Chapter 18 – Spring Has Come

The horn of Kuroichi, Kuroni, and Kurosan suddenly fell off.

I was surprised to see the place where the horn has fallen from.

However, it will probably grow again like what happened to Kuro and Yuki.

Kuro and Yuki’s horn were also like that last year.

But now, they have horns again.

I collected the horns of Kuroichi and the others and probably display them in the doghouse as commemoration.

Their horns look like knives and are quite beautiful.

I wonder if it will happen again in the future.

Anyway, let’s resume my activity.

First of all is the field.

During the winter, the crops are considerably consumed.

During the winter, I thought of various things.

There is no seasoning so the crops don’t taste that good.

Garlic, onion, leek.

I don’t plan on giving the kuro’s those. I just want to enrich my meal.

Also, tea.

I should have thought about it earlier.

I planted two fields each for tomatoes and potatoes.

Since the fruit trees are already occupying two fields, there are only two vacant fields.

I was troubled at first but I decided to plant cabbage and spinach.

Greens are important too.

After taking care of the fields, I check the log fence and the moat enclosing the fields next.

I was worried that something will happen to them during winter but it seems that there is no abnormality on the log fence.

In the moat, there is a fanged rabbit but it seems dead.

Did it plan to attack us?

Thinking about hygiene, I guess it’s impossible to eat it.

In the end, I decided to make it a fertilizer.

After that, I check the waterway and the reservoir.

The waterway aside, I was surprised to see that there is some water in the reservoir.

Thinking about it, is it because of the melted snow?

I hammered the bottom of the reservoir with the hammer form of the all-purpose farming tool. It must be the reason why the water was not absorbed.

Will it go bad?

I want to drain the water but the drainage is much higher than the current water level.

I can’t do anything about it so I just left.

This probably won’t be a problem.

I decided to resume making the waterway to take water from the waterfall that was interrupted for a long time.

Though working at it after a long time feels good, there’s still a long way to go.

The amount of soil I need to pile up increases as I approach the waterfall.

I’m a bit worried about the angle since if there will be a problem, it will be hard to correct it.

Before I noticed it, it felt like I’m building something similar to the great wall of China.

The waterway that connects the waterfall to my residence.

It really looks like a wall.

Won’t this break if a wild animal tried crossing it?

This will definitely inconvenient anyone who’ll try to go to the other side of the wall.


Let’s just bore a hole once it’s completed.

Yeah, there is no need to rush things.

I thought so but still bore several holes for traffic.

A real man loves holes.

TN: A man of culture.



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