Chapter 43 – Additional Three Angels with Chickens and Lizardmen

Tier arrived the same time as spring.

She came back with three angels and 15 lizard face humanoid beings whose bodies are covered with hard scales.

Their upper bodies are naked and they cover their lower bodies with n apron.

Most of them have big physique and are carrying big backpacks.

According to Tier, they are called lizardman race.

The angels that she brought seems to be her subordinates.

「I’m Gran Maria.」

「I’m Kuudel.」

「I’m Corone. Please take care of us from now on.」

The three angels are wearing armor and are equipped with lance.

That moment, the word “Valkyrie” emerged in my head.

So, they are Tier’s underlings.

Underlings? But looking at them together with Tier, they looked like a high school girl idol group.

Everyone of them has blond hair and wings on their back.

I thought that these girls wanted to live together with Tier in the same house but it seems like they want a house of their own.

The lizardmen they brought along will also live there.

Because of that, construction begins in the southwest area where the elve’s houses are.

Since we are already used to it, together with the high elves, we built it in about five days.

It looks like everyone is improving. It was a good house. Should we remodel Ria’s group’s house since it was the first one we built?

Their toilet is outside so it is inconvenient in various ways.

Since Ria’s group declined, we just remodel it a little.

「I’m Daga. Please take care of me from now own.」

The representative of the lizardmen is Daga.

My apologies but I can distinguish the individuality of lizardman.

Everyone of them looks the same.

Even after hearing that five out of 15 of them are females, I still can’t distinguish them.

It seems like Tier and the others also can’t distinguish them so that can’t be considered as a problem.

However, I want to at least know who is the representative.

I intended Daga to wear clothes but it seems like lizardmen are embarrassed when they are wearing clothes.

Because of that, I  decided to wrap a scarf around his right arm.

Within the baggages that Daga’s group brought are the chickens that Tier promised.

Now that we have hens, we can secure eggs.

It seems like they even lay eggs on the way here so we can expect a steady supply in the future.

But there are only a few of them.

There are only around 40 of them.

There are 5 roosters and 35 hens.

I thought that chicken lays eggs everyday but Daga said they don’t.

I don’t know if my knowledge is wrong or if its just the chickens of this world but healthy chickens lay eggs every other day.

In short, we can expect 10 pieces per day.

I’m not sure if it is a lot or a few.

Personally, I think it’s a few.

Because there are more than ten residents.

Let’s increase their number for now.

So, how do you distinguish the fertile one to the infertile…? I’ll let the rooster decide.

I thought of making a chicken area but collecting the eggs in the future will be troublesome.

I’ll raise them near our house first.

I’ll place them on the north side of the big tree.

We made a henhouse with nests. As for their feeds, I plowed the ground….

Chicken feeds are grains.

So I guess corn or wheat.

Should I increase the number of fields?

For the time being, I planted something like a grass on the ground. That will be the chicken feed for now.

I also informed the kuros and Zabuton about them.

A new building, or should I say a new dormitory was built near our house. It is for the maids.

In addition to me, Loo, Tier, and Flora, our house can’t accommodate Ann’s group of 20.

Until now, they are using the warehouses as their bedrooms.

Loo, Tier, Flora, and Ann will live in my house and the new house will be for the other maids.

I asked the high elves to build it. They are quite fast and finished it in three days.

As for the interior, it is not that great but the 19 of them have a room of their own.

The common facilities of their house are the toilet, a simple kitchen, and a living room with a fireplace.

Each private room has one bed and one cabinet. It is their call if they want tables and chairs in their room.

With just a bed and a cabinet, it is obviously only a place to sleep in.

However, it seems like the maids have requested Zabuton and her spiderlings to create curtains and bedsheets on their own taste.

The three newly arrived angel came in front of me when they are already accustomed to the new life and new house.

「Your orders.」

「Please leave the front line to me.」

「I will do my best in gathering information.」



What’s with this atmosphere?

I’m just a villager who works hard in farming…no, I’m the village chief.

These three are obviously warriors.

Well, it is obvious since they are wearing almost and have weapons but….


I wanted to know Tier’s intention for bringing them here.

「I intended to have these girls patrol the forest in the sky as a mobile unit.」

「Mobile unit?」

「Yes. That time when the wyvern attacked, it managed to breathe fire because we reacted too late. On that basis, I called the three of them here.」

「….I see.」

「If it is the wyvern from that time, although they probably can’t beat it, they can lure it so it won’t be able to inflict damage this place.」

The three of them nods confidently.

「So they are guards.」

I see.

Until now, we are depending on Zabuton’s alarm and the kuros but if something similar to that wyvern comes out, it might be necessary to have security personnel.

They have wider range too.

「I understand. Please do so.」

The three of them replied strongly.

「I am consulting you about something.」

Kuro, Zabuton, Loo, Tier, Ria, Ann, and Daga.

The slimes, bees, cows, and chickens can’t participate so they don’t have representatives here.

I gathered all the representative of various races in the hall of my house to talk about something.

「Let’s decide the name of this place.」

「This place…?」

「At first, there is only my house but after building various things, it has now become a village.」

In fact, the high elves are calling me village chief already.

「Because of that, I’m thinking of giving this village a name, do you have a good name in mind?」

I don’t know the name of the villages here.

So I consulted them.

「How about the village chief’s name?」

I think of what Ria said.

My name is Machio Hiraku.

Machio village, Hiraku village.

Not good.

「How about naming it after this forest?」

Ann suggested.

Name of this forest?

That reminds me, what is the name of this forest?

Thinking about it, it must be normal to name the village to where it is located.

「What is the name of this forest?」

「Forest of death.」


I never thought that this forest has such a frightening name.

「Err…how about something closer to that….」

「Land of death」


And the one living in that place is me.

But despite being called forest of death, this place is pretty rich. Though I still don’t want this place to be called land of death….

In any case, if we really use it as reference, it will be called “Village of Death”.

As expected, I don’t want it.

Naming it after me is better.

After that, various opinions were voiced out and there are also heated discussions but we didn’t come up with a good name.

When everyone ran out of idea, Zabuton called me and pointed out at the large tree from the window.


「Big tree village」

It came out to me suddenly.

And, it was selected.

From now on, this place will be called Big Tree Village.

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