Chapter 126 – King of Elves

「Itsuha is a crybaby. I think everyone in this country has experienced comforting and cheering up Itsuha.」

「E-everyone is an exaggeration… Besides, I think that I did not cry so much ..」

After that, Sherahamira stayed in the room where we were. We were able to kill some time with her telling the early childhood of Itsuharuria and we also get unexpectedly good information.

Elves turning 50 years old is similar to a human turning 15 years old, the age where appearance gradually change.

Their outer appearance becomes similar to a 20 years old when they are 100 years old, and 25 years old when they turn 200. When they turn 300 years old, they look like a 30-year-old human.

However, it seems that their aging will become faster when they passed the 300 age barrier, a 350 years old elf will look like a 60-year-old human.

In case of high elves, you can just double the number of age of elves.

So considering the lifespan, an elf will live for about 400 years and a high elf will live for 800 years.

Thinking about their long lifespan, it would seem that a lot of children will be born but elves have a very low fertility rate. Their number seems to be decreasing little by little.

Having such circumstances, children under 50 are carefully nurtured all over the country. That being the case, everyone in this area is sweet to Itsuharuria. Since Itsuharuria just turned 50 years old, everyone is still looking at her as a child.

When you become an adult like Itsuharuria, you will patrol the border and guard the forest around the country as the guardian of the elven forest.

By doing this, the elves are instilled with respect and awe for the forest as they grow up as a guardian of the forest.

By the way, it seems that Itsuharuria’s age is close to Sherahamira but I think 30 years apart is already too far.

When I was chewing the information from the two in my head, a sound of knocking sounded on the door of the room.

It was Zukajennu who opened the door.

「Everyone, let’s go to the audience.」

As Zukajennu said that, she maintained her posture of keeping the door open while urging us to go out of the room.

「Fufu, that was pretty fast. It seems that otou-sama is also quite concerned about Sunny-sama.」

Sherahamira said that and stood up beside Zukajennu in front of the door.

When we got out of the room and passed through the two of them, there was the fellow gatekeeper mage of Zukajennu, Kuuderera.

「This way.」

Kuuderera said that after she bowed. She turned around and begun walking to the inner part of the castle.

We walked through a long corridor. We reached a huge crystal door and she opened it for us. We entered another hall again.

The hall is divided into several levels. At the far end of the hall in the highest level is a double door that looked like a carved stone wall.

Kuuderera walked over there, stopped in front of the door, turn around and looked back in our direction.

When we headed to the other side of the hall where Kuuderera is, the door opened from the inside.

Is this an automatic door?

I was driven by the impulse to examine the front and back of the door, but the majestic audience hall was visible on the other side of the door.

At the end of the hall is a beautiful young man who seems to be the king. He’s sitting down in a chair which seems to be a throne in a good posture and is looking at here.

If I examine how this door works now, I’ll probably be banned from the country of elves.

「…it can’t be helped. Sunny, walk side by side with me.」

I spewed a small sigh and said that to Sunny. I took a step in the throne room together with Sunny. Soarer is behind me and Lagreat is following behind Sunny.

It is a broad hall with a high ceiling. At the ceiling is a mysterious diagonal, colored window that is dropping a mysterious light on the floor and wall.

A deep green carpet was laid on the floor. The pillars are decorated with silver candle holder.

The silver tint of the candle holder looks whitish, are those mithril?

I somehow thought of such a thing while walking on the carpet.

The hall seems to be built lengthwise. There are about 20 elves in robes standing respectively on the left and right of the carpet.

「Welcome honorable guests. Would you mind standing there?」

And, when we’re about 50 meters away from the throne, the elf standing close to the left side of the throne said that so we stopped our feet.

When they confirmed that we stopped walking, the elves on the left and right side of the carpet kneeled with one knee and took their right hand with silver colored ring in front of their face.

TO the elves’ unique pose, I glanced unintentionally.

Then, laughter was heard from the throne.

「No, I apologize. This is an old custom so don’t mind it too much. In the past, when the messenger of an enemy actually came, it seems that the waiting guards are chanting magic but now they are only pretending to chant.」

The king of elves is unexpectedly frank. He said that with a smile that makes it hard to read his emotion.

「Welcome to La Fiesch. I am the king of La Fiesch, Saharoseteri. I welcome every one of you.」

As he said that, the one named Saharoseteri pulled in his chin as a substitute for a bow.

Although his actual age is unknown, he looks like a 20-year-old youth. His bangs are combed to the right side and the rest of his blonde hair is neatly tied at the back. He has pale green eyes….it’s the same tint of Sherahamira’s eyes.

He’s wearing a blue robe with gorgeous embroidery and in his head is not a crown but a platinum circlet.

I looked at Saharoseteri straight, lightly nodded and opened my mouth.

「I am pleased with your welcome. I am the king of a newly found country Einherjar, Ren.This is Sunny and behind is Soarer and Lagreat.」

When I said that and introduced myself and my companions, Saharoseteri nodded and looked at me and Sunny.

「You are also a representative of a country. I’m glad that we seem to find it easy to talk with each other. By the way, Sunny-san…Ah, is it alright if I call you Sunny-san?」

When Saharoseteri said that and smiled at Sunny, Sunny looked at me in silence.

I looked at Sunny’s eyes, nodded and sighed, and looked at Saharoseteri.

「Sunny’s fine with it.」

When I returned a reply on behalf of Sunny, Saharoseteri blinked his eyes a few times and looked at me.

And he opens his mouth while looking at me with a strange face.

「… I would like to ask you a few things but, what is the relationship between Ren-dono and Sunny-san?」

When Saharoseteri said so, I felt that all the glances of the people who had gathered at the throne room turned to me.

I was troubled for a moment but I thought I should be honest and open my mouth.

「… like a subordinate」


When I tried to mention the fact, Sunny let out a word to destroy everything.

And silence visits the throne room.

No matter how many times I looked back on my life, there was no silence as bad for my heart as this one.



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