Extra 03 – G.I.Jou’s Surprised Guests, Linshan and Itsuharuria

It was as if the castle itself was emitting light.

The structure is beautiful and original, it has a great sense of existence too. It is also huge enough to fill the scenery.

However, I feel something strange about its shape.

To put in another way, it feels like going home after a long time. No, it feels like coming back to my hometown when I was not allowed to come back. I feel like my chest is tightening.

Tears had flowed on my cheeks before I noticed it.

But I don’t feel like wiping my tears instead, I just stare at the castle.


When I turned my eyes sideways to the source of the voice, I saw Shera who is crying like me although she’s tearing more.

Next to the crying Shera is Saharoseteri-sama who put his hand on her shoulder and opens his mouth.

「…This is the place we’re aiming to come back to, Sherahamira. Our blood as the juusha of the apostle of god-sama is pulling us to our true hometown…」

TN: I changed subordinate to juusha. I just thought that it would be better to call them that because they are the yuusha’s subordinate. Another reason is to differentiate the title of subordinate. Last chapter, Ishmugard was called “buka” which also means subordinate but not juusha which is Ren’s subordinate. That is the reason why someone said “A dr-dragon is treated like that…” which could probably indicate that even a mighty dragon only has the qualification to be buka but not juusha.

When Saharoseteri-sama muttered so, a lot of people including me looked up.

I also feel that what Saharoseteri-sama has just said fits what I currently feel.

That’s it. That’s right. What I feel, I need to put it in words.

My hometown. I need properly conduct myself after finally coming back.

I looked at Ren-sama, who looked at me as if he’s confused, and opened my mouth.


TN: Formal way to say father


I smiled wryly when Ren-sama only replied with one word.

I kneeled and looked up at Ren-sama while mucus is running down on my nose.

「No, please let me call you chichiue! This dreadful thing is your servant, your subordinate, and your daughter!」

「You’re wrong.」

Feelling won’t stop overflowing on my chest and I’m so frustrated because I can’t put it in words.

Whatever words I chose, it seems different. I can’t express what I feel.

「Please understand!」

「What is!?」shmtranslations.com

I screamed on the spot while holding myself back on clinging to Ren-sama.

This is not good. Ren-sama take a step away from me.

When I panicked on the spot, Saharoseteri-sama came next to me and put his left hand on my shoulder.

「Itsuharuria, what you’re feeling inside now is not wrong.」

「It is wrong!」

Though Saharoseteri-sama affirmed my feelings, Ren-sama denied it.

No, I am certainly not his biological daughter but our existence is…!

「Ren-sama…we are the descendants of the juusha’s created by the apostle of god-sama. What we feel is certainly the proof. I feel the same as Itsuharuria. Perhaps everyone, especially those who had thick blood of the juusha, understands what Itsuharuria feels. The impact is too much that we are shocked and trembling… 」

Saharoseteri-sama said so to explain how I feel.

Please notice, this feeling!

*TN: Notice me chichiue

「Ah, ahh…so it’s like that….」

But Ren-sama only nodded and smiled as if he’s in trouble.

Ah, this is sad. I want Ren-sama to recognize it.

I feel like my feelings won’t lose even to the true juusha of Ren-sama standing there.

Those juusha-sama who are standing on this splendid ground are taking it for granted and don’t understand our happiness.

When I thought of that, I saw the tall figure of a maid staring at me. I feel like her stare would turn me into a stone.


Is that what a true juusha looks like?

Ren-sama, the apostle of god-sama that from the legend. I was able to come to his castle.

I thought that I will be able to experience this wonderful even without worrying but it seemed like I’m tearing out.

However, I’m not tearing much like the elves. They looked like they are crying.

「…Kuudai, the elves are…」

I looked up at Kuudai who’s standing next to me. I looked at his face.

Kuudai was shedding tears like a waterfall.

「wh-what, you, what’s wrong?」

When I asked his mo, Kuudai snuffed while wiping his tears with one hand.

「I don’t know. However, tears fall and it doesn’t stop. I feel like I’ve been homesick since childhood.」

「You were a child…?」

「You’re rude.」shmtranslations.com

I grumbled since he took my joke like that. Kuudai continued to shed tears.

Looking around, nearly half of the beastkins are crying.

Why? I have read the story of the apostle of god-sama many many times but I did not long for this place like the others.

Even if I don’t know what’s happening, I felt a sense of defeat. The crying Fuuten-dono looked at me.

He looks like he’s enduring something painful.

「I know how Kuudai feels. Perhaps some of us also have thick and thin blood.」

Fuuten-dono said that while sobbing. Rude. Sorry for being thin-blooded.

I have set foot to the castle of god that I longed for but I somehow feel gloomy.

It is naturally a wonderful castle and the most suitable word to describe it is divine.

Not only the walls and the floors are shining, the carpet is wonderful, there are various furnishings and even the ceilings has fine decorations and paintings… you’ll be surprised at anything you’ll see.

We went around such a castle and finally gathered in the dining room.

Ren-sama said that it is the dining room but looking at it, it is a hall.

The illumination is beautiful that I have never seen before, the long curtains have an incredibly detailed embroidery, and below those long curtains are beautiful tables and chairs I have not seen before.

When I was looking around the dining room, Ren-sama opened his mouth as if he remembered something.

「Ah, Eleanor, please asked Nest to perform.」

「Yes. What shall I ask him to play?」

「An orthodox classical music might be good. Ah, I want to hear Chopin.」


After such exchange, the amazingly beautiful woman called Eleanor walked away from Ren-sama.

Ren-sama called nearly half of his juusha in order to entertain us who are descendant of the former juusha.

And those legendary juusha appeared.

They are eating the same meal in the same place as us.

It is exactly like a dream.

Meanwhile, Eleanor-sama came back to Ren-sama’s table.

Then, a man in black clothes with blonde hair sat down on a round chair in front of a black desk.

That person is also Ren-sama’s juusha so he’s someone amazing too.

While I thought of that, that person raised the lid of the black desk and put his hand on the desk.

I wonder if he’s writing something.

When I thought of such a thing, a clear, beautiful sound echoed.


That word can be used to describe that flood of sounds.

Various sounds beats my earlobe and I savored it as my body trembled.

When the sound stopped, I noticed and was able to understand that he was playing a musical instrument.

My tears are not stopping.

People around me also cried, laughed and cheered, as I looked around.

Even though I was surprised at the food, that performance was able to lament people.

I understood it that time.

Playing that splendid musical instrument.

That must be my mission.

It didn’t even look like an instrument because this is the first time I saw something like that.

I stood up on the spot and clapped while thinking so.

「Linshan, the next piece will begin.」

I panicked and sit on the spot after hearing Ren-sama’s words. I fell forward as if I was stuck on the table while listening to the performance.

This time, it was a relaxing, gentle tone.

Not good. I’m about to cry again.

I cried.

Looking at me, who’s trembling with excitement, Ren-sama laughed.

「Fantaisie-Impromptu…it is for Linshan.」

Eh? For me?shmtranslations.com



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