Chapter 45 – Dragon Guest

When I thought that our usual everyday life has returned after the guest left, another guest arrived.

Similarly to what happened earlier, the citizens of my village has gathered at the entrance of the village.

「My name is Doraim. I am a noble dragon.」

The guest was a dragon.

He’s a western dragon that you usually see in fantasy manga and anime.

He’s about 30 meters in length, far bigger than the wyvern before.

He looks very powerful.

If he properly stands.

The dragon who introduced himself as Doraim is in a bowing posture.

「Here is our present. Please accept it.」

Is this Doraim’s follower? A man wearing a butler suit presented me a big box respectfully.

「Thank you very much.」

Anyway, when I was about to receive it…..Daga stepped forward and receive but he showed it to Ann instead of me.

Afterwards, Ann checked the content and brought the box in front of me.

It is a beautifully decorated sword and its sheath.

「Wh-what a marvelous present.」

「No no」

This present, is it a token of friendship?

I can only give him foodstuff in return.

「By the way, what is your business here?」

「Right, my lord, Doraim-sama, has a nest on that mountain south of here.」

「Is that so?」

「Though it is a bit distant… can consider us as your neighbor. We might have been slow but we want to greet our neighbors.」

「You are very polite….but what is the reason your lord looks like he’s apologizing?」

「Ah, excuse me. Master, please raise your head.」


If they didn’t introduce themselves earlier, I would probably think that the butler is the master.

「My master is not good at talking with people he met for the first time so I apologize on his behalf. If we have offended you in any way, I sincerely apologize.」

「No, I don’t mind. Ah….since you have come, I would like to welcome you but….it is a bit troublesome with your size.」

「I understand. Master, please get smaller.」


After the dragon replied, smoke popped out and a weak looking, tall, middle-aged man showed up.

He looks like a noble.

「Please excuse us. Master, please introduce yourself again.」

「My name is Doraim. I am a noble dragon.」

…..could he possibly practice that line to avoid making mistake?

In any case, though he’s tall, he’s at a human size now.

I invited him to our house for a banquet.

「This wine is delicious. This food is also delicious. I will not go home. I’ll live here.」

「That’s not good. If you don’t get back to the nest to protect it, I’ll get yelled at by various people.」

「It will be fine. I can intercept even if I’m here.」

「Yes, you can but you’ll be an inconvenience here.」

「Mou mou….inconvenience?」

「Yes, inconvenience. If battle starts here, you basically can’t do anything.」

「How rude. I’m a noble dragon.」

「I was impolite. I’ll rephrase. You can’t do anything productive here.」


「Let’s return while you are still being treated as a guest. They also wrapped various souvenirs for us.」

「Apple! Is apple included?」

「Please be relieved. I received large quantity of it.」

「I understand. Let’s return.」

「Yes. Ah, please go back to your original size.」

And the dragon left.

Though they left with a large quantity of crops, I think it’s still insufficient compared to the value of the sword.

In any case, I reflected on many things.

This village is not prepared to entertain guests.

I never considered welcoming guest before so it can’t be helped since I’m too unsociable.

I think that’s not good.

It’s not really good, right?

First of all, even if we need some time to prepare to receive the guest, I can’t leave them standing on the ground outside.

However, I can’t invite them in the house immediately since they’ll exactly know what we’ve been doing.

I should make a fine waiting room for guests.

Okay, let’s build a house for guests use.

Next, the welcoming ceremony.

It is not good for having almost everyone to gather every time there is a guest.

Though it is important to receive guests, each one has their own respective job.

Our current system: once Gran Maria, Kuudel, or Corone discovers a guest, she will guide that person around…

Since she will directly guide them, we won’t receive any report of their initial contact.

After that, Zabuton will notice that someone unknown is approaching the village and will sound the alarm.

Because of Zabuton’s alarm, everyone will gather.

Therefore, I decided to have a new signaling system for Zabuton.

Danger alarms will be the same as before.

The new signal for visitor is ringing a bell.

That bell is personally crafted by the elves.

Though I thought that hitting an iron is already a good idea but that seems not to be the case.

The sound of hitting an iron is awful so the bell was made.

That became the standard now.

The role of greeting guests will be taken by only three people, me, Loo, and Tier.

However, Ann, Ria, and Daga opposed my suggestion.

So, in addition to the three of us, several high elves, oni, and lizardmen will accompany us.

Flora wanted to take part in it so I asked her to look out at the guests during the night if they will stay overnight.

Like Loo and Tier, Ria and Ann are also fine doing an all-night-vigil if there is a guest but I want them to sleep properly so I asked Flora to do it.

This arrangement is probably all right now.

Well, we might fail in some things later but let’s take that an opportunity to learn and improve.

I don’t think that we’ll have guests that often.

I just raised a flag.

And a guest showed up.



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