Chapter 42 – Tier Goes Out and Winter Arrives

The number of high elves increased by 42 so they are now 54.

Two vampires.

Twenty onis.

Kuros….a lot.

Zabuton….a lot

Bees…four hives.

Slimes….increasing, unable to count.

Cows, four.

And don’t forget the angel, one.

Tier was thinking.

Because of the vampire Flora and the oni maids, her influence weakened.

“I’m alone here, should I also invite someone?”

In addition, I was overjoyed with the cows the oni maids presented me.

Now I’ve done it.

「I will bring my subordinates too. Furthermore, I’ll bring chickens that husband wanted so please expect it by all means.」

Tier said that and left.

It is almost winter.

She’s scheduled to come back around spring.

Winter arrived.

We emphasized interaction with the newly arrived residents.

I had Ria’s group take care of the newly arrived high elves.

The problem is the onis.

I wouldn’t mind it that much if they are living in a separate house in the southwest area but their house hasn’t been built yet. All of them are living in my house.

I intended to improve considerably in this world, but I am not really that sociable.

I’m thinking of working hard on that part but not too hard.

The onis are also very good at keeping distance.

Our work related conversations compose of bare minimum words and there is only a little idle chat.

Moreover, they don’t forget their standing.

Every one of them is like an excellent receptionist of a big company.

I learned from our conversations that they have been hired as maids by Loo and Flora’s family and has several hundreds of years of experience already.

Perhaps them keeping distance from me is not really a problem.

They are perfectly good at cleaning and washing.

The only housework they are not good at is cooking.


Lack of knowledge.

It seems like the only cooking method they know of is throwing all the ingredients on the pot and boil them.

So I taught them all the cooking method I know during winter.

Perhaps they’ll be better than me in spring.

With the onis around, the liveliness of my house increased a lot.

Until now, the lights at night were lit and extinguished by either Loo or Tier to the point that it became a matter of concern. However, now that the onis are here, they are now taking care of that.

Them cleaning and washing every day became the norm.

Thus, the bed sheet is clean every day.

TN: I guess you probably already know why the bed sheet needs to be clean every day.

Ah right, the grass I insert in bed was all thrown away after they no longer felt good but Ria’s group taught me about the most suitable grass for bed so we changed all of them.

Thanks to that, we will only need to change the grass inside every six months. We also add an additional sheet in order to prevent dirt on the bed.


In regards to the fire, we’re greatly managing it.

We spent time considerably warm this winter.


It’s great.

I feel like I’ve been irresponsible and negligent until now….let’s not think about it.

Thinking about it, even with Loo and I, Tier had been the one doing most house related things but now we let the onis do all of it.

Because of that, I concentrate on making small things while Loo and Flora are getting absorbed with their medicine research.

It’s a little bit lonely without Tier.

That reminds me, the onis were surprised with the spiders and the kuros but they did not faint.

Have they heard of them before?

But they panicked when they saw the bees in the fruit area, did they not hear about them?

By the way, all the newly arrived high elves fainted on the spot when they saw Zabuton.

She’s not that much scary though.



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