Chapter 16 – Zabuton

Spider not making sounds seems to be the same in this different world.

However, spider in this different world seems to make sound using tools.

Kan, kan.

It is the sound of the tree being beaten by another tree. I turn back to the direction where the sound rang.

This time, it sounded trice in a fast rhythm.


Zabuton lives on the big tree where I originally lived.

It is the highest place around since I already plowed the surrounding area.

It is twice as tall as the fruit trees growing in the field.

There, one can see the surroundings better.

If there is an incident, sound of beating wood will ring to let me know.

Moreover, it tells the direction too.

One beat is north, twice is east, thrice is south, and four times is west.

It’s really good.

By the way, in case of south-west, the tree will be beaten by three times first them four times after that.

As I proceed in the direction Zabuton pointed out, Kuroni is already driving a beast in my direction.

It is something large and this is the first time I’ve seen it.

…what is that?

Big weasel?

No, it’s different from what I’ve seen before.


TN: Tanuki is a dog that looks like a raccoon. Wikipedia link with image is here.

With claws like that, this is the most atrocious tanuki I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, it is being driven away by Kuroni so it is full of hostility.

It waved its fore claws to me.

Since it attacked me, I transformed the all-purpose farming tool to its hoe form.

With the all-purpose farming tool in my hand, I’m very calm.

I feel that my physical abilities are also rising.

I avoided its fore claws.

And, hit its neck with the hoe.

It lost its head. Kuroni barked so I patted his head to praise him.

It is not much as the wild boar but securing meat feels good.

I used the all-purpose farming tool to carry it to my residence. Zabuton came down to help with the dismantling.

Because Zabuton is hanging on a thread, it was quite easy to drain its blood, take the internal organs, and remove the fur.

The way Zabuton peels the fur is definitely way better than me. After that, it returned to the tree with the fur.

As of now, there should be a large amount of fur on the tree already.

It is getting terribly cold.

Perhaps it would have been dangerous if Zabuton did not make new clothes.

I also asked Zabuton to make a big sack.

I packed grass in it and it became my bed.

I should request for a comforter in order to warm me up at night.

When I was about to harvest the potatoes, sweet potatoes, radish, and carrots I planted on the field, there is already snow.

It seems like this place is cooler than expected.

I hurriedly finished the harvesting.

After storing the harvested produce in the basement, I thought that the fruit trees should have anti-cold measures…but I don’t know any measures for it.

I’ll leave it this time.

I’m sorry.

It seems that the kuros understood that the winter came. They didn’t go to the forest so much to the point that they shut themselves on the former warehouse that became their doghouse.

By the way, I also installed several measures against cold on the doghouse.

Although they can’t use fire, I put some cloth that Zabuton made in it to prevent wind.

The kuros are snuggling while sleeping in order to keep warm. They are quite lovely.

I think that it is still possible to do something even if it’s winter.

For the time being, I think I should make accessories by carving woods and stones on my hut his winter.

As of now, I still haven’t made anything that doesn’t leak water.

TN: Remember, he can only make solid objects in order for water not to leak. He can’t make something like an assembled basin since water will leak.

How can woods hold each other tight?

Perhaps I need things like adhesives?

I should think about it a little more.

Should I make it with wheat flour or corn flour? I should make mortars and stone mils.

Well, there are also other things I wanted so I guess I won’t be free this winter.



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