Chapter 30 – Engagement with Different World Objects, Reversi and Chess

Tier’s wings are not just for show, she can use them to fly.

So under her white dress is a pair of trousers.

TN: You didn’t expect that did you?

Unlike manga and anime, there’s no one who flaunts their pantsu.

Pata pata pata…..

TN: SFX for flapping wings.

Although traveling by flying is fast, she doesn’t fly frequently because it consumes too much stamina.

There were also times where she was caught with the threads of Zabuton and her spiderling’s web when she tried flying in the field. She was caught and was exposed in an ungraceful appearance. That happened three times already.

She can freely hide the wings on her back. They can be withdrawn and retract as she wishes.

I don’t understand how she was able to do that so I decided to not think too much about it.

In this different world, I can be considered as an ant in terms of magic knowledge.

Similarly, Loo can fly too.

It seems one can fly even without wings.

However, she said that she’s not proud of her flying ability and I believe her.

She’s practicing in some other place when I was not around.

By the way, like Tier, Zabuton’s thread also caused her trouble several times.

With regards to cooking, Loo, Tier, and Ria’s group are sisters in arms.

Basically, all they know is roasting or boiling.

It seems that the crops here taste much better than any other place so they never complained.

On the contrary, they praise it.

I’m happy but it is all because of the AFT.

I pray again at the shrine under the big tree.

I have no plan of forcing them to my belief but when Loo saw me, she also put her hands together and pray.

By the way, what is the religion of this world?

Tier should be well informed with that, right?

She’s an angel after all.

Maa, I’ll ask her in my spare time.

I know steaming, deep frying, baking, and simmering.

In addition, I can also stir-fry.

I also tried different methods of cooking I remember as an experiment.

There’s only a few cooking utensils and seasoning, moreover, there are no milk or eggs so the thing I can do is limited…..

Well, what I’m trying to say is….

I’m the one who’s frequently in cooking duty.

I don’t mind but….

There are a lot of women here, why aren’t they trying to learn from me?

That aside, I became aware of my own mistake.


That plant.

It is possible to raise it using the AFT.

It will not make it in time now but I have to get pepper next year.

In addition, I also want, lemon, wasabi, sesame seeds, capsicum, olive, etc.

Thinking about it, seasonings are crops too.


I shut myself in my house and carve woods and stones.

Because Loo and Tier are living together with me, it feels crowded.

I made it thinking that I’m the only one who’ll live in it.

Let’s make a house that will become our new residence next spring.

Loo and Tier are doing some sort of magical preparation that I don’t know of.

Looking at it, they’re doing something to the medicinal herbs.

Those herbs are gathered during summer and autumn. They seem to have preserved them in the basement.

By the way, the two of them also feel crowded in our present situation. They asked me to prepare a laboratory in the new house.

We are now discussing the layout.

Ria’s group also shut themselves in their new log house during winter.

Since they already prepared food and firewoods before winter, there should be no problem. If there is any, they can report it to me.

During winter, Ria’s group are making accessories made of grass and straw.

They mass produce baskets and bags.

Because the trays and boxes I made are heavy, I’m thankful for what they did.

The kuros are relaxing on their sheds.

I don’t see Zabuton so she’s probably hibernating.

However, she made a lot of clothes and towels before hibernating so I’m saved.

Maa, is she encouraging us to be dirty?

Also, during winter…it’s boring doing only the side job.

Entertainment is also necessary.

Loo and Tier are now here. Ria’s group also came so we can do a lot of things.

A staple for an otherworlder like me, reversi. I felt good when I made one.

Ria’s group took a liking to it.

I also made chess and it was popular with Loo, Tier, and the kuros.

I don’t know how but the kuros understand the rules of chess.

They also seem to understand the rule of reversi but it is impossible for them to play it since they find it difficult to pick a piece with their mouth.

Because of that, the chess becomes popular to them since they can move it with their mouth.

Looking at it, I made the kuros their own version of chess. One that they can easily bite.

Sometimes, I found them surrounding it during a game. It seems that a moderate number of them are enjoying it.

Watching the situation…..perhaps they are better than me.

Maybe it’s better to not challenge them to maintain dignity.

The kuros are smart so they might beat me. If that happens, I think my mind will break.

It seems like Loo and Tier are evenly match in chess.

Ah, hey, Loo.

It’s probably not a good idea to challenge Kuro.

You will be beaten up mentally.


She was depressed for about three days.

During winter, when the weather is good, I go out for a change of pace to check the log fence and moat.

Since Zabuton the lookout is not available in winter, it is better not to let my guard down.

The kuros themselves can jump over the log fence and moat.

Should I make a higher wall surrounding the elves’ residence?

They can go to the forest to hunt in order to procure meat but they didn’t do so.

Recreation activity really changes the pace.


I collected the piled up snow and built a snowman.

Tier looks at the snowman with shining eyes.

After that, whenever there is a chance, Tier builds a snowman.

I got worried that her hands will have frostbite so I made her gloves using the extra cloth.



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