Extra 01 – Hakan and Karim

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This chapter is about a poor grandpa and a pig in agony…!


「Ei! Ignorant masses!」

A fat man screamed. He also hit the armrest of the throne with his fist in irritation.

His gray hair that is separated in the middle is now disheveled. That man in red robe is staring at the men wearing sparkling white armor standing nearby.

While the men wearing armor were frightened by the fat man, there was a person who opened the door of the room abruptly.

There appeared a man in red armor.

「Hakan-sama! The chief magistrate of Salaam prefecture seems to be preparing for rebellion!」

The man in red armor reported immediately after entering the room. Seeing Hakan’s face, he stood petrified.

Hakan scratches his head with one hand and turned his bloodshot eyes toward the man in red armor.

「Ridiculous! It will take two weeks on a horse to reach the Salaam prefecture, they wouldn’t have known any information about the defeat! Such information is a false rumor! It is just an obvious plan of dividing the Empire, don’t you get that!?」

「I-I’m sorry!」

When Hakan shouted, the red armored man went out of the room hastily.

「Even such rumor is a big blow to the capital now!」

Hakan said so and beat the armrest again.

Then, Hakan picked up one of the letters that are scattered on the floor and spread it in front of eyes.

To the country that suffered a crushing defeat, don’t you want to know what Dragon Knight-sama said? What? You have dispatched your army to my country without permission and the task of the army that Galland Empire sent was to invade my country? I destroyed most of them! You can’t complain about receiving great damage!」

Hakan yells at the letter and beats the armrest. He rounded his eyes like a plate and read the content of the letter again.

Furthermore, since the Galland Empire tried to invade the country, it will be treated as the perpetrators and the country that was about to be invaded, Einherjar, is the victim. Therefore, the Galland empire, the perpetrator country, must pay reparations to the victim country, Einherjar? W-H-A-T? Ask the soldiers that returned if this is the truth! Does this mean that our military has suffered a great loss unilaterally again!? Then, the victim is our country! Our country has the right to receive compensation! That’s it!」

TN: That was the content of the postwar letter that Rihanna sent.

Hakan roars to the point of foams forming at the edge of his mouth.

He looks nothing but a madman now. Even the men in white armor are looking at him with disdain.

Then, Hakan picks up another letter on the floor without noticing it.

「What’s this…? Oh, from Maeas! It’s about a temporary diplomatic relationship break from Maeas! Hahaha! A hilarious story! These traitors collected the slaves that’s why our country was defeated! Those fuckers!」

Hakan barked and tore the letter on the spot then throw it away.

While panting heavily, Hakan leans his back on the backrest.

「Everyone is stupid. This is the Galland Empire. There is no way it can be shaken with this insignificant damage! I just lost 200,000 soldiers and a year’s worth of budget and supplies! The land remains as it is and Karim did not recruit majority of the farmers so if I set up tax 10 times, it will solve the problem! No, I can just take it from the entry and departure tax from the peddlers…Yes, there is no problem with that and it will be a punishment for Maeas!」

Hakan’s eyes are wandering and his saliva is flying when he said so.

「Come to think of it, the cause of this defeat is Karim! That guy lets the slaves be robbed and obstruct the conscription of farmers…Oh, I see! Karim is working together with Maeas! Call Karim! That traitor…!? Oi! Where are you! How dare you leave the emperor alone…!」

Hakan roared while looking around the room with an excited face but the men in white armor had already disappeared before he noticed.

In the room where no one else was, only Hakan’s bark can be heard.

There is a man who’s riding a coach on the highway.

It is an elderly man with mixed gray hair, the Galland Empire’s Military Affairs Minister, Karim.

Karim’s body was muscular for his age. He leaned at the coachman stand and looked cautiously at his surroundings.

「Master Karim! Be relieved, we’re cautious!」

「Right right! Even if you’re in the carriage, it’s dangerous to stand at this speed!」

To Karim who’s half sitting in the middle of the carriage, such voices were emitted from horses running around it.

There were six brown horses running around the large, two-horse carriage and there were men and women in light-looking armor that are riding the horses and are anxiously looking at Karim.

Karim noticed the gaze of the men and women and gently sat down on the carriage.

「I-I understand. It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just can’t calm down for some reason.」

When Karim said so, the surrounding men and women smiled cheerfully.

