Chapter 154 – Elves and Beastkins, To G.I.Jou

After all the matches ended, I looked around the beastkins and opened my mouth.

「With this, the country of beastkins, Hinomoto, and my country, Einherjar, are now allies. To those who wanted to, I can take you to my country at once. Any volunteer?」

When I said that, voices of surprise came out from the beastkins.

「H-how…how many days will it take? If it’s about one month…」

Fuuten asked that first. He can’t stay out away from his country for more than two months since he’s the king.

「We’re going to use flight magic so the round trip will take about three days. For the time being, I’ll take only 50 people. The others who would want to come to us will be taken next time.」

When I say so, the voices of admiration echoes from the surroundings.

Should I leave the selection to Fuuten?

I thought so and looked at Lagreat.

Lagreat and Laurel are sitting on the ground. Beside them are the standing Soarer, Alicequiteria, Canaan and Sherahamira.

「Are we going back?」

「Ah, do you want to take your dragon form and carry the beastkins?」

When I said so, Lagreat knit his eyebrows and looked up at the sky.

「Eh! I’m already tattered!」

While laughing at Lagreat’s complaint, I looked at Soarer.

「Was his injury healed?」

「Yes, he’s already completely healed.」

Soarer replied immediately to my question. Lagreat looked at her reproachfully then looked at me.

「We’re going to bring the elves too, right? Why don’t we have the elves use flight magic?」

When Lagreat said so, Alicequiteria looked at Sherahamira. Sherahamira, who looks like she wants to apologize, receives Alicequiteria’s glance and lifts her face.

「Ah…Alicequiteria-sama can use group flight magic with ease…as for the other mages, the best they could do is to fly alone….」

After Sherahamira said that, Canaan raised the edge of her mouth and stuck out her chest.

「There are ten dark elves that can use group flight magic. The rest will be able to use it too if we just give them more time. I’ll leave the least necessary person on various places and have everyone else move to Einherjar.」

「That’s good. We’ll carry the beastkins since the elves can manage yourselves.」

When I said that, Alicequiteria nodded.

「We’ll manage to do something about it somehow.」

When Alicequiteria said that with determination, Canaan looked at Alicequiteria in a proud manner.

「Should we also carry some elves?」

When Canaan made such a proposal, Alicequiteria narrowed her eyes to Canaan.

「You don’t need to. The elves will take care of elves’ business.」

When Alicequiteria replied with a sharp tone, Canaan snorted and laughed.

Well, I wonder if they can really move.

Fuuten, Kuudai, Linshan, and other beastkins are flying in the sky full of tension.

I wonder if they are yearning to fly in the sky.

We fly through the dark elves’ village, then the elves’ country. That time, only Saharoseteri and the other high elves are the only ones who came with us to Einherjar.

At the dark elves’ village, the brain-dead dark elf chief Canaan, just left a letter saying that everyone must come to Einherjar then fly with 100 people with her.

Then, the stupid king of the country of elves took 200 people with him. All of them are high elves that can use flight magic. They are also the one in charge of managing their country.

I invited 350 guests to G.I.Jou this time.

In the sky over the forest of abyss, an abnormal number of wyvern appeared but all of them went away after seeing me.

All of them are probably wyverns that my guild members tamed. Their number has become considerable already.

Though the beastkins are considerably surprised when they had seen the wyverns, the elves were astonished when they saw a 30-meter class earth dragon afterward.

Ishmugard, the Lord of the forest of abyss. Ishmugard looked at the beastkins and the elves then opened his mouth as he spread his wings widely.

「What is the reason for you being here…mou? Are you here to serve the master? Are they new servants?」

Ishmugard said that in a bass voice that is coming from his belly.

「They are citizens of our allied country, the country of elves and country of beastkins. The dark elves are my subordinates.」

When I answered, Ishmugardo snoozed and laughed. He looked at the beastkins and elves and me in the end.

「What is your intention of making them your ally? With your might, you can easily suppress their country?」

「Running a country is troublesome.」

When I muttered so, Ishmugard laughed out loud.

「An interesting answer. By the way, my castle was completed. It is a stunning castle. I cannot express my gratitude to master who I serve.」

「Is that so? I’ll look around it next time.」

After I replied to Ishmugard, he disappeared into the forest.

To that spectacle, Alicequiteria looked at me with an aghast face.

「A-ano, that dragon….Is it Ren-sama’s subordinate?」

When Alicequiteria asked so, I tilted my neck.

「No, he is not my immediate subordinate. He is my subordinate’s subordinate. For example, Canaan is my subordinate and he is similar to Canaan’s subordinate.」

When I said so, voices of astonishment echoed from elves and beastkins.

「A dr-dragon is treated like that…」

「And it’s such a huge dragon…」

「This is the first time I saw a dragon…」

Voices of amazement and sorrow were mixed. It seems that a mid-class dragon’s appearance was popular.

The adventurers who are trying to conquer the forest of abyss will first reach Ishmugard’s castle.

I’m looking forward to the surprised faces of the adventurers especially the silver wind party.

While thinking of such a thing, we reached the front gate of the G.I.Jou.

Within the huge castle gate, a huge castle can be seen. The elves and beastkins were popeyed as they look at it.

Everyone seemed to be petrified. I looked at the castle gate. At the back of the castle gate are the demon Dion in butler clothes, the tall maid Proudia, and the 10 members of the maid corps who are lined up to met us.

「…Welcome home, master.」

「…Welcome home, my lord.」

Dion and Proudia had faces that seem that they hated something from the bottom of their hearts when they lowered their heads. The maid corps also bowed accordingly.

Dion and Proudia might be feeling bitter because they can’t say malicious language in front of the guests.

Serves you

I looked back and it seemed like the elves and beastkins are still stunned.

「Welcome to my castle. G.I.Jou is a special place where even citizens of my country can’t come. Enjoy it by all means.」

I said so and looked at everyone.

What’s this? Something tells me that I seem to have brought them to a theme park.

Well, this isn’t a mistake, right?



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