Chapter 31 – The Spring When the Slime Came


Spring has come.

This year’s goal is the completion of the waterway.

New house for me.

Also, cleaning the cesspool of the toilet. The place was the excretion is stored.

I know that if dust piles up, it will turn into a mountain.

I consulted Loo and Tier if they could do anything about it using magic but it seems to be difficult.

It seems to be possible to ferment it to decompose.

Thus, they casted magic to ferment it however, the smell became terrible that no one wants to go close to it.

This is troublesome.

The odor can already be smelled above so immediate measures are needed.

Then, the idea of slime was presented.

「Since they can digest and absorb things like that, they are also used in urban areas. 」

I see.

So there’s such a living thing too.


They are not uncommon in fantasy world but their ferocious characteristics depends on the title.

There are those kind who are part of the initial training of the hero but slimes that pops up in dungeons should not be approached.

In this world, it seems like slimes are convenient sewage cleaner.

「Where can we catch a slime? 」

「I think there are some near a marsh or a pond… 」

「Can you capture some? 」

「Please leave it to me. I’ll catch some in ten days. 」

I decided to leave it to Tier because she seems to be confident.

「I ask of you. 」

And, we abandoned the current toilet.

I closed up the smelly hole and decided to build a toilet in another place.

It is difficult to endure that smell for ten days.

Building a toilet is just like drilling a hole, it’s easy.

I feel relieved.

The slime that Tier brought back was small.

It’s about the size of a fist.

「Is this the average size?」

「This is the right size for those who are living in the wild.」

According to my image, it should be a bit bigger….

It feels like a soft baseball.

「Because they eat corpses and excrements, they are also called forest cleaner, plain cleaner, or dungeon cleaner.」

She brought back a dozen of slimes using a pot.

「Is it okay to leave them be?」

「We, it’s basically okay…however」

Tier looks like she’s having a difficulty to say it.


「I’m afraid that the kuros or the spiders will eat them…I just thought of it when I was capturing them.」

When she went out to capture some, the only thing on her mind is to reduce the smell of the toilet.


I call Kuro and Zabuton for the time being.

「Will you eat this?」

Kuro and Zabuton seem to say no to my question.

Since the atmosphere and the food in this place is good, they seem to have no interest in eating slimes.

Do they think that the slimes are bad?

I mean, since the slimes are eating something they don’t want to eat.

「Jaa, they are our new residents. I want you to get along with each other. Tell your children too.」

Kuro and Zabuton showed their acknowledgment.

Unn, they’re smart.

Tier brought back a total of 17 slimes.

Two in the new toilet, another two in the toilet of the elves.

Three were placed in the toilet I made in the dog area.

The ten remaining were thrown in the sealed old toilet.

The smell was really strong when I opened the hole so I felt guilty….Especially because I think they’re cute.

Please take care of me from now on.

The bad effect of slimes.

I needed to have courage using the toilet since I know they were down there.

The others seemed to be unaffected but for me, I’m having a bit of difficulty in getting used to it.



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  1. barbaricbob

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    1. Sythnia Mayhem

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