Chapter 22 – Winter Preparation and a Naked Girl?

I have begun feeling the chilliness in my residence.

As for Kuro and the others pups, they are still cute but there is already a horn growing in their heads.

I became a little melancholic since winter will arrive soon.

The fruit tree did not bear fruits yet.

I expect it next year.

I have stored a considerable amount of food.

To the point that I have to build more underground storage.

You can call it thorough.

I have raised and harvested more crops now.

Thought the waterway is still incomplete.

In addition, I haven’t secured salt yet.

Will I be alright?

I feel like I haven’t tasted any sort salinity ever since coming to this world…

I have only eaten either produce or hunted animals and now, fish.


Can it be supplemented by animal meats?

I’m not quite sure.

I roast them.

However, it is not possible for me to eat them raw.

Though my physical condition might worsen in the future…I can’t do anything for now.

Let’s make it my objective next year.

I’ll make it my top priority.

TN: Why does it seem like he urgently needs salt? Salt plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. It is the main source of sodium and chloride ions in the human diet. Sodium is essential for nerve and muscle function and is involved in the regulation of fluids in the body.

Next is waterway building.

Ah…I want a wife.

Sleeping alone at night is lonesome.

Especially when I see the harmonious family of the kuros.

Zabuton suddenly consoles me.


My plan for winter….

I decided to make various things with wood and stones this year so I collected materials.

Currently, I managed to unite woods without water leaking on them.

I’m currently using resins in order for that method to succeed but now I’m aiming for no water leak even if no resin is used.

Devising the angle by carving the wood where the parts joins, I managed to prevent water leak.

It prevented water leak but when more load was put in it, it cannot take the water pressure so I devised the carving to strengthen the unification.


I utilized it presently at the water container in the dog area.

This is one step closer to the bath.


The fruit trees are also giving me a good feeling so I’m thinking of planting cypress.

For the sake of the bath.

Kuroichi and the other’s children don’t have names except for one.

It is because there are too many of them.

It is also difficult to distinguish them.

I’m thinking of asking Zabuton to make scarfs with names.

I named Kuro’s four new pups.

Kurogo, Kuroroku, Kuronana, and Kurohachi.

Kurogo and Kuroroku are males while Kuronana and Kurohachi are females.

This is not discrimination.

They are living near my residence so there are a lot of chances for us to meet.

A pure white puppy is born among the new pups and it is the pup of Eris and Kuroyon.

I named it because it’s completely distinguishable.


I think it suits her because she looks like snow.

TN: Fubuki = Blizzard

She’s female.

At the time when the horns can be clearly seen on the forehead of the puppies, Zabuton informed us that there was an incident on the north side.

It seems that the urgency is higher than usual so I have a bad feeling.

To affirm my hunch, I was surprised to see the kuros running all together on the north side.

The puppies also acted similarly.


Did a dangerous guy come?

I took out the AFT and followed the kuros.

When I arrived at the place where the kuros surrounded, I saw a naked girl.

She looks like in her lower grade of elementary school. She has silver hair and an outstanding pretty face.

In the future, she’ll absolutely be a beauty.

However, her body was full of scratches made by the kuros. She’s currently being confronted by the kuros with a big tree behind her.

The kuros are attacking her one after another, on one place after another.

She was blown in succession.

Even if the girl is an enemy, why are the kuros not holding her down even though their difference in physique is clear?

No no, wait wait.

They have to calm down.

However, even though I already clapped my hands, the kuros are still hostile.

The surrounded girl noticed me.

「H-help me 」


I can understand what she said.

I felt something after hearing words after a long time.

「All right 」

I passed through the kuros and came in front of the girl.



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