Chapter 26 – Tendon? A Woman with Wings

Kuroichi’s pups are about to come back.

I was informed by Zabuton about an abnormality in the north.

It’s the same when Loo came.

The kuros all ran to the north at once while me and Loo chased them hurriedly.

No way, is there a naked girl again?

Loo is enough for me.

When we arrived at the place where the kuros are, there was a trembling angel surrounded by the kuros.


She has blonde hair with a lovely face.

She looks like a high school student.

Her chest is really noticeable and she really has an appeal of a woman.

She has large wings on her back and is wearing a pure white dress.

Unlike the time with Loo, I don’t think she’ll suck my blood. She was bitten in her hands, feet, and wings and she was also knocked down.

As expected, I entered the scene to intervene.

「Wait wait wait 」

It’s exactly like what happened with Loo.

After the kuros fall back, the judged that she was saved when she saw me and began crying.

My desire to protect her stirred up.

But I already have Loo.

I tried to leave things to Loo but the angel got furious when she saw Loo.

「So this is where you have been! You rotten vampire! 」

The kuros respond to her rage and beat her up.

For the kuros, Loo is already a friend and a family.

While feeling glad for confirming their feelings, I intervened again.

「Uu………Thank you very much. 」

As expected, she’s bleeding all over that it’s dropping on the ground, she’s pitiful.

Thinking of what I could do for her, the angel manages to do something with her own power.

With magic.

She heals herself with healing magic. She stops the bleeding and cleaned her body and clothes with magic that I don’t understand well.

Is it cleaning magic?

When I thought how convenient it is, Loo’s competitive spirit lits up and says that she can also do it.


Now, should I ask her to clean up the excrement that accumulated under the toilet?

Though I can take care of it myself, I don’t feel like doing it…..I’m still not motivated enough.

When the timing is right, I’ll try asking her as a favor.

As of now, I know that it will be of no use.

「Vampire. Why are you hiding here? 」

Loo and the angel seem to know each other.

Looking at it, it seems like they have a hostile relationship.

「Well, various things happened. Are you alright? That’s quite painful. 」

「I’m okay now….It is no longer painful. 」

「I understand because I also almost got killed. 」

「You too? 」

「Yeah. They’re merciless. Magic is also ineffective since they can evade it. 」

「It’s alright. You are safe now.」

But it seems different now.

It seems like there’s a strange empathy born between them.

「I apologize for what happened that time. Therefore, let’s stop the dispute here.」

「You’re apologizing………I understand. Let’s stop our dispute.」

「Thank you. Then, let me introduce you to my husband.」

Loo suddenly introduced me.

「Eh? A, aahh….eh to…..I’m Hiraku.」

Machio Hiraku.

It has been a while since I introduced myself to someone so I somewhat stuttered.

「Nice to meet you. I am Tier. As you can see, I’m an angel.」

Angel race.

There is such a race here too.

「I came here in pursuit of Lulushi-san but…」


「Yes. Lulushi-san acts violently in a town and she even has a bounty.」

I should look after Loo.

「Ahaha…I somewhat overdid it a little that time.」

「It’s not a little. Even though no one was injured, it crushed the face of the nobles.」


Loo adds.

「I came here because I wanted to escape from her.」


I have known Loo’s character to a certain extent…she’s not the type to escape.

Loo answers my question.

「She’s a little stronger than me because of affinity.」

「Lulushi, you’ve changed. If it’s you from before, you will absolutely not say that I’m stronger.」

「Fufu….I realized my powerlessness.」

「Ah…I see. I agree. Your self-conceit will really disappear.」

Tier and Loo looked at the kuros at a distant.

「That number is foul.」


Maa, since they will no longer fight, let’s welcome her.

「Anyway, will you come to our house? It’s a poor shed….but it’s better than standing here….」

「Right.  Come in by all means.」

Loo unexpectedly invited her enthusiastically.

「…Is that so? Then please excuse me for intruding.」

I disbanded the kuros and headed to the shed where Loo and I sleep with Tier and Loo.

As we enter the shed, Loo incited the three of us for some reason.

「Y-you swindled me! You vile vampire!」

「My body can’t take it alone. Please do it with me.」

「No one is fool enough to go with that! Release me!」

「I’m already satisfied with Loo.」

「Didn’t I just say that my body won’t last! Hora, now!」

The number of resident increased by one.

AN: Tendon is a comedic term.

It means repeating the same gag or silly line.



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