Chapter 123 – Guides to the Country of Elves

「Thank you for sparing our lives! I am Rahamutsuvi. I work as a guardian of this elven forest!」

「I am also a guardian. Eruzesuka. Thank you very much for your good words…I never wanted to die without even becoming 100…」

These two male elves, who look like men in the first half of their twenties, said so and lowered their heads to me.

Does that mean….that they are three times older than me? It might not be a problem even if they died.

「Well, do not mind it. I’d like to get along with the elves.」

I said it politely without saying everything that’s on my mind. However, the two elves looked at me with eyes of respect.

By the way, Sunny already apologized for having them imprisoned in an ice cage.

「Umu. They are good people after all. My eyes are really reliable.」

And, Itsuharuria blurted out something as if she doesn’t understand anything about my interaction with the two. I gave her a stern gaze.

「Aside from your eyes, your head is also untrustworthy.」


Itsuharuria was stunned by my line and looked at me.

「For the time being, please guide us to the country of elves. We’ll accompany Sunny.」

When I said so, leave Itsuharuria behind, and talked about Sunny toward the two elves, they nodded and opened their mouths.

「Of course! There must have been a very serious reason! For a high elf like Sunny-sama to grow up in the outside world…But it’s okay now! Sunny-sama is probably about 30 to 40 years old. A high elf has a life span of over 800 years. I’m sure Sunny-sama’s parents are still living in La Fiesch.」

Rahamutsuvi seemed to have fired up and said such a thing to Sunny but Sunny looked like she doesn’t like what she’s hearing because she knows that she actually doesn’t have parents.

Being looked by Sunny’s cold gaze, Rahamutsuvi gasped.

「M-my heart is drowning in grief…how pitiful!」

「Su-Sunny-sama…even if you didn’t grow up in La Fiesch, you have grown up bright and lively…!」

Rahamutsuvi looks at Sunny and cries, Eruzesuka also went along and tears up. Although their emotions are overkill, they blurted out something rude.

「Okay, guide us now.」

When Sunny said so, Rahamutsuvi nodded repeatedly with a smiling face.

「Yes, at once! I will contact the royal family as soon as we arrived in the country so please be a bit more patient!」

「Don’t worry Sunny-sama! You’ll be able to meet your mother finally, finally…Kuu!」

Rahamutsuvi said that with tears in his eyes and walks to the front. Eruzesuka holds his eyes with both hands while sobbing.

「Oi, Itsuharuria….are all warriors of your country like this…?」

When I looked away from the two crybaby elves and looked back at Itsuharuria, Itsuharuria is already bending her knees while her hands are on the ground. She’s crying while on all four.

Itsuharuria answered with a crying voice although it can’t be categorized as words but weep. Sunny knits her eyebrows and opens her mouth.

Plural fly

Sunny casted a group flight magic to not only us but also Rahamutsuvi, Eruzesuka, and Itsuharuria who’s still in all four.

As their body suddenly floated, the two elves opened their eyes wide.

「Oh,ooohhhhh! To cast group flight magic at that age, no chant too!?」

「Sh-she’s su-surely a mage comparable to Alicequiteria!?」

While those two said such a thing and praise Sunny, my attention was taken by the mage, Alicequiteria, that is comparable to Sunny.

Does it mean that she can also cast a group flight magic with no chant?

If that is true then this will be the first time for us to meet someone that can match us in this world.

I became suddenly motivated.

「All right, please show us the way. Let’s hurry and go to La Fiesch.」

When I said that, Rahamutsuvi nodded with spirit.

「Yes! Su-Sunny-sama, I apologize but I ask of you. Go there…Ah, the trees will be on the way so if you can go in that direction…」

When Rahamutsuvi said so, Sunny breathed out a sigh and opened her mouth.

「Okay, then guide us from above.」

When Sunny said that, we were forcibly brought up to the sky.

Originally, we can move our body freely as long as we’re near the one who casted the magic but we were pulled to the sky by force this time.

Everyone avoided the branches of the trees while moving upwards until we were at the height that we’re higher than the trees.

Seeing the vast forest and the mountain range, Rahamutsuvi looked around and pointed at a certain direction.

「Oh, oooohhhhhh. As expected of Sunny-sama…This is a solution that can only be think of by those who can use flight magic! La Fiesch is over there. Of course, since we’re not using a regular route, please slow down when we’re near.」

Rahamutsuvi has given us some precaution for entering the country but we’re not far from it.

「…the base of the highest mountain?」

Lagreat mutters in an exhausted voice and Soarer nods silently.

My body also felt weak.

Right. It was exactly the location of the country of elves according to the information we got from the Rembrandt Kingdom.

What’s the point of having gone upstream that river endlessly….

When I looked at Sunny while thinking that, Sunny overlooked at the place where the country of elves is while looking emotionlessly.

「I should burn it all after all.」

Listening to Sunny ‘s extreme remarks, I spit a deep sigh.

「It can’t be helped.」


The screams of elves echoed across the sky.



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