Chapter 124 – Finally, We Entered the Country of Elves!

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I soothed Sunny so she calmed down. We manage to fly to the sky to the elf country in peace somehow.

Rahamutsuvi pinpoint a certain place as we were flying in the forest and we gradually start descending to the sea of trees.

Then, as we descended to about half of the height of the tree, we began to see a slightly artificial structure from among the trees.

There is no wall.

There is a wide moat and there I can see a bridged suspended by a chain.

Did they carve the mountain? Or did they pile up soil? It is shaped like the rice terraces and the field spreads like a fan from end to end.

Houses with white wall and vermillion roof are lined up and the highest place had a white castle which is similar to the color of the houses.

The city and the castle are too beautiful. It is a harmonious scenery. I was lost for words while staring at it.

It is a splendid city with a large area of land but, why haven’t we seen it from the sky even though it was this wide?

When I thought so and asked, Itsuharuria pointed at the trees proudly.

「There is a cognitive inhibition magic barrier. The trees surrounding La Fiesch has carve seal. Don’t ask me how it works. I have no idea.」

Itsuharuria said so and stuck out her chest. I was thinking that it would be so, so I nodded without being particularly bothered.

It is a technology that is not in the game world.

No, a boss that showed up in a map for a limited time can only be seen if you enter the map in a proper way.

I groaned while thinking about such a thing.

「I see. Cognitive inhibition. I would like to use it at our base too.」

I found something I want to obtain. I murmured while realizing that our talk has ended.

「Oh, lower the bridge over there.」

The other side of the waterway noticed us.

They followed Rahamutsuvi’s instruction and lowered it. In the depths of the waterway, I saw more than a dozen of elves gathered like a curious onlooker.

Their expressions didn’t surprise me since I have already seen it in other cities. They are curious about the group that used flight magic.

And, after looking at Rahamutsuvi, Eruzesuka, and Itsuharuria at the front, a stir occurred as they saw Sunny.

「High Elf…」

「No way, are you saying that there is another elf country in the outside world?」

「No but there is a rumor…」

The elves are communicating with a whisper but when Sunny crossed the bridge silently, they gave way and knelt in panic.

Sunny nodded to the sight as if satisfied and looked back.

Sunny is looking here with an expressionless face while being surrounded by kneeling elves with the elven country as the background.

I instinctively thought that Sunny is really an elf royal.


「Hnn, let’s go?」

When I stopped, Sunny tilted her head and said so.

「Yeah yeah, let’s go, Sunny-ohime-sama.」

I said that and smiled. Sunny blushed and smiled too.

「Mufu, mufufu. Ohimesama…sounds good.」

I want to take back my previous remark. Sunny is sunny.

「Now, the castle is over there. Let’s head right away.」

Rahamutsuvi began to walk passing through kneeling elves and walked toward the castle.

There is a wide road leading straight to the castle at the center of the city. It looks like a stair to climb up.

Though I described the city as something like a rice terraces, each level is fairly wide. It is hard to estimate from the bottom but the size of the castle might be quite large.

I was climbing the road to the castle while thinking such a thing.

The elves living in this city occasionally call out to Rahamutsuvi and the others but everyone kneels on the spot in a panic upon seeing Sunny.

Are they afraid of high elves? Or is it respect for a superior existence?

「We finally arrived.」

When I heard Lagreat’s words, I raised my face. A beautiful white majestic castle is there.

There are many windows with a rounded design. Its height is about 30 meters.

And in the front of the big, three-meter gate, there are two gatekeepers standing there wearing embroidered robes. They are wearing rings in their hands which seem to be magic rings.

Are the gatekeepers mages?

I look at the two elven gatekeepers with interest. To be frank, there are people I’m not sure if they are handsome men or beautiful women.

Just like these two gatekeepers.


One of the gatekeepers said so and looked at us. From the sound of her voice, she seemed to be a woman. She’s a manly elf woman. I’ll call her Zukajennu.

TN: ヅカジェンヌ is what Ren called her. I’m not sure what is the reference.

「Isn’t it Rahamutsuvi? What did you come here for?」

When Zukajennu said so, Rahamutsuvi nodded and answered.

「I brought High Elf Sunny-sama who came from the outside world. She’d like to have an audience with the king.」

When Rahamutsuvi said so, Zukajennu shifted her gaze to us doubtfully.

「High Elf from the outside world…! 」

Zukajennu answered Rahamutsuvi’s line with a disgusted voice but she opened her eyes wide and froze the moment she saw Sunny.

The other gatekeeper mage has been speechless by the time she saw Sunny.

「…such, truly. 」

「No way, isn’t the elf country in the outside world just a rumor…? 」

Zukajennu and the other gatekeeper made such an exchange. I confirmed that the other person is a woman.

From the characteristics of her voice, I’ll call this one Kuuderera.

TN: It obviously came from Kuudere

Zukajennu and Kuuderera hurriedly lowered their heads when they saw that Sunny was in a bad mood.

「En-enter. 」

They opened the gate as soon as they said that.

Aren’t they trusting the prestige of a high elf too much?

While thinking about such an extra thing, we stepped into the elven castle.



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