Chapter 41 – Third Bowl of Tendon, Flora, Oni Maids, and Cow

With the newly arrived residents, I thought that we’re already lively but the liveliness increases more.

The reason? By the end of the spring, just when the stomach of the kuros who got pregnant started to noticeably swell, one woman came.

「Fufufu. What an interesting place.」

That night, we noticed a woman who’s floating about 1 meter in the air and is being followed by bats.

She looks like she’s in her late twenties.

She is quite beautiful.

She’s wearing a kind of dress that perfectly fits her body. You’ll know her figure with one look.

Her chest and butt seem to be small.

She has a neck long silver hair.

No matter how you look at her, she’s related to Loo.

Loo’s oneesan?

Or her okaasan?

Anyway, let’s call Loo to meet her….however, the kuros began beating her up.

I recall the first time I met Loo.

I wonder if they were aggressive because they are pregnant.

The woman became an elementary schooler from her late twenties in no time.

She’s naked now. It became difficult for her to maintain the clothes she wore with magical power.

And, she’s also weeping.

I recall the first time I met Tier.

I got in between her and the kuros for the time being and maintain the status quo until Loo arrives.

Although she’s crying, I did not avert my gaze from her because I’m scared that she’ll bite my neck.

However, I also want her to recover…but I did not give her blood.

I will be in trouble if she’s Loo’s enemy.

When Loo arrived, diplomacy was finally established.



So she’s Loo’s imouto.

Hearing the details, she seems to be her cousin.

Her name is Flora Sakutou.

It seems like she came here to search for Loo.

「Because you never came back, I thought that you were done in by that evil angel. I went out to search for you to see what truly happened…」

「I see」

By the way, when Loo introduced me.

「My husband」

「This human is onee-sama’s husband? He doesn’t look convincing.」

「He’s the master of the inferno wolves and the boss of this place.」

「I said a very impolite thing. Please forgive me.」

I was stunned by her sudden change of attitude.

However, there is something I’m more concerned about….I would never miss that line.

Inferno wolf…? Is it the kuros?」

「That’s right」

Inferno wolf.

That’s a stern name…they are wolf.



TN: Just a reminder, italicized words are written on engrish.


They are not dogs?

Well, they have horns….


Maa, it doesn’t matter whether they are wolves or not.


By the way, the pure white Fubuki seems to be a mutated species called cocytus wolf.

Since she’s Loo’s cousin, I gave her blood.

No matter how many times I see something like this, seeing a girl grow older is a mysterious scene.

When she saw me, Loo blocked my eyes.

She doesn’t mind Tier or the elves but she minds it when it comes to her younger cousin.

I see.

When we took Flora to our house we met Tier and caused some commotion.

Like everyone, she fainted upon seeing Zabuton and her spiderlings.

She was perplexed when she saw Loo harvesting in the field.

But she’s extremely happy when she ate the crops and the dishes using them as ingredients.

She’s very lively.

After that, Flora stayed in a vacant room of my house for about ten days before going back home.

She did not get tired of this place and seemed to earnestly want to live here.

However, there are various things she left in the place she was living in so she left to arrange them.

She looks like she terribly doesn’t want to leave. I thought that she would come back as soon as possible but she unexpectedly returned before winter.

She also brought not just one but a number of people.

The vampire, Flora Sakutou came back along with 20 maids.

It seems like they are those who were working for her in her previous residence.

They are all from the oni race. If you look at them closely, you’ll notice small horns on their head.

They are on their forehead….some have one, the others have two but they are all located before their hairlines.

The size is about as big as a thumb.

The head maid’s name is Ann.

「My lord, I will now be in your care.」

She recognized me as the head.

Did Flora ask them so?


It seems like Flora and the maids will be staying at my house.

So that’s why I’m the head.

The chain of command is somewhat confusing.

It looks like Loo, Flora, and Ann arrange it in that order.

Although there are only two vampires, Loo and Flora, Loo will be their representative.

The representative of the onis is Ann.

By the way, the maids will prioritize my needs first then Loo and Flora after me.

I asked them why should I be the priority but they told me that ranking is important.

Maa, okay…

For the oni maids, that is a serious matter and they will postpone whatever they are doing to do something for the one with higher rank.

The cow.

Ann’s group brought four cows with them.

When Flora stayed here, I remember telling her things that this place lacks.


All of them are female and three of them are pregnant.

She thought about milk too.


I made a large cow area, about eight by eight fields, on the north side of the dog area and east of the fruit area.

I plowed it in a dash.

I tried planting grass.

It will be winter soon so I asked Ria’s group to make a barn.

Though the oni maids also have a problem with their sleeping space, we prioritized building the barn.

It is because I thought that the cow will be more vulnerable to winter than the onis.

Regarding the cow care, I’m relieved that Ann’s group knows about it.

It seems like Flora’s late return was due to the cows. She only came back when they properly learned the method of taking care of the cows.

I appreciate it.

And, the most important thing was to tell the kuros and the spiders to absolutely not lay their hands on the cow.

The cows were frightened with the kuros and the spiders but they got used to them after a while.


With this, milk is secured.

I heard that you should not milk a cow for a certain period of time after giving birth.


Cows also need to breastfeed.

It is for the sake of the calf.

Let’s decide the distribution later.

Let’s not be greedy.

In any case, the number of residents increased a lot.

TN: Manga chapter 20 page 6.



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