Chapter 227 – The Sage Dragon King’s Decision

Aldogarz, the king of the country of dragons, is now sitting on a big rock while overlooking countless of dragons.

「… I am sorry. Apparently, I am the reason why the mountain got angry. I caused a devastating damage to our country….」

As Aldogarz apologizes, the dragons are now in an uproar and are somewhat upset. I’m not sure if it is because the sage dragon king apologized or is it because their king angered the mountain.

All of the dragons that can speak words are muttering something while looking at Aldogarz.

Aldogarz looked at the dragons and spoke.

「… as you can see, we don’t know when this place will disappear. Therefore, I decided to move the country of dragons.」

When Aldogarz declares so, further unrest spreads among dragons.

「… You are free to decide whether to go with me or not. However, in the new land, there is a deep forest which has a lot to eat.」

When Aldogarz mentioned the place, I stepped forward in front of Aldogarz.

Never in games or movies have I seen such a spectacle. A horde of dragons. I raised my voice.

「Let me explain a little about it. First of all, although the mountain erupted because of Aldogarz, it is already in a state where it could erupt at any moment. Even with Aldogarz not doing anything, it would have erupted sooner or later.」

When I said that, Aldogarz lowered his head and looked at me as if looking at a god of salvation.

All the dragons looked at me then at Aldogarz. As expected, they still respect their king Aldogarz. It seems like they are relieved knowing that everything is not all its fault.

Seeing that, I smiled.

「I, who fought against Aldogarz, have a portion of the blame. Therefore, I prepared a new land for you.  That place is southwest from here. It is a deep forest called the forest of abyss.  Though there are a  lot of monsters there, they might not be your opponent. We will provide the castle and your dwellings there.」

When I reported so, the dragons roared that sounds like voices of admirations. There seems to be no problem since I can’t sense a negative atmosphere.

「….you’ll provide a castle?」

Aldogarz muttered so. I looked up and saw the tip of Aldogarz’ chin.

「Ah, it will probably take a month or two but we will prepare a castle that can satisfy you.」

「…I’m indebted.」

When Aldogarz said that, I smiled and nodded.

That way, it has been decided that the country of dragon will move. At first, there are some dragons who opposed to move their country saying they won’t leave because this is the land they were born and raised but they all eventually decided to move.

Over the course of a month, dragons moved to the forest of abyss. Maeas, Rembrandt Kingdom, and several small countries from the crushed Galland Empire made a big fuss after seeing it.

The dark elves who are working for the air transport industry explained it in a simple way so no problems occurred but a new legend was born again.

The dragon knight led all dragons to move to his country.

It is said that majority of the people believed such an out-of-this-world story. I only offered them a place to live in but since the rumor is not bad, I let it be.

Because there are dragons that can’t fly, I helped them while considering the necessary measures.

One day, Sainos ran to me who is sitting on the throne.

「My liege! A part of the forest of abyss has been opened up as you ordered!」

「Oh, that was quick. Then, dig out the ground in shape of a mortar in order to make an underground castle and dwellings. Dignity has already designed a plan so let them know.」

「Yes! I will take my leave!」

After receiving my instructions, Sainos went out of the throne room in a hurry like a storm. Eleanor’s eyes flashed as she looked at the door where Sainos came out.

Seeing her like that, I laughed. I thought of a map in my head.

Up to now, it was postponed because the G.I.Jou is in the depths of the forest of abyss but there are a forest and steep mountains in the northern side of G.I.Jou.

We don’t have much defense on that side. Therefore, we decided to create the new dragon country on the northside of G.I.Jou.

Because I used Ishmugard and his dungeon as defense on the eastern side of G.I.Jou, I’ll make Aldogarz castle smaller than his as an apology.

Anyway, with the country of dragons moving in the north, the G.I.Jou’s defensive capability is strengthened while the dragons find their lives easier now than before.

While I was thinking of such a thing, Eleanor, who was standing next to me, looked at me and spoke.

「You look like you’re having fun, master.」

Hearing Eleanor, I instinctively laughed.

「Certainly, I’m having fun.」

I nodded and said that to Eleanor then laughed.

「If you don’t mind, can you let me hear about your plan regarding the new dragon country?」

「Yes. The new dragon country is going to be deep underground like a spiral staircase. Considering the size of the dragons, each level is quite large.」

「Then the area should be quite wide.」

「Ah, there are dragons that can’t go in. Those will be using dragon houses. Those dragons are those who can fly. The bottom level will be where Aldogarz castle is. It will be a white mithril castle. The water problem has been solved but the lighting is now the problem. It is hard to have light considering the depth.」

「How about using luminous moss?  I think I saw a report regarding that.」

「Oh, there is something like that? Ah, I think I also saw that in the report when we made the underground dungeon of Ishmugard.」

「Yes. Also, crystal might work too. It can collect light from the ground and all we need to do is to bore a hole.」

「What is that? Something that collects daylight?」

「No, it carries light underground.」

「Carries light underground!」

While having a feeling similar to preparing for summer festival, I discussed the construction of the new dragon country with Eleanor.


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