they want to hide the shabbiness even for a little. The wall is being repainted white.

I spoke to the two soldiers who are standing in the front door of the castle.

「Is Baron Bowarei present?」

When I asked such a rough question, the two soldiers straightened their backs and opened their mouths at the same time.

「Yo-Your Majesty King-sama! We-Welcome!」

「Baron Bowarei-sama is in the office! I am honored to be able to meet you!」

「Oh, oohh, is that so…? I will enter.」

When I nodded while being overwhelmed by the two of them, I returned an answer. The two soldiers quickly opened the door and invited us in.

They were able to judge that I’m the king at first sight.

The moment I stepped into the castle, I saw a huge portrait of me in the hall. That made me understand.

What is that portrait?

It’s good that I’m wearing a gorgeous cloak.

For some reason, I also have a sword that is as long as my height and is pointing it towards the sky. Let’s assume that it’s good this time.

But the problems is, my upper body is naked.

In addition, my lower body is only wrapped in white cloth.

While I’m shocked at seeing a portrait of me without my knowledge, Mira gave out a loud voice.

「Ah! Master, that!」

When I looked where Mira pointed, there were two-meter bronze statues of me in the four corners of the hall.

Each bronze statue has a different pose that is superfluous to see.

「…What are these?」

When I murmured, Sedeia’s eyes almost popped out as she looked at the ceiling.

I looked at the ceiling, there were me and Bowarei who were surrounded by white clouds in the blue sky.

It was an unpleasant ceiling painting with me and Bowarei holding hands and staring at each other.

The scary thing is, all of them, the portrait, the bronze statues, and the ceiling paintings are all of high quality.

With one glance, one can understand that everything is carefully made.

TN: Beat that Creivis

Are these harassments for me?

When I was looking around the hall with an indescribable feeling, two maids came towards me.

The maids were both young girls.

When the two maids came in front of me, bent their waists and bowed as if they were going to break.

「We, Wewewewe, welcome! His Majesty King-sama! Bowarei-sama is here!」

「Ple, ple-ple, Please follow us!」

The two of them guide us while being tense.

Looking at the two who are drifting with tension made me feel uneasy. We managed to get to Baron Bowarei’s office safely.

One of the maids knocks on the door and opens her mouth.

「Baron Bowarei-sama, King-sama has come.」

As the maid said so, I heard a noise like kicking things down inside.

After a few seconds, the door opened from the inside. Bowarei’s face appeared.

「Ah! Ren-sama! Welcome to my castle! We are still under renovation but we will welcome you to the best we can!」

Bowarei, who showed a shining smile, said so. He looks like he lost a lot of weight.

Bowarei, which was slightly rounder and thicker than average, has now become thin to the point of being morbid.

「…You are strangely thin Bowarei.」

When I said that, Bowarei laughed as if he was embarrassed.

The laughing Bowarei that has a body of a mummy is slightly scary.

「No, Soarer-sama has shown me the right way from all the mistake I have made till now. I had tried hard to correct my mistakes every day and before I realized it, I have become so skinny. Hahaha 」

Even though he is laughing, his eyes are filled with motivation.

And then, he made us sit down on the sofa while he stood in front of his office desk.

「…Is that so? What kind of mistakes are you rectifying?」

When I sat on the sofa and asked so, Bowarei nodded mightily.

「Oh, there are many! It is an embarrassing story but I have only been favoring merchants who bore money up to now. When I get money, I have just been using it to buy rare antiques from Maeas.  However, it is different now. First of all, I sold all the antiques, furnishings and furniture I got. I also sold all the useless decoration of my castle.」

Bowarei said so while spreading his hands and looking around the office.

Indeed. This room only has an office desk, the guest chair, and a sofa.

「That is a drastic leap….」

When I said that, Bowarei raised a muffled laughter and opened his mouth.

「No no! It’s not like that! First of all, I used the resource I obtained to make agricultural and commercial reforms within my territory! Those were taught by the subordinate of Ren-sama who visit once every two days! They are agricultural methods using innovative agricultural tools, and making ceramics using down-draft kiln method! Those are in addition to the bread and butter of my territory which is breeding and selling of horses!」

I remember giving permission to the farm equipment modernization and the downdraft kiln but you made those already?

No, if I’m not mistaken, one of my subordinate with production job goes on a business trip several times when he had some free time on the construction of our country.

「Indeed, when the townspeople finances is enriched, the city will be energized too.」

As I said so, Bowarei laughed like he is in trouble.

「No no, that is…After all, the school and the orphanage that Ren-sama instructed to construct is crawling with construction cost but some money circulates because even those who are not carpenters were needed in the construction too. Well, although it gave me a wonderful knowledge, it is quite irritating that the progress report is not good.」

No, you’re working hard enough.

While I was listening to the story, Sunny looked at Bowarei with a stern face.

「It is not good. There are too few mages.」

What are you planning, Sunny?

Bowarei slants his face too in embarrassment.

「No, but…It is hard to teach one to be a mage. Even in Rembrandt Kingdom, there is only one magic school.」

When Bowarei said that, Sunny looked at me with eyes full of anticipation.

I sighed a little and talked about what Sunny wants to say.

「If you make a magic school here, we’ll prepare teachers that can develop mages. Make sure everyone can study there.」

When I said that, Bowarei raised the voice of admiration and laughed.

「Oh! I am thankful for it! Then, I’ll immediately devise the construction plan to quickly establish a magic school! Ha ha ha!」

I looked at Bowarei laughing in a good mood and murmured heartily.

「…He has changed…」



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