Chapter 19 – Kuroichi and the Gang’s Journey

One day, the cold disappeared completely. It became warmer and it feels good.

Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, and Kuroyon are looking at me seriously while lining up in front of me.

What happened?

The snow completely melts and a certain part of the forest has grown more brilRiant than before.

As if the representative, Kuroichi barks and they began running in certain directions.


What is it?

This is strange.

As I’m getting upset, Kuro and Yuki rubbed their bodies against me.

E to…

When I looked at Kuro and Yuki, they got close to each other as if showing something to me.


I get it.

Kuroichi and the others went out to look for partners.

Ah, ah, ah…

I see.

I give them my blessing.

Though I feel lonely.


The next day, Kuroichi and the others didn’t return so Kuro and Yuki cheer me up.

Though they did not say anything, I’m thankful that they are tried to.

My heart hurts.

I also want a bride.

Because Kuroichi and the others are not here, the custom of having one of them accompanying me did not continue.

Though Kuro and Yuki tried to stay by my side, I asked them to hunt instead.

Zabuton’s children worked hard on the field watch.

Their ribbon-like thread hunts and scares birds.

Moreover, I appreciate them eating the insects that are trying to infest the crops.

The hard thing is, I have to pay attention to where I step to as I enter the field.

Although they are as big as a fist, it will be dangerous if I accidentally step on them.

I don’t want them to walk on the ground. I want them to be in a place as high as possible.

When I thought so, I asked them to move about 5 meters above the field and if they need to do something below, they’ll just have to bungee jump.


I was surprised seeing the large number of Zabuton’s children.

They seem to exceed 100.

I gave up the naming of children of Zabuton.

My activities are the following: taking care and harvesting the fields, processing the prey Kuro and Yuki hunted, and making waterway.

I want to find rock salts but I don’t want to overdo it because Kuroichi and the others are gone.

I’ll build the waterway for the time being.

It is for the paddy field and also for the bath.

Especially now that Zabuton was able to make a towel like cloth.

There was no fabric until Zabuton came so I used to use leaves to wipe my body.

However, thanks to Zabuton, I can now wipe my body with cloth so my desire for bathing became stronger.

I’ll do my best to build the waterway.

I worked hard.

It has been 60 days since Kuroichi and the others left.

The waterway is halfway done.

While I’m doing it, Zabuton’s children shed their skin. They become bigger, about the size of a magazine. They helped me in building the waterway.

They mainly carry soil.

Those are the soil I softened and scooped with a shovel. I put them on big leaves which they carry.

The amount they carry are small but because of their numbers, it can’t be considered as a stupid idea.

Also, until now, I alone have always been the one softening, carrying, packing and solidifying soil.

However, thanks to Zabuton’s children I can now concentrate more on what I’m working at.

I’m grateful at Zabuton’s children and I’m sorry for not being able to name them.

However, these children of Zabuton does not resemble Zabuton.

They are somewhat similar since they also have hair covering their bodies and short arms but they look like a different species because their pattern is different.

Is it because they are yet to mature?

I wonder if they will become bigger by repeated shedding.

Is there a possibility that they have a father I don’t know of?

In any case, since they are helping me a lot on the field works, I’ll have them eat potatoes.

Building waterway and field work.

It is hard to do both.

When I was thinking about it, Kuroni came back from the south.

Accompanying him is a black dog bigger than him.

Did you found your partner safely and return here?

Tears have fallen a little.

Kuroni’s partner tried to intimidate me at first but when Kuroni, Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton got in between, it became gentler.

I wonder if they persuaded her.


At any rate, it is good that Kuroni is safe.

He doesn’t seem to be injured.

He also seems to get along with his partner too.

I wish his partner could get used to safety now.

Also, how should I call her?

Because she’s Kuroni’s bride, Kuroniyome?

TN: Yome means a lady wedded to a household.

That’s terrible.

Jaa, she’s a female so Yukini?

Kurosan is a female.

When Kurosan returned with her partner, what should I do?

Moreover, Yuki is also pregnant.

Although it is not obvious if you look at her stomach, I’m pretty sure because Kuro is working harder than usual.

I am worried.

After a few days of worrying, Kurosan came back from the west.

Her partner is a black horned dog which is about her size.

I am surprised that Kurosan’s partner is full of wounds. Thankfully, Kurosan came back safely.

He’s walking steadily on his feet so I guess he’s fine…

When I looked at Kurosan’s partner anxiously and tried to ask her what happened, she has the “I don’t know anything.” face so I thought of something.

…could it be that Kurosan is the one who did it?

「I like you. Be my husband 」

Did Kurosan said that then attacked?

No, no, Kurosan probably has a lot of suitors so he was injured because of that.

Yes, that’s it.

Kurosan nodded as if agreeing.

Do your best.

A few days later, Kuroichi returned with his partner and on the afternoon of that day, Kuroyon returned with his partner.

Everyone returned?

Kuroichi looks dignified so his partner watched and followed him.

It seems like he’s boasting his partner so I pat his head.

Kuroyon is full of wounds and has the atmosphere similar to Kurosan’s partner.

Was he attacked by his partner?

No, that’s not it.

He was challenged to a fight for his partner and won in the end.

I want you to make a happy family.

I’m glad that the returned but I’m troubled about the names.


Should I give up on that idea like what I did with Zabuton’s children?

Anyway, each of them will give birth after this.

Considering that one couple could birth three to five animals, this is troublesome.

Thinking about that food, should I need to expand the field?


Let’s do our best in various ways.

I refreshed my heart.



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