Chapter 231 – Sunny’s Hobby Search

Sunny opened her eyes as she bathes in sunlight.

She knitted her eyebrows and pouted upon seeing the sunlight from the window.


The sun is already high enough for her to see in the window. She lazily crawls out of her bed and wears a white robe over her undergarment. She also held a wand.

Sunny dragged the orichalcum wand with gorgeous decoration and went out from her room to a corridor.

As she took a step, Sunny noticed something amiss from her footsteps.

「….shoes…well, no」

She said those words and began walking.

「Ah, Sunny. where are you going?」

A pink twin-tailed hair little girl called out Sunny.

She wears light leather armor over her dress and has a whip on her waist. Her ears are pointy like Sunny.

Sunny raises her face and speaks absentmindedly.

「….morning bath. Liza wants to go too?」

「Morning!? It is already noon!」

Liza was surprised while Sunny pouted.

「I just got up. In other words, morning.」

「That kind of logic is completely wrong!?」

When Liza criticized her logic, Sunny narrowed her eyes and spoke.

「….high elves are kings. Elves are servants.」

「You mean this Liza’s opinion is irrelevant!? Moreover, servant!?」

「I’ll bathe. Servant Liza may scrub my back.」

「We’ll go ahead….whatever, I’ll make you shiny!」

For some reason, Liza was burning with motivation. She pushed Sunny’s back and went straight to the bath.

TN: Liza is Ishmugard’s tamer.

As Sunny is soaking in the hot water bath, Liza looks at her with a wry smile and speaks.

「So, what will Sunny do after this?」

「…I’m refreshed. I’ll eat then sleep.」



Paying no attention to the astonished Liza, Sunny stretched out her hands and feet.

When she went to the dining room, there are three girls from the maid corps there.

「Ah, Sunny-sama! Are you going to eat?」

When one of them asked, Sunny nodded and seat at a nearby table.

「….. whimsical pasta chef.

「whimsical…a-as you wish!」

When the maid replied in a panic, the head maid Proudia appeared. Proudia brought the tableware. She looked at Sunny and bow.

「Good morning, Sunny-sama. Reni, I will take care of Sunny-sama’s meal. You may rest.」

Proudia said so and put the tableware on the table. She’s the head maid but she’s doing the job of her subordinates.

Sunny looks at her and wonders.

「….Proudia alone? Maid corps could have done it for you.」

When she heard Sunny, Proudia gently lifted the edge of her lips and shook her head.

「I will do the job of a maid as much as possible. I will not hand it over to anyone.」

「… It is good if you like it.」

When Sunny responded in awe, Proudia smiled daringly and disappeared again.

Proudia only came back after 10 minutes. The pasta she brought was black for some reason but Sunny nodded in satisfaction and silently eat it.

After eating, Proudia wipes Sunny’s mouth since it has black stains. She then left the dining room with a light step.

On the way back, Sunny saw two silhouettes of a person by the door at the end of the corridor.

The moment she see them, Sunny’s walking speed increased by fifty percent. There is nothing special in the atmosphere but her eyes are shining brightly as she walks through the corridor.

As she turned around a corner, there are RenRen and Eleanor.


When Sunny calls, the two turn around.

「Oh, Sunny? what are you doing?」

「Free time, I’ll bother you.」

「Master has no time to play.」

Hearing Sunny, Eleanor’s eyebrows knit. Seeing that, RenRen smiles and speaks.

「What, nothing to do?」

「I’ll help master.」

「We  intend to go to the city, want to come with us?」

「I will. Wait. I’ll wear shoes.」

「Why are you barefoot…?」

「It doesn’t matter. Brush your teeth too, your teeth are black.」

「….brush my teeth」

It was a peaceful day for Sunny.


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