Chapter 15 – Winter preparations and New Resident

I completely forgot about the possibility of winter.

Though I said I want to be a farmer but I definitely made a blunder.

The crops should have notified me but because of the out of the norm crop growing speed, I never noticed what season it is.

The weather too. So far, there were only 2 to 3 days heavy rains where I won’t be able to do anything outside, the rest are just light rains.

Those totally made me careless.

Though there is only one human, I need to consider securing foods for the kuro’s too.

In order to store meat, I made a basement that would act as a refrigerator.

It will turn cold just by being in the underground.

I should have made one sooner.

And hunt rabbits with the kuro’s.

………..If you’re looking for something, you won’t encounter them easily.

Though I was not able to hunt even one, the kuro’s hunted steadily because of that I was in charge of blood draining, internal organs, and meat processing instead.

Blood draining.

I’m working to remove the blood of the prey.

The bloody smell of the meat decreases as I drain the blood.

I remember the rabbit meat that I ate after I drained its blood was as delicious as the boar meat.

Because of that, I tried draining blood as much as possible.

As for the internal organs……….several parts are scary so I throw them away.

The kuro’s are like “Eh? Why are you throwing them away?”. They look sad. Internal organs are easy to rot so they should be eaten immediately after processing.

Also, depending on the part, feces, urine, gastric juices……

I also saw melting big insects and frogs with mysterious colors. I don’t think I can bring myself eat something that contains those.

In the previous world, the only meat I eat is herbivores….I better not eat internal organs of omnivores and carnivores.

Ah………..but, aren’t these valuable nutrition source for the kuro’s?

I never heard any wild animals that avoid eating internal organs……Rather, they eat internal organs first.


My knowledge from my previous world is working so other than the digestive system, I gave everything else to the kuro’s.

What about this stone like thing near the heart?

Is this gallstone?

But this is not a rabbit exclusive thing since the boar also has one.

Is this common for the animals of this world?

Is this thing can be eaten?

I tried giving it to the kuro’s and they gladly munched, crushed and ate it.

…….is that delicious?

In any case, the internal organs are exclusively for the kuro’s.

And they should eat it on the same day. There’s no way I’ll stock it until the next day.

By the way, Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, and Kuroyon are still smaller compared to Kuro and Yuki but I think that they are already fine adult dogs.

At the center of their foreheads, there are red, knife-like horns growing.

Anyway, I left the kuro’s to be in charge of meat security and just concentrate on supporting them then, they manage to lure a big boar.

Did they want me to take care of it?

Are they depending on me? Or, did they give it to me because I can’t hunt at all….

Anyway, I can’t let that invade the field so I hit it in the neck using the hoe form.

Then, drain the blood and take off the internal organs.

If I’m alone, this amount is more than enough for me for the winter but the kuro’s can eat more than expected.

I want a few more boars, I want it.

I collected grass as well.

I obviously use them as wipes for buttocks but they are also important for bed making.

Considering that it will be cold because of winter, I want to keep a lot more.

As a result, the grass bed I made was tattered in 10 days….

As for wiping buttocks, I have to let them as fresh as possible.

I even made a separate storage for them.

Though it’s easy to mow grass, it is hard to collect and carry them.

I tried experimenting have the kuro’s carry it. I tied them to the kuro’s body then have all of us move together considering that the kuro’s can’t remove them alone. After that, I realized that I should do it alone.

I would like the kuro’s to continue hunting.

Now, clothes.

Because the kuro’s have their own fur, they have no problem but my top and bottom are just ordinary villager’s outfit.

I won’t last at winter.

I took my eyes on the rabbit and wild boar furs.


I peeled them off but what should I do next?

They should be tanned but how do I do that?

According to the survival manga that I read a long time ago, it should be chewed to soften but….mou.

As I saw on TV, after washing thoroughly, the remaining fat on the fur should be melted, and stretched it…..

I experimented on a rabbit fur.

After spoiling four of them, I gave up.


It is impossible for an amateur to tan fur.

I intended to completely hibernate, and just stay in the house during the winter.

I went into the shed that I will turn into a house and made several measures against cold.

For lighting, I made a dormer window…I made sure to make the window cover to surely fit the window.

I double plated the wall and put grass in between.

The door I made so far are lean type door so I tried my best to make an ordinary door.

TN: Lean type door means the door rest against it, not a thin door

The difficult part is the hinge.

Since I have no metallic parts or nails, I gave up. I just directly hinge the door to the pillar.

Though there might be a problem with durability, it will at least lasts this winter.

This shed looks like a house now that a door was installed.

Yes, civilization.

Are these all the measures against cold for a house?

If I ever need to move out, I’ll rely on the all-purpose farming tool.


Now, what should I do to the toilet?

The toilet also needs protection against cold.

When I was doing variety of things, Kuroyon, who had gone out to hunt, came to call me.

Is there another boar?

When I run after Kuroyon thinking so, we move to the place near the under construction waterway.

Is the waterway broken?

When I advanced while being a little anxious, I saw Kurosan waiting.

Near Kurosan was a black, flat object.

A black cushion?

Looking at it closely, it’s a big spider.


Its body is about two tatami mats in size.

It’s not a cushion but a futon.

It has eight legs to its left and right.

If it stretched out is legs its probably about six tatami mats.

Though I’m not knowledgeable about spiders, its legs are not so long.

Its feature? It is covered with hair, not just the body but also the legs.

The spider beside Kurosan is acting gently.

What does it mean?

It doesn’t look like they want me to hunt it like the wild boar….

Kuroyon looks like he’s satisfied as if he performed a big task.


When I was a little troubled, Kurosan barked at the spider as if saying something.

As if that was a signal, the spider spits threads from its buttocks and begin to skillfully fumbling it with its forelegs.

What is it?


After about five minutes, the spider wove a sparkling cloth using its own thread.

The size of the cloth is about fifty centimeters square.


It folded it into four and put it in front of Kurosan. Kurosan grabbed it and brought it to me.


When I check the cloth brought by Kurosan, it feels better than my clothes.

Moreover, there is spider-like embroidery.

Kurosan bit the hem of my trousers lightly so I looked back at the spider.

「By chance….can spider make clothes?」

Kuroyon barks joyfully as if I said the correct answer.

「I see.」

I do not detest spiders.

Spiders are beneficial bugs.

If it is not a venomous spider, then there is no problem.

It is not venomous.

That’s what I want to think.

In society, it is give & take.

It is the same with animals and insects.

There is no unilateral exploitation or service.

It is give-and-take.

Spider will live with us.

It will live on the big tree which is my former crib.

It can eat anything but it seems to prefer potato.

……….it eats potato.

Maybe because it’s a different world spider.

And it makes clothes.

Moreover, it can customize the form of the cloth and make it directly into clothes.


It took my sizes by looking at me.

This spider is highly intelligent.

When I asked it, it made me curtains for my dormer-window and door.

My measures against cold progresses.

And, there are more amazing things about the spider.

This spider managed to use and work on the fur I had given up on.

It’s totally more dextrous and more knowledgeable than me.

Moreover, it combined the fur and its thread to make new clothes.

In regards to that sense, it is absolutely better than me.

I can’t part with it anymore.

I also gave it a name.

From its first impact, Zabuton.

TN: Zabuton means cushion.

Our new resident.



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    after reading this manga i get interested…
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