「Don’t worry! Okay?」

「We’re being cautious so we won’t even let a single boy pass!」

「Master Karim should relax!」

The men and women said so. Karim nods and looks at the destination where the carriage is running to.

Then, a man in a robe, who’s driving coach, looked at Karim sideways and opened his mouth.

「Master, is this really alright? If you don’t go to the imperial capital, your family is….」

When he heard that, Karim breathed out a deep sigh with a difficult expression.

「The rumor of the defeat in the town where I was came from a peddler, it is barely convincing. However, there should have been absolutely no information that a revolt is already happening in the capital. It’s not supposed to reach here.」


To Karim’s strange lines, the driver tilted his neck.

Karim continues to talk without looking at the person’s face.

「Why did the rumors and information spread at such a speed…? It is natural for Einherjar and Maeas to communicate secretly and I heard that they have a group of people that can use flight magic. That group was the one responsible for spreading informations about the loss of Galland Empire.」

When Karim says so, the driver pulled his jaw while groaning.

「If master says so, then it must be true…Thought that is something unbelievable…」

When the person says so, Karim laughs and nods.

「I also can’t believe it. However, there is no other method. The accuracy and content of the information speak for itself. Although being defeated is a tricky thing, a major power like Galland Empire can fall if such informations were transmitted…We have faced a terrible enemy.」

When Karim mutters so, the driver leaked a voice and swayed his head.

「I thought that information was important but I never thought that it would be such a big deal.」

「Information is important and it is natural to protect it. If you attack with information, you can greatly manipulate the opponents economic situation, the flow of soldiers, and even their dealings with another party. This time, Einherjar used information to attack the Galland Empire aiming for its decline. And, Maeas helped them. By using merchants with influence on the empire, the credibility of the information is greatly enhanced.」

As Karim explains, the man nodded while shrugging his shoulders.

「Haa…quite complex. Then, why are we heading for Ramblas which has become part of Einherjar? Perhaps you have foreseen all of this and plan to migrate to Ramblas with your family?」

When he said that, Karim laughed like he was tired.

「You think so? If I had anticipated such a situation, I would not be running on a horse-drawn carriage. I don’t know much about their army but I’m sure Einherjar should have an army in Ramblas. The defeated soldiers of the Galland Empire’s army will most likely become robbers and bandits. Therefore, I’ll surrender to Einherjar’s army. 」

「Eh? Surrender? 」

The driver who heard Karim looked at him with a frightened face.

「Umu. Though it’s a kind of bet, Einherjar is a new country. That means they lack human resources. It is especially hard to find someone who can readily administer a country.」

「Ah, then, master is suitable. We’ll also convey master’s ability.」

The driver agreed with the words of Karim and laughed. Karim nods to him and raises his face.

「My son can manage our family. Either way, my face is well known so I can’t enter the imperial capital… If we just received information earlier, we could have gotten away with my family without difficulty…」

Karim said so and gave out a deep sigh, the driver simply nodded without saying anything.

At a later date, Princess Rihanna, who stayed overnight at Val Valhalla castle for work, came to Ren Ren to report.

「The former Military Affairs Minister of Galland Empire, Karim, has surrendered.」

「Karim? I don’t know him, what kind of guy is he?」

「Is that so..? It seems that he is quite excellent even among the ministers of Galland Empire. It seems that Karim is somehow supporting the finances of the reckless military operation of empire’s emperor.」

「Hmm, how about his character? An exile of the enemy country would have a grudge against our nation?」

「It seems that he left his family in the empire’s capital and is asking for information about them…For everything else, it’s just complaint about the empire.」

「Take him in.」

「Eh? Is that okay? He is a country executive who badmouths his own country…」

「No, he smells like a corporate slave.」

「Comprorate slave?」

「Well, we should take his family from the empire’s capital and have him work in Val Valhalla Castle.」

「…I-I see. Hostages. Then it will be alright…Ah, about the empire.」


「They didn’t wait for the revolt in rural areas and executed the emperor.」

「Oi, that’s too early. Didn’t he barricaded himself in the castle?」

「Yes, but in the end, the knight order joined the rebellion and opened the gate.」


Thus, the civil war that breaks down the empire ended.

At a later date, the four prefecture of the empire became independent. The collapse became a fact.




Rather than a pig in agony, it can be called a mad pig…



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