Chapter 136 – Canaan’s Inner Heart is Dokidoki

TN: doki doki is a japanese SFX for beating fast

The apostle of god and his attendants.

Stories were handed down to us about the apostle of god and his attendants for we are descendants of the attendants.

It begins with the world of the gods.

In that world, many gods and their followers were constantly fighting.

It is a history of

In that land, even our ancestors were repeatedly winning and losing.

It is an unbelievable story.

My grandmother was a mage who I couldn’t win against even now.

She has a marvelous magical power and learned two superior magic. She can even shoot them in succession.

Compare to humans, they can’t even use the highest level magic of the most significant magic. Moreover, the best they could do is to chant and shoot magic once or twice.

TN: Something feels wrong here. Should I change most significant to basic? Since the other one is superior.

Thinking about it, my grandmother, who was able to shoot superior magic up to three times without chanting, can be considered abnormal.

However, it is said that my grandmother is inferior to the attendant of the apostle of god.

The dark elves left the elves’ country to make their own effort of becoming attendants of the apostle of god in the future once again.

Thanks to that, we gained information about the situation of the world and the national strength of each country. We also acquired our current training method of mastering magic while hunting monsters in shifts.

On the other hand, I heard that the elves who lived in peace in the country built with the power of the apostle of god are gradually fading away.

After 1000 years, the people of this world might rob the elves’ country.

The country of elves, it is something that connects and is valuable to the descendants of the attendants of the apostle of god.

If that were to happen, the elves, the dark elves, and the beastkins who each took a different path, must put our powers together and protect the country of elves as descendants.

Because I’m the elder of the dark elves, I must move and join hands with the elves and beastkins.

However, even though there is a danger of survival, it is impossible to use the teleportation formation. The elves are greater in number and is even counted as one of the five major powers so they won’t accept help from outsiders.

However, if they wait for their national power to weaken more, it will already be too late. At that time, they will be overrun by humans of this world which are rapidly increasing their numbers.

In order for that not to happen, I should move.

Though I thought about it, I don’t have to move after all.

One day, the path of the dark elves suddenly changed.

The new apostle of god descents.

The young man who was assigned to clean the temple found suspicious people and ran outside. The one who showed up and looked down at us from the entrance of the temple has an aloof atmosphere.

「….Who are you? You don’t look like a human but you’re definitely not a half-elf.」

When he heard it from the bottom of the temple, the strange blonde boy looked down on us with his red eyes.

The boy, who watched us, slowly opened his mouth with a friendly smile though I felt a heavy pressure just by looking at his red eyes.

「The village of dark elves. It was a teleportation formation after all.」

Hearing that boy’s words, I learned that he came from the elves’ country. The only one who knows about the teleportation formation are the descendants of the attendants like us.

「…No way, apostle of god, sama?」

Such lines came out from my mouth unintentionally.

The apostle of god, the most significant existence for the dark elves. This is the most surprising moment.

For us, who have dreamed of serving the apostle again someday, he’s the one we’ve been waiting for. If he were to reject our existence, the training that we dark elves continued to do throughout history will be all for nothing.

I felt a sense of nervousness that is crushing my heart.

But the boy who did not know my feelings looked at me with a bright smile.

「Are you the head? My lord has come. Gather the dark elves right away.」

The boy released a sense of intimidation that did not match his appearance when he said that.

「… Gather everyone.」

When I said that, I heard the sound of someone nearby running in a hurry.

Has come.

Finally, this fateful day has come.

Is the history of dark elves meaningful? Or was it a total waste?

I, who’s waiting without blinking, saw a person appeared.

It’s a beautiful young man with black hair that can be mistaken as an elf. Even though he is accompanied by others who looked like high elves, I couldn’t take my eyes off the young man.

My intuition tells

He is the Lord we have been waiting for.

I talked about the contents of the ritual to him. I thought that he would refuse fearing death but I still waited for his reply.

However, my feeling was only an unnecessary concern.

He accepted it with confidence and smiled. He remained in my house.

There are more than 20 powerful individuals, who our clan can boast of, surrounding the house.

Superior magic will be released altogether.

If that will use in a war against humans of this world, a strike of that magnitude will definitely be a decisive strike.

To be honest, I think that there is no existence that can withstand that power.

But if he is the apostle of god who governed our ancestors…

I feel that he won’t disappear no matter what. Because he is the reason for the existence of our race, he can’t disappear.

「… Fuu」

I took a deep breath and looked around.

My companions are on standby waiting for my signal. Their eyes are also swaying with anxiety and expectation.

I’m afraid that my forehead is flowing with sweat too.

Now, it’s been a minute.

I looked at the one beside me who were counting and he nods.

I made up my mind. I breathed heavily and opened my mouth.


Immediately afterward, a fire pillar swirled and blown up, masses ice and water fly, and spears of earth as big as a tree protruded from the ground blow away the house.

In addition, lightning falls from the heaven and arrow of light hit the house.

It exploded. Neither a castle nor a small mountain can withstand something like that, if used against those, they will leave no trace.

As the terrible destruction was over and the mages who lost their magical power were unable to stand, I looked at the rising smoke.

「O, Oh…!」

Someone shouted like that and everyone looked at the smoke.

When the smoke gradually decreases, silhouettes of four people appeared.


What appeared was Ren-sama and his servants under a barrier that didn’t even fluctuate.

Ren-sama was sitting with his arms crossed and eyes closed from where he was sitting since a while ago.

He has that much leeway?

It seems that his attendants are also talking while laughing.

This is the real apostle-sama and his attendants who fought in the world of gods…!

I put my hand on my chest and feel like crying.

If we will be under these people, we will not be lost anymore.

The time has come for us dark elves to appear in the bright, front stage after 1400 years.

As attendants of the new apostle of god!



